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Well Dad's awake in hospital. The Doc's say he's getting a bit stronger, and they want to go in and operate. My big sister made it home, she'll be here for about a week, but then she'll need to go back because she had to leave Jordan (my nephew)back in Australia.

Thank you for you prayers, im pretty sure someone up there has been listening to us all :D





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Yay! Doing better is good.


But I'm going to keep praying for your dad. He's not out of the woods yet. Take every opportunity while he's awake to express your love.

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Dave, Our good thoughts, prayers, good karma and talks to the Angels will continue....and of course lots of Love from every where and everyone that knows you goes to you all so that your Dad will continue on his road toward a full and healthy recovery!


Thanks for keeping us update and remember you are all in our thoughts.


Hugs and Smiles and Good Karma always sent your way:)



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My Dad had a heart attack in the early 90s.


He made a lot of changes afterwards and paid close attention to the docs and now he is healthier than he was before the heart attack. He exercises everyday, eats right and has his cholesterol way down.


They didn't give him much of a chance either.




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Hi Dave


I happy to hear that you Dad is doing better. I'm hoping for a speedy recovery. I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts.


Hang in there!


Rob :boy:

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I didn't share this earlier... 0:) but to use a cliche.... been there, done that....


Yup, I had a heart attack about 18 months ago and I'm still kicking and giving them hell! :devil:


Like previously posted, your Dad is in for some lifestyle changes... and with any change, its difficult. I couldn't have done it without the support of family and friends. I'll keep your Dad and your family in my prayers. It can be done!


Weight at time of heart attack 366+

Weight now 275 (and dropping!) :2hands:


I've lost the weight equivalent of a 5th grader! (I think that's about right!)


Blood pressure is now being maintained with medications... but the dosage has been dropped several times due to my weight loss.


Cholesterol levels are now maintained by diet and exercise. Experienced to many side effects from the meds.


He can do it!

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