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Another Update



Right, as graduation approaches life has become rather surreal. Though I must say things continue to look up =) I was able to tell another friend (a friend of mine and my best friend, who by the way has been a HUGE help) and I've found a gay friend at my new University! We happened to be going to the same orientation next week, and randomly found eachother on the mighty Facebook! He's pretty awesome and was in the same situation as I'm in now (with crazy religious family), so getting to talk to him has been a big comfort. (OH, and thanks Kevin for your post to my last blog! it was most helpful ^^) So my progress on the slow path to coming out and acceptance has had an awesome start... let's just pray the trend continues heh xD In other news I graduated in the top 4% of my class and so will graduate with Highest Honours if I'm not mistaken - this entire graduation process is rather surreal.... like it hasn't hit me yet that I am actually done and will be leaving home in three months or so. Ah well - at least my room mate is cool - he's a religious refugee from Iran! I'm really excited because his religion is all about peace and love and fighting prejudice, so hopefully that will lead to some smooth relations xD but he's only been in the country for about four years so he's still a bit insecure, I think - but he seems pretty cool and I'm excited to get to know him (and he speaks Farsi! how cool is that?!) And I wanted to thank you all again, those of you who have kept up with me so far and commented or talked to me - you've been a great help and an awesome calming factor =) Well, I need to go as I'm on the big pc again and must cover the tracks; just didn't want anyone thinking I'd fallen off the face of the planet xD Until next time,


your obedient friend,



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