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You remember?



You remember that time that you called me every morning as soon as I woke up and every night so we could talk until I fell asleep? Remember when you called me 3 or 4 times a day in between and texted me 5 or 6 times an hour? Remember how I used to drive half an hour to see you almost every day because you would take pictures of yourself pouting on your stupid camera phone and send them to me if I didn't?


You remember that time I told you we may as well be dating, and you told me you were 'straight'? You remember how half an hour later I looked at another guy and you got so jealous you had to walk away from me so you didn't say something stupid? And then remember how you let me make you watch my favorite movie, that you hate, to make it up to me because you felt guilty that you got mad at me?


You remember all the nights I spent at your house? You remember asking me to sleep in bed with you because you said the futon wasn't going to be comfortable enough? Remember how you gave me a key to your house just in case I got drunk and needed a place to to crash because I couldn't drive home? Remember all those times I did crash at your place because I didn't want to drive home, fell asleep on the futon, and found you sleeping next to me?


You remember that whore you met at the coffee shop? Remember that time you had to bail her out of jail because her boyfriend was beating the shit out of her and when she swung back he had her arrested for assault? And them remember how she told you on the entire car ride home how much she loved you and that you were really the one she wanted to be with? Except she still made you drive her to her boyfriend's house? You remember that? You remember how the more money you spent on her the more she loved you? You remember how she knew you were 'the one' when she got kicked out of her place and you offered her a place to stay?


You remember how once she moved in with you, you stopped talking to me completely? Remember that time I told you she didn't give half a shit about, she was using you, that was going to take you for everything you had? You remember how it didn't matter, you picked her, and just cut me out of your life completely? You remember crawling back 2 months later when you found out she never really loved and she was just using you to get a free place to stay, some damn good sex, and maybe a couple nice gift?


You remember trying to get me back? Remember how I spent 2 miserable months not eating, not sleeping, going through the motions like a zombie, but not actually doing anything? Remember how hard it was for me to function like a normal human being and not a love sick 13 year old girl? You remember playing mind games and trying to manipulate me in any way possible? Remember how I couldn't? Remember how I had to put my foot down because I couldn't let you hurt me like that again, and I knew you would?


Remember not talking to me for almost a year and then sending me a text out of the blue asking to be my friend again because you're getting married and you want me to be there?


Remember how awesome that was?


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I love this. I love the audacity of some people. Seriously, were we born without any common sense?

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