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Life on the road...





LOL! Now that I have the blog, I'm not sure what I'm going to put in here! Ever had one of those days??


Haven't heard from the boss lady yet this evening so I don't know if I'll be on the road tomorrow. Oh, I drive "Flag Car" or "Escort Car" for oversize/wide/overheight loads. So if you see a car on the road with flashing yellow lights on top, OVERSIZE LOAD banners on front and back, it just might be me! So far I've been as far west as Arkansas and as far south as Mobile, AL. Oh, I'm based in Southern West Virginia.


It can be fun! There are alot of interesting people out there believe me! :blink: Ya run into alot of crotchety farts too! Imagine following a oversize load, TWENTY-THREE foot wide (takes up both lanes on a 2 lane road...) and people for some reason do N O T want to get off the road??? Ok, add to this that you're driving on the side of a mountain, the traffic coming at you is up against the mountain and there is a pull-off that they can get out of the way, but they don't want to take it (????)... and there's a sheer drop off of the other side.... what would you do? AAAACCCKKK!!!! :blink:


So, please please please, if you see something like this, please be nice and pull off as best you can. The escorts and the driver of the load want you to be safe, please pull off as soon as you can and be patient with the escorts and the driver.



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    • By WVSailor
      Well, heard from the boss lady earlier. I'll be on the road tomorrow (10/18/2005) travelling from Hurricane, WV to somewhere near Lexington, KY--she said the towns name was "Irving" but I can't find it. There's an "Irvington", KY though, but thats further west than what she said it would be. I should be home sometime tomorrow, God willing. I'll have to remember to post what the trip was like.
    • By WVSailor
      Would you believe I just got home??? Geez! It's 9:30PM and I left this morning at 9:30AM. Oh well, an honest days work for an honest days pay! Not bad for what I did get paid. It took me 4 hours to drive home though, that kinda sucked :wacko: but oh well. Saw alot of pretty country today. I'm gonna have to remember to take my digital camera next time I heading to Kentucky. The leaves are turning and the mountains are beautiful!
      My only other complaint is with the road construction. We left about 11:30 from the job site and arrived at the drop off point at 5:30... so it was a 6 hour trip abouts. 240 miles. Not bad I guess. Now, if we had taken the direct route, it would have been about 180 miles. You do the math. We had to go waaaay out of our way due to a couple of bridges only being 12' wide (the load was 13'6" wide) and of course on the back roads we couldn't go as fast as we could have on the interstate.... blah blah blah.... hehehehehe.
      Oh well, it was more money in my pocket since I get paid by the mile!

    • By WVSailor
      Wow! Just got home about an hour ago from a "run". Went from Kenova, WV to Bruceton Mills, WV. The route.... Hmmmm.... If you can find a WV map, it goes like this.... and when they call this "Almost Heaven, West Virginia", I think they were speaking of God's Country that I drove through! Geez! If you can find Huntington, WV, follow I-64 towards Kentucky. Kenova is exit 1. I think it's route 52 (?) Anyway, instead of taking the interstate.... route 52 to route 65 to 119 towards Charleston, WV.... after this it was interstate the rest of the way. But instead of the 50 or so miles to Charleston on the interstate, it's 134 miles on 52/65/119 and 52/65 are TWO LANE ROADS!!!
      If anyone is familiar with 2 lane roads, in WV, you know that most of them aren't that great. While the pavement isn't that bad on these, I think they cornered the market on explosives to make these roads. They're cut into or blown between the mountains! The load today was 16' wide. Not only are the roads kind of narrow, but they're curvy as hell too... Definately makes for an interesting day!. We eventually ended up heading north on I-79 and then east on I-68. At about mile marker 12 or 13 I think is the top of Cheat Mountain. I'm not sure what the elevation is, but while it was raining at the bottom, near Cheat Lake, when you to to the top it was near BLIZZARD CONDITIONS! I sure as hell wasn't prepared mentally for that! LOL!! So, my hat's off to all you truck drivers out there that deal with this day in and day out! You not only have my utmost gratitude for what you do, but my respect for having to deal with near treacherous conditions unexpectedly!
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