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A letter, A bomb Scare and A hurricane acoming

Julian Alexander


Well this was an intresting two days. Yesterday i got a letter from my Represenative in the House of Represenatives. When my mon saw the US seal and she was like "What did you did now?!!!", It was a letter saying thank you for my email and supporting the bill HR-2662, Which was a Hate Crime Bill that also included Sexual Orientation, and harsher punishment for offender in hate crimes. The bill is now of to the Senate.


Next, Around the end of my 5th period class, the fire alarms rand, but in a wierd way. The principal came on saying it was a drill everyone was taken to degsinated area then pushed father back, My group was pushed back across the street into the student parking lot and all the streets were blocked of by police. That moment we alll found it wierd. Wel learned from kids that knew that there was a bomb threat at my school. We spent there for about and hour before we were allowed back in 5 min school ending.


Last, Ahoy there she blows. Here comes Hurricane Wilma. The current models now have it hitting my area after it hit west coast of florida. My fam will put shutter up around friday. Tommorow they are buying the supplies. We have plenty of water already.




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Good luck with this hurricane Jules.


You might want to tell your folks that it might be time to consider moving to nice and safe California. J/K, we have our own natural disasters here and plenty of them (earthquakes, fires, Michael Jackson, etc).



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I live in Mississippi and got a good dose of Katrina.


If they call it a cat 4, run. Catch a bus, plane, train or automobile; you do not want to be in town.


Hurricanes have an unique property of being able to suck and blow at the same time. WHile this might be fun for parties if it came wrapped in a hunky guy, unfortunately it comes as a great big hagus of a skanky storm.

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I'll be thinking of you...be safe.


Re disasters in California, you forgot mudslides. I always find it somewhat consonant with the character of the state that California disasters seem to strike at the rich. Consider that the most valuable land is either on the coast (storms, mudslides, or landfill in earthquakes) or in the mountains (more mudslides and fires). Here in the midwest, our disasters usually take out poor bastards. Tornados seem to quest for trailer parks, and flood plains are the preserve of stubborn rednecks.

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