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When it rains.... it SNOWS?



Wow! Just got home about an hour ago from a "run". Went from Kenova, WV to Bruceton Mills, WV. The route.... Hmmmm.... If you can find a WV map, it goes like this.... and when they call this "Almost Heaven, West Virginia", I think they were speaking of God's Country that I drove through! Geez! If you can find Huntington, WV, follow I-64 towards Kentucky. Kenova is exit 1. I think it's route 52 (?) Anyway, instead of taking the interstate.... route 52 to route 65 to 119 towards Charleston, WV.... after this it was interstate the rest of the way. But instead of the 50 or so miles to Charleston on the interstate, it's 134 miles on 52/65/119 and 52/65 are TWO LANE ROADS!!! :angry:


If anyone is familiar with 2 lane roads, in WV, you know that most of them aren't that great. While the pavement isn't that bad on these, I think they cornered the market on explosives to make these roads. They're cut into or blown between the mountains! The load today was 16' wide. Not only are the roads kind of narrow, but they're curvy as hell too... Definately makes for an interesting day!. We eventually ended up heading north on I-79 and then east on I-68. At about mile marker 12 or 13 I think is the top of Cheat Mountain. I'm not sure what the elevation is, but while it was raining at the bottom, near Cheat Lake, when you to to the top it was near BLIZZARD CONDITIONS! I sure as hell wasn't prepared mentally for that! LOL!! So, my hat's off to all you truck drivers out there that deal with this day in and day out! You not only have my utmost gratitude for what you do, but my respect for having to deal with near treacherous conditions unexpectedly! :worship:


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Is there a reason you had to go like 80 miles out of the way?


That's the best (worst) part about driving in WV. If it's not snowing at the top of the mountain, then it's probably so foggy that it's just as bad. And for the record, I hate big trucks! To get from here to the nearest town of any decent size, you have to drive 40 minutes over a really winding road cut into the mountain, and odds are that at least once you'll have a near-death experience when a coal truck comes around a blind curve. Sometimes people just stop dead in the road and wait until the trucks pass, which is great because the speed limit is actually 55.


And if you'll allow me to nitpick, *puts on her geek hat* I don't think Cheat Mtn. is on the route you mentioned. It runs from Elkins to about 40 miles south of Elkins, and it gets up to about 4,000 ft. I think the highest elevation on the road you were on was about 2200.



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I'm not sure what the elevation is, but while it was raining at the bottom, near Cheat Lake, when you to to the top it was near BLIZZARD CONDITIONS!


Tell me about it. :(


Rob :boy:

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