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Still here :)





Just a quick note to let you all know im still here :) I usually just read posts on David's profile because im too lazy to log him out :P

Ive not been about to chat much so I feel like ive been neglecting some of you.

I want to say thanks for the support you gave to Jon when he came out to our Dad, It was very kind and supportive of you all.

Take care and I'll make the effort to drop by more often :wub:




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Hey Chris:)


Big Hugs and shout out to you and Dave and Jon. I hope all are doing well:)


Glad to see you are still here too...Don't work too hard, make sure Dave doesn't kill himself or anyone over the store expansion and of course, being big brothers to Jon, I hope his angst over first loves/crushes goes well:)


You and Dave are the trail blazers for Jon..how lucky can a brother get?!!



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Not any luckier at all if you ask me, but then I am a bit biased... :wub:


Jon is an amazing guy who I am sure will grow up to be an even more amazing man since he has the love and guidance of these two to count on.


Okay, so what if I am biased, I am still telling the truth :P


Love you guys,



PS. Hi Jonny :boy:

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