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end of the cruelest month



Math slips from my mind. It's like runny eggs. I have a better grasp for practically anything else, and that includes memorizing arcane bits of Chinese philosophy.


Last night I dreamed about my parents. I haven't dreamed about them for a long time. They'd invited a pastor of sorts to teach me not to be gay. I remember being furious. I think the pastor had reddish yellow hair: I guess what you'd call strawberry blond. I shook his hand and I wanted to tell him to get out, but I didn't say anything. He showed up twice. Both times I said nothing. Then I woke up, and it was two freaking hours before I had to get up. Effing life.


Last problem sets of the year! :D The only problem is having to do them...

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Hopefully you'll dream of something nicer tonight, such as the Loreena McKennit concert to which I owe you a ticket... Harhar. Not the most expensive ones though mind you. :P And good that it was a pastor in your dream and not one of the Jesuits we have here.

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