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losing the life

The Reaper


So yeah. Im so down right now. I had three pairs of expensive sunglasses. Im left with none now. Two of them i lost out of no ones fault but my own. And that makes me sad, it makes my self-esteem go way down. I know its my fault, so i can only blame myself. Im too hard on myself i know.


Ive told myself a million times, they're only sunglasses, its an object, it has no real value, a piece of plastic you put a value to. None the less i make myself feel bad for the loss of both of them, within like a week of each other. The third pair i lent to a good friend who in turn left them at work so my other friend picked them up, which in turn got in the hands of a kid he was hanging out with one day. He's being a douche bag about so we called his mom. His mom is gonna talk to him about it. hopefully that gets them back, or he pays me the whole $160 that i told them i paid for the glasses (i paid 120 in reality).


im not worried bout the last pair, i know ill get those. cus if he pawns them (which he's prone to do) i can simply call the store and tell them to hold onto them till i get the police report all set up. But thats worst case.


but yeah, im beating myself up aobut the other two. Well not beating myself up, it just makes me think, and when i think shit normally tends to turn to me being sad and shit. kinda depressing really.


umm...yeah. so i feel like shit, dont wanna go to school tomorrow, and i miss the simple life. oh if only it would come back


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