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Things I'm thankful for

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Coming Undone


I know that it's a little late, but seeing that this is Thanksgiving weekend I thought that I would list a few of the things that I'm really thankful for.


First of all I'm thankful for the roof over my head and food to eat. There are many people that don't even have that. I'm thankful for my loving family (Joe and Josh I'll love you forever :wub::hug::wub: ) and all the friends that I have made here on GA. Viv :wub: , Michael, James, Green, David and the Bard man to name a few (Thanks guy's, your support has meant so much to me, you'll just never know :thumbup: ). I'm also thankful that I have the opportunity to help others, that though no fault of their own, find themselves in situations that no one should have to endure. But most of all I'm thankful to have the love of the best guy on the planet. Billy :wub::wub: . thank you for lifting me when I'm down, showing me the way when I can't see. and enlightening me when it appears that I'm just not hearing things right. I don't know what I would do without you. I love you more than anything. :hug:


I'm Coming

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See... now that's why I luv ya so much!! No, not cause you mentioned me first 0:) but because you have a big selfless heart and a amazing outlook on life even after all that you have experienced... kinda like me, see when you use those experiences to help others instead of letting yourself be bitter and held back by them that shows strength and that you have an enduring heart. So, glad to be able to call you my friend... maybe even more :wub: I guess we have made ourselves a little family of friends here huh... and that includes Joe, Josh, and Billy!


Vivian :hug:

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Hey Coming! I hope you don't mind I just read your blog. WOW! What a story! It was awesome and very inspiring. I'm so glad things for you and Josh seem to have had a happy ending, Joe does sound like quite a wonderful guy. And I'm also glad for you and Billy :D ! I hope things only continue to get better for you and the family. Take care!

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Dear Coming:)


Happy Thanksgiving to you, Joe, Josh and your Billy!! And we are all very thankful to have you as our friend....You are one amazing very Coming Together Guy!!


Best of all, you have a new little brother (with his cartoon character boxers..now, how cute is that:) and of course your future Mr. Coming Together and one great Dad!!


I am blessed to call you a friend and very honored and proud to be yours....I am hoping that the holidays are wonderful for all of you and that your street friends find warmth, good warm clothes, places to stay, a way to a better safer and loving life....with you and Joe and Josh and Billy in their corner and the very cool area merchants its a good start....sending you all good karma, prayers and good thoughts in the coming days:)


You are an exceptional Coming Together Full of Love and Kindness Guy....thanks for sharing your life and whom you are with us:)


Warm Loving Hugs sent your way and to your Coming Together Family:)




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I'm just glad that things are finally coming together for you and your family. No pun intended with that one dude. 0:)

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*Blushes* catching up on all the blogs is hard to do.


It's good that Josh came to you when he did- right before the holidays. It gives ya'll time together to come together as a family. And, for all of you, the holidays might have been difficult without each other.


That you mentioned me as one of your Thanksgiving blessings made me :) all day!

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