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HP 4 Review (SPOILERS!)



Okay, I saw Goblet of Fire last night and I want to share my thoughts


First the good:


The movie was action packed and fast-paced. Very little "down time" and what little there was was necessary. The director / writers made the Weasley twins actually act like the Weasley twins rather than just a pair of freakish twins completing each other's sentences. Plus their Shawn Cassidy Haircuts (as my sister puts it) makes them look damned hot.


There was a lot more humor in one liners and such, but it was intelligent dialogue, not just slapstick. Ron Weasley is portrayed not as a complete goof like in the previous movies which is a major plus.


The special effects were top notch and nearly seemless into the background.





Now the bad:


Dumbledore was completely out of character for this movie. This is where the director / writers majorly screwed up. Not just with Dumbledore but with many of the characters. Plus there was some serious over dramatic blocking of many of the characters.


You hardly see professor Snape in this feature and that is disappointing.


The portrayal of Mad-eye Moody was also drastically out of character in comparison to the books. This Moody was hardly paranoid and certainly not as gruff as the book Moody. Rather disappointing.


The music played by the band (in the book it's supposed to be the Weird Sisters but this band was all male) was pretty crappy. Only one song was half-way decent but you have to wait a good minute before you get to the half-way decent part. (This is based off the soundtrack CD).


Voldemort's speech about why his original cursing of Harry way back when failed was effectively the same speech that Dumbledore gave Harry in the book. This was annoying because although Voldemort does know about old magic and admitted his mistake in that, he doesn't have a concept of love yet here he is, spouting off about it like a regular expert.





Major differences between the book and Movie:


You see nothing of the Dursleys in this movie. Harry is already at the Burrow. This was to reduce film length and if it had been left in, would have seriously dragged down the movie as well as made it far too long.


The subplot of S.P.E.W. and Winky the house elf's involvement is non-existent. Harry's wand was not the one used to cast Morsmorde at the Quidditch World Cup. My sister was disappointed at this because she felt it was pertinent, I didn't think it made all that much of a difference and considering the movie was long enough it didn't need to be there.


The Qudditch World Cup game was never shown. Just the stadium (fantastic construction by the way) and the introduction of the teams, then it cuts to the evening celebration in the Weasley's tent. Though it was disappointing to not see the game, considering the game it self had little to do with the plot I think it was a worthy sacrifice.





Eye Candy:


Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) was much less gangly than PoA and thusly had a major drool factor.


Lucius Malfoy (Jason Issacs) was as hot in this one as he was in CoS. Plus that accent... (shudder)


The Weasley twins (James and Oliver Phelps) had that hair thing going on.





Almost Eye Candy:


Cedric Diggory (Robert Pattinson) Is handsome, but doesn't have the drool factor that he's supposed to have in the book.


Ron Weasley (Ruper Grint) is coming along fine, but still has a little maturing to do.


Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) his face is cute and I'm sure he'll be a looker in a couple of years, but for now he's still just a tad too young. Plus the fact that he really needs more sun.




The Lowdown:


Despite the major bad things, this movie was very entertaining as well as engaging. The only reason why I noticed the length of the film at all was because I had a large soda and chugged ha;f of it in the 45 minute wait for the movie to start. Definitely worth an evening ticket as long as you go in understanding that there are some large liberties taken with the HP franchise.

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  • Site Administrator

Agreed. Though I think 16 yo Dan Radcliffe is coming along nicely. Notice the little hairs around his nipple? lol

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