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Hi everyone...Vic here....Dave asked Viv to post this information onto his GA blog. I was not able to add a new Blog entry, so I have updated his last entry with this information. --Vic


Title: Thanks so much!


Dave and Chris have asked me to post a message for them thanking you all for your thoughts, prayers, and good wishes. Things have improved slightly, but are by no means okay yet. I'm certain that they appreciate having great friends and people who care so much behind them during this very difficult time.


A heartfelt thanks to you all, Vivian








Previous Blog entry by DAVE


My Dad had a heart attack last night. He's in hospital on life support. The Doctors have told Mum and I to expect the worst as the damage was so bad. I feel totally numb, my Mum is like a zombie and my sister is hysterical. She's in Melbourne and is trying to get a flight home right now.

Mum has been given the decision of turning the machine off, as far as medical terms go theve done all they can, I just pray Dad has enough strength to fight. I'll post more later :(



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I'm sooooooo sorry Dave. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Extra hugs sent your way. We're here for you.

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Oh Sweetie :(


Whatever you need... anything, SERIOUSLY, I'll do it! Thinking of you, as always. Please let me know what you need okay. I love you lots....



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Dave, I'm so sorry to hear this. I'll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts.





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wow, My thoughts are with you and your family. I hate not knowing what to say, it makes me feel like the Dork that Jules is :) .


Ah, just a bad attempt at humor



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I am sorry to hear about your sad news. My thoughts go with you and your family and I will keep you all in my thoughts.





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