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Have you ever wondered what would happen?



Ok, ok, ok.... but, have you ever really wondered? Think about this. How many G/L/B/T folk out there have (or had) extra cash laying around, and it was invested in real estate. Namely RENTAL PROPERTIES?


Hmmmmm.... can you see where I'm going with this? You can't? Let me explain!


Seeing as the majority of areas don't offer equal protection under the law based on sexual orientation, what would happen if gay property owners started evicting people just for the simple fact that someone was straight? or,


G/L/B/T business owners fired their employess just because they were straight?


Yeah, I know I sound like a radical, I'm not really, but it makes you think doesn't it?


What would dear old George's (Bush that is) reaction be? What would happen to the law? Think it might just get changed to include that?


Makes you think!


And yes, I'm posting this in the soapbox too! hehehehe


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    • By WVSailor
      Who would you like to see as the next president? Check out the following link for info on possible candidates! Only one person has declared from what I can tell... Randy Crow (D-North Carolina) and he's just downright scarey!
      Ron Gunzburger's Politics 1
      Post your selections and I'll put up a poll and we can see who we (the users of GA) would select! If you know of a possible candidate not listed on the page mentioned above, and you have information on him or her, please either post the info, or a link to the info so we can check them out!
    • By WVSailor
      Not since Hitler has the world seen such outlandish politics as we are now facing in the United States. What Gays, Lesbian's, Bisexuals & Transgered people face is equivalent to the racism faced (and in some cases still face) by African American's and by numerous minorities in Hitler's Germany. Believe it or not, I've actually heard some people say that, "all faggots need to shipped to an island..." I won't name names, but needless to say I beat feet and got the hell out of dodge. I will say this, I wasn't surrounded by rednecks, back-woods country folks or anything like that. These people wore 3-piece designer suits, designer gowns, & considered themselves "upstanding citizens". Should you be scared? Damn Skippy!
      These were right wing politico's. These were people that "tithe" their 10% to their church. These are the people that have extramarital affairs and then preach family values. These are the people that physically, mentally, emotionally, and sometimes even sexually abuse their spouses and/or children. If you want a really good laugh and to see what we as G/L/B/T individuals are up against, check out the following website:
      International Organization of Heterosexual Rights
      By the way, did you know homosexuality is caused by Soy??? Check out the above website. It's really a hoot!
      What ever happened to the division of Church and State? Does someone have to be religeous to have a "moral code"? Come on people, the Right is not always right and the Left isn't always wrong. Hate is not a family value, period. Show me one place in the New Testament where Jesus said something negative about Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, or Transgendered. Don't take passages out of context. Read. Not just what you want to read. Read the ENTIRE thing. There are three, yes, just three, admonisments to homosexuals in the bible. Over 360 for heterosexuals. It doesn't mean heterosexuals are bad, they just need more supervision. And these are in the OLD TESTAMENT. Prior to Christ's birth and his crucifixition for our sins. Sounds to me like people are grasping at straws.
      You'll notice that I'm not quoting statistics. Well, just like with the Holy Bible, you can manipulate anything to prove whatever you want.
    • By WVSailor
      Ok, I'll admit it... I DID NOT VOTE FOR BUSH! That being said, I wasn't to impressed with the other options either. Hopefully things will be better with the next set of candidates and it won't be the "lesser of two evils" approach to politics and the person we put into the Oval Office.
      As scarey as it sounds to most people, I think we either need a gay man or a woman in that office. Now, don't laugh to hard! I know it sounds far fetched, but think about it! I can see either Hillary Clinton or Condaleeza Rice in the office. I don't think either one of them would take any crap from another country. And for a balanced budget? What about Andrew Tobias? Check out this link for some information on him:
      Andrew Tobias Information
      Born in 1947, graduated Harvard (Slavic Languages), has his Masters from Harvard Business School, author ( The Best Little Boy In The World, The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need (1977, revised and updated in 1996 and 1998) ), he's in a committed relationship and has been since 1994, he's treasurer of the Democratic National Committee (since 1999, oh, and his salary??? $1.00 per year!) and he serves on the Human Rights Campaign's Board of Directors.
      The man has more money than God and if you haven't read The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need do so and tell me if you think he wouldn't be good in the Presidential Office! Yes, I could hear the Religeous Right now... "He'll paint the White House pink..." or something like that.... but is pink really a bad color??
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