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whining and writing



So I was supposed to go out drinking last night with a friend / ex-friend, who incidentally is blond Irish-Italian with a smile like kermit the frog's and a penchant for physics. Since I'm a developing alcoholic with a death wish and a suicidal liver, the thought of getting totally smashed and vomiting all over my pillow made me very happy indeed. Sadly, instead of meeting up with me as he said he would, my blond Irish-Italian kermit-ish physics major stood me up and left me alone with my four bottles of beer and leftover cointreau. Which I drank all by myself anyway, which led to drunken confessions of love / making out with a certain personal demographic that we won't mention any more.


One of my favorite pieces of music is the soundtrack for 'The Piano,' which has the piece 'The Heart Asks Pleasure First.' The title is obviously from a Dickinson poem whose theme is the demonstration the linear sequence of sensual nihilism, so I won't bore you with details. Which I'm sure everyone is intimately familiar with anyway. But you might be less familiar with this -- one of the many youtube video depicting an

. It is notable because the amateur has no musicality. And because he's not wearing a shirt.


So I have two objections to this. First is that he plays like he's some poor gay dude trying to masturbate to straight porn magazines. Secondly is that he's not hot. Since he's not hot, why is he playing the thing without his shirt on? Granted, his forearms are bigger than mine and he can probably beat me up, but even I'd look better pounding at the keys sans shirt. Oh, and he played a B4 instead of a C4 -- twice.


My anthology entry is 9,000 words and growing. I'm sure everyone is dying to read it. And if you're not, please don't tell me, I don't need my fragile ego bruised any more than it's been. Good night.


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I don't know what to say corvus. You've been ignoring me. I'm worried about you. I want to offer some help but you won't let me do that. This is so frustrating my friend. Argh.

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Well I am looking forward to reading your anthology entry! :D



Sorry about your friend, that sucks pretty bad! :angry:


Good luck with everything :)

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I agree with you though that you're very amiable when drunk. ;) And your drinking-pal-to-be missed out on the cointreau, I'm sure he'll regret that eventually.


And yeah... shocking with the B4's. But duuhhhh, he did it four times, no less! :P

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Nothing more annoying then a person that doesn't call if there not going to make it.


Btw that guy isn't to bad looking, isn't a hunk but not to bad again :P

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