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he peed on me!

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Okay, where should I even start? I guess the beginning would be a good place :P


Well, Rich and I were laying in bed last night around 11:30 pm after we had :whistle: anyway, my son walked into my room. My room is right next to the bathroom. He is just 4 and soooooo cute... but I digress, anyway I was laying on Rich's side of the bed instead of my own, and my son walked over to where I was and pulled his pants down and started peeing!! :o I pull the blankets up to shield myself from said pee, and Rich is saying "What are you doing?" Poor baby, my son has been sick :( and I gave him some medicine before bed so he would stop coughing and possibly help him to be able to breathe. I don't know if he was just confused and went into the wrong room, or if he was so medicated :blink: that he didn't know what he was doing, but he peed on me! :wacko: Anyway, Rich gets him back to bed and then we change the sheets and go to sleep. In the morning when he walked, my son said, "Mom, that's not your blanket..."


Well, yeah! Cause you peed on mine. Bless his heart, he has absolutely no recollection of the whole thing...


On to work! So, I think that last time I mentioned the girl I don't like too much and how I told her, nicely of course, to get her shit together... Anyway, I decided that my best plan of action here was to just go and talk to 'my way too cute for his own good or mine' boss about the whole thing, so I did. :2thumbs: Well, after I basically told him how she was being uncooperative and useless, he said that she isn't exactly the most personable person. "Ya think!" :wacko: were my exact words to him. Then he told me that he would take care of everything and that I shouldn't worry. Yay!!


I think I was chatting to Ben today when I told him that I would wait and talk to him in person instead of call him on the phone like I had originally planned to, because I do my best flirting in person ;) I guess it worked, hehehehe! Before we had this talk though, I had to go back into a small storage area we have to look for something for a customer. I went in and turned on the lights. He walked out of his office which is right there and looked over at me and then shut the lights off, because he is always telling everyone to shut off the lights when they aren't needed. I could still see fine because the rest of the light in the store was bright enough. So I look over at 'my way too cute for his own good or mine' boss and said, "As much fun as it would be to be in the dark with you..." What is that phrase? 'Game, set, match' Mmm hmm, that's the one 0:)


Okay, well besides all that I think that I am really loving writing this story! I was telling Rich last night that when I reread what I wrote previously, I am shocked that I wrote it. Lil' old me! :wub:


As for an update on the hockey players and the locker room :P he apparently was given that post because they thought that since he was a bit older and married that he would be less likely to accept sexual favors from fans in exchange for letting them in or perhaps introducing them. Hmmmmm... And as for Sir Elton John :sword: it was an all too brief encounter because his job was to literally run out to the limo, in a circle of men that surrounded him, because he doesn't stay in the arena after the show at all. Diva? I think SO!


Let's see, oh yes, one more thing. At work I was checking out customers today, as in they bring their groceries to my checksatnd and I ring up their purchase, etc. Anyway this guy comes into my line and he is about 16 I'd say, and he is buying condoms. You know the ones hidden behind the bread and the magazine he apparently also needed :ph34r: and the kid wouldn't even take off his sunglasses inside the store. So I go into this whole speech with a courtesy clerk kid about the same age after this customer left about how if you can't buy condoms without being embarrased about it then maybe you shouldn't be having sex in the first place, and then he tells me how he isn't embarrased at all and then just proved to me what kind of a jerk he really is by telling me some story about how some gay kid at his high school told his exgirlfriend that he doesn't care for said jerk and that said jerk thinks he is the shit, as in way too cool. So he decides to get the kid back after hearing this hearsay gossip by embarrasing him in the locker room after PE! :angry: He said that he told everyone else to watch what was going on and then when they were changing clothes he said, "Hey everyone, look at my d**k!" and of course gay kid turned around to look and of course everyone else saw him look and laughed at him. :( Well, I told said jerk that his behavior was sooooooo wrong and that he was sooooooo mean and that I expected more from him :thumbdown: Did I say he was a jerk yet? Mmm hmm, he is! Oh, and a loser too :angry:


Anyway, that's more than enough for now :wacko:

Hugs, Vivian

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I think that this is the first time I've heard "Water Sports" mentioned on this site. :lmao:


What a hoot!!!


I hope sonny boy has recovered from his illness. And remember you can always wash the sheets.


Rob :boy:

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Viv.....wow..now that is a lot going on in one day!


Your son sounds adorable and sweet..poor little tyke....I bet he thought he was in the bathroom and the meds and being almost asleep mixed him up.


Now, as to the hockey guys (I am told although I haven't been um able to actually prove in person) that there are quite a number of Gay hockey players and not a big deal to them.


Elton John I hear is quite the DIVA..but a loveable wonderful generous one.


As to the hottie boss....way too funny....and he really turned the light off (did he not see you...or was busting you? reminds me of lectures my Dad used to give that he didn't own shares in the utilities so if I wasn't in a room turn the lights off, please...I can still hear his voice on that point (and too often I forget to turn the lights off...some bad habits never change)


Now as to the str8 moron teenager who did what he did (and he used the old trick str8 boys use to taunt Gay teens in the locker room..and yeah, I was often on the Gay teens perspective having suffered through that humiliation...way too often) but I agree with Nickolas..that str8 teen needs his a** kicked butt good (pun intended)!! I am sooo glad you have him the what for you pea brained Moron!!!


I feel the Gay teens pain too..poor kid....



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A lot of these cough medications (antitussives) contain either dextromethorphan (an opioid) or an antihistamine (such as diphenhydramine=benadryl), along with some alcohol. Could be enough to knock a 4 year old for a loop. Poor kid!


PS--I still haven't had a chance to read 5, but 3 & 4 were great!

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A lot of these cough medications (antitussives) contain either dextromethorphan (an opioid) or an antihistamine (such as diphenhydramine=benadryl), along with some alcohol. Could be enough to knock a 4 year old for a loop. Poor kid!


PS--I still haven't had a chance to read 5, but 3 & 4 were great!



dextromethorphan is an opiod ??? . Hmm, I think I think I'll stick to the hydrocodone.


:king: Snow Dog

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