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The boys that Cry



so I'm my way back home I start to think about what happened and yes tears begin to fall from my eyes. How could my aunt do this to me? I'm some way I felt betrayed by her and I began to feel phisically ill. then I started to shake. "Pull over," Chaz said.


Chad got out of the car and just held me. A minute later we found ourselves both crying. "I'm sorry it's just. Well I feel like my aunt betrayed me," I said.


"Yeah I know," he said. "Why don't we find a hotel and stay for the night?" He asks and I nod.


So I let him drive and we find a hotel. The receptionist takes down my information and asks for my ID apparently she thought my name wasn't real so then she looks us over. "Yall boys together?"


"Oh no were just friends," I said. I don't know if he was trying to cheer me up but what he did next had me on the floor.


"Oh he's just being modest," he said in a feminine accent. "Weve been together for two years."


"Oh that's great, so you guys want a single right?" the receptionist asks.


"Oh no we'll need a double," he says and then gets closer. "He snores you see."


Then a really good looking, I mean drop dead and gorgeous man walks in. Chaz looks over to him and laugh when he saw me blush. "He's such a flirt," he says to the receptionist in the feminine accent. The receptionist was also blushing.


fried Green tomatoes.


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I'd watcch out for that Chaz. He sounds dangerous. And interested in you. I don't know many straight guys that would hold me as I cried, but maybe that's because boys aren't allowed to cry here in Oklahoma. But still, keep an eye on him.

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Now you have to love Chaz...that is one amazing very cool friend!! Add to that and he really created a great memory for you to help you feel better by play acting with the desk clerk and hottie that appeared thereafter (tell him to consider acting)...and I am sure you both laughed about that. I loved the line (oh no, separate beds, he snores you know!!) ROFL


I bet we all wish we were there to witness the humor in all that:)


I hope you are feeling better and just remember, be Proud and the ugliness of bigotry and ignorance and hatred are things you have escaped to create your own life where you are free, OUT and proud:)


Gotta love Chaz with that all time great story!!


You both rock!



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Hi Green


We pick our friends, buy family we're stuck with. If they can't be nice to you, you still have the option, regrettably, to cut them off. Live a good life and don't let other people lay their hang up on you. Remember it's their problem, and only they can solve it.


Oh BTW, I'm Coming

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:lmao: If only to be a fly on the wall! I'm sorry to hear about your family being a bunch of shitz! It sounds as if you have a great group of friends though! My hats off to you and to Chaz.
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Coming Undone said it best:) We can create our own family of our chosing and the bigots of our family lose out on us....and you have the best family of friends there is:)


Hugs and feel better soon:)



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*Hugs Green*


We must be cousins because certain members of your family behave in an eerily familiar manner.

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*Hugs Green*


We must be cousins because certain members of your family behave in an eerily familiar manner.



That would be very intresting if it is true Mr. Savik.

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