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Hang Over



Well one of my friends got married on friday so we were at her wedding dance(saturday).

Had a great time and it was so much fun. The reception dance was wild :)

We wore kilts and danced the night away :)

Only problem was sunday... Major hang over. I still felt sick when i went to bed sunday night :(

sooo sleepy today that im about to crash.






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Hi again, Dave!!! :2thumbs:


My, oh my. A handsome Scot & Saxon in kilts. My, oh my.


I bet Chris was blissfully pain-free on Sunday. :devil:

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I gotta ask.... what do Scotsman wear under their kilts? I'm serious!!! I've heard rumors but I just wanted verification! :devil:

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I know, 0:) but I'll never tell... :whistle:


Maybe a little down time between parties little brother :P


Hugs, Viv

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You have to watch those wedding receptions. My husband and I had such a good time at ours that we, mmm..., sort of lost a day. For the first nine years we were married, we celebrated our anniversary on the wrong day. :lmao:



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Dave, I knew that was the answer but thought it best that you, the true Scotsman, answer it:)


Coming from the Italian American it loses its appeal in that answer...but as an Italian Americanm(me that is), I bet you look sexy in the kilts and I am sure that Chris thinks so...and that's all that matters..


Sharon can do the eye roll thing since she says I think everyone is sexy.....well, not everyone..but I am Italian so I love hugs, kisses and sexy Scotsman in kilts with hairy legs......and cute butts:)


Don't worry Dave, I promise to behave myself and not be a true Italian and pinch your cute butt nor drool over your sexy hairy legs...I don't need to be bitch slapped and punched by Chris nor you nor Jonny:) Or does he spell it Johnny?


any hoo.....hope the hang over left and found someone else to haunt:)


Hugs from this side of the Pond!!!



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