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No party for Zarcie



My evening turned out better than expected even if I didn't go to the Halloween party. J suddenly had other things to do. All week it has been, "can you get off work early to do this?" "Why do you have to work so much?" I think the kicker was when he got slightly jealous when I told him Bret and I where hanging out friday night (we didn't, I just needed sleep).


So today J says,"I organized my weekend really badly, I have some things to do and I've been neglecting a friend." Where the hell was this friend when he was guilt tripping me all week because I work so much? He also suddenly can't hang out tomorrow. I feel like he's playing games. I couldn't hang out with him and now he suddenly can't hang out with me.


After J tells me this I decide I don't want to drive all that way to the party by myself so I think, 'fine asshole' and decided to go shopping instead. :2thumbs: While I'm out I stop at Starbucks and see a familiar face...


BACKSTORY: About a year ago my best friend Danielle and I are at the store we both work at (my job other than the library) and in comes this boy who has awsome hair and we're both getting vibes from him that he might be gay (just so you know its not a romantic interest) and we both think he's adorable. So after he leaves we both comment on how he has two hoops in his cartilage and how a second hoop is going to be our next piercing. We actually got them at the beginning of August so this boy is our inspiration.


Monday I'm working at the library and I look up and there he is! We end up talking about the new Pride and Prejudice movie thats coming out while I check out his audio books and he leaves. The very next day he comes to the store and he is very suprised to see me yet again!


So yes, I walk into Starbucks, which is where he works and there he is! He was just finishing his break but he stops to talk to me and he is sooo nice! I think he is going to have to be my new friend. Its just really funny that over a year ago he gave Danielle and I this idea and suddenly I see him three times in the span of a week!


I call Danielle when I get home and we discuss everything we have going on since she's away at school. Danielle is much like me as far as her current view on relationships and so she's as confused by the entire J thing as I am. He's paying for things, singing me songs, wanting all my time, but now he's playing games and he hasn't so much as held my hand. Hello! Did I miss something? Danielle and I are crazy when we talk so now I'm all, screw him, I'll hang out with Bret tomorrow!


Thats the story for today. Goodnight everyone!


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