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Why am I so tired today?



Okay, so the list of tiring things done today:


1. Confirmation class. I'm Catholic, and I'm getting comfirmed. In 18 months. And I had to go to stupid confirmation where I learned about the wonderful Hypostatic union within Jesus. I hate my life. I don't know why I'm going to be confirmed. I'm just going to end up being an atheist anyways. Okay, maybe that's just hot air, and I won't be an atheist, but it sure would be simpler than remaining a Catholic. Too much Dogma in the Catholic church.


2. Church. I don't know why father whathisname has to have homilies that last for three hours. He says the same thing thirty different ways, too. My mom even fell alseep during one of his homilies.


3. Thinking about Hot Cross Country guy during the Homily at Church. I like him. He's yummy.


4. Taking a nap. Okay, so this didn't tire me, I just figured I'd add it.


5. Reading internet stories. This makes my eyes hurt. Today I read "Grey Eyed Justice" by Dio. It was quite a good story.


6. Reading an actual novel. I got a new book today, and got a sizeable chunk of reading it done. It's called "Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown. After this I considered taking another nap.


7. Playing Soccer. I had another soccer game today. This time we got pounded into the ground. I played well; the rest of my team turned into stationary objects.


8. Attempting to fix my mom's ipod. It didn't work.


9. Running a lot for Cross Country. I got done running about thirty minutes ago. I kept tripping. Now I'm really hungry, but too lazy to go downstairs. Luckily, I have a stash of candy beneath my mattress. Should my mom ever look there for "Playboy"s (or what's more likely is "Playgirl"s), she'll be pleasantly surprised to find the remnants of last year's Halloween candy. There's not much left now.


Just a side note: My mom is essentially Quinn Moore's mom. She is just as nosy, controlling, and mean, and I love her for it. Except when she makes me peel potatoes.


-psychic psychopath


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Sounds like you've got good reason to be tired- that was quite a list.


I slacked today and stayed home from church. The allergies were on the attack and I couldn't quit sneezing... until the Xyrtec took hold.


Being a good player on a bad team is a love-hate thing. It's cool to look good but it sucks to loose.


Well, get some rest and have a good week. May dreams of hot CC guy dance in your head.





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You played a competitive soccer game, and later you ran cross country.


You're probably still dehydrated, even if you've drunk a lot of fluid.


That will make you feel tired, on top of everything else you did.

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If you retain the lessons in hypostasis after apostatizing, you'll be one of the few tergiversators who can expound on the Nestorian and Eutychian heresies. :lmao:

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Okay, maybe I don't know everything about religion. But hey, I go to a public school! What do you expect? Not to mention, I'm surrounded by protestants who all think they know more about my church than I do.


And now that I've looked up all of the words that I didn't know, I get it. And I'm not planning on heresy anytime soon, I'll just stop going to church.

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LOL. translation:


If, after leaving the church (becoming an apostate), you retain the lessons on the "hypostatic union" of divine & human natures in Christ, you'll know more than the usual person who's ditched his previous religion (tergiversator; another word for apostate) about two of the earliest christian heresies (Nestorian & Eutychian). The hypostatic union rigmarole was developed to combat those two christologic heresies.


:P :2hands: :music::funny::devil:

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