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I don't remember who it was, but someone mentioned here or somewhere else a while back that I've probably been a topic of conversation for the guys in the GSA. I confirmed that today! Last week I was talking to one of them in school when he waved a guy over and asked him, "Is so-and-so your boyfriend?" Today, he reminded me of that and asked me if the guy seemed nervous at answering that question, which he did seem so. I mentioned that I had been surprised by that question because I didn't even know that the guy was gay lol. He was surprised at me for that and I admitted that when I first met him and the other guys in the GSA, I couldn't tell if they were gay or not without them making it obvious (and only HE made it obvious), which astounded him even more. Somehow the conversation steered to what they thought of me and he said, "Yeah, we talked about you A LOT!" They had assumed right off the bat that I was gay (shouldn't have been surprised by that since GSAs aren't hot spots for straight men). Quite an interesting development... I never thought that I would be a topic of conversation for other people.


On a somewhat related note, this same guy was on the heels of outing me last week to my neighbor. She had seen us sitting at a table together talking and decided to walk up -- smiling brightly. I hadn't seen her until she was right next to me, but he had seen her approach, smiling that peculiar smile, and was about to point to me and say, "He likes dick." I could only imagine what her response would have been lmfao! I wouldn't mind if my friends found out, but I wouldn't want her to be the first to know since EVERYONE would know before I got back to my apartment if she had. It's just real funny how he would have done it by saying what he was going to say haha.


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