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  2. And I've read some of Rilke's letters, too. They're poetry in and of themselves!
  3. It's hard to know with translations how well they evoke the same sentiments, but Mitchell's efforts have been applauded.
  4. A worthy subject to be reading, Mac. I accidentally bumped into quotes from letters he wrote to friends (on his love of Gilgamesh, no less), and can appreciate him as an open, honest and enthusiastic person. Sometimes (or all the time...) character features like these get washed out in translations. I hope he's coming across as warm in the book you are reading. Thanks for posting this, Mac
  5. Thank You, Sir. This is interesting ... i need to think about this. Thank you for sharing it.
  6. I've been reading Rilke lately, translated by Stephen Mitchell. Thought I'd share this. But we, when moved by deep feeling, evaporate; we breathe ourselves out and away; from moment to moment our emotion grows fainter, like a perfume. Though someone may tell us: "Yes, you've entered my bloodstream, the room, the whole springtime is filled with you..." -- what does it matter? he can't contain us, we vanish inside him and around him. And those who are beautiful, oh who can retain them? Appearance ceaselessly rises in their face, and is gone. Like dew from the morning grass, what is ours floats into the air, like steam from a dish of hot food.
  7. https://gayauthors.org/story/ac-benus/zero-to-hero-a-guide/8 Excellent essay on rhymes is located at the above link!
  8. This is not technically a poem, but, out of any quote I have ever written(It’s hundreds, now)or will ever write, this is my number one favorite: “Live how you would want to see yourself living. Do what you would want to see yourself doing. Say what you would want to hear yourself saying. And, be you wish to become every single day.” -Julian William Taylor Also, the name of the 9 Volume Book series of sequential rhyme I am working on which I have posted 12 pages on this site to share and show 12 of its contents is entitled- “The Book Of”. I cannot finish it.. No one can. Not even it’s own name. 🌹♠️🖋
  9. The Finish Line The finish line & the deadline does not have to be a straight line in order for it to be just fine. The date that you wait to serve the food on your plate, will come regardless, of your burden’s weight. If you wish to finish cooking and serve your food on your dish, you must master impatience & make it diminish. This instruction is to avoid any destruction by no longer worrying about any production. This introduction is to assist you with reconstruction and aid you with any and all construction. Never forget or regret what you were meant to get in here because these words were a perfect set. Do not let yourself fret or doubt that you met all of those in your life. You were meant to. You bet. -Julian William Taylor(Asher25) Just a little something I came up with just now while dwelling on the finish line we may have for ourselves and how BADLY we want something.... but maybe wanting it so badly in our own minds by a certain time makes things worse? Maybe gripping on so tightly will break what you can make. Maybe it will take LONGER by adding negativity. Maybe it takes away creativity and just like this rhyme, it will happen in perfect time...
  10. Any thoughts on my newest Pulse poem...? --- Haibun/Lanturne: Most of them were so young, so vibrant with the surge of springtime life; they were suffuse to the gills with optimism. The murderer took so much more than promise with him, when he took their lives. A June frost lingers still in Impatiens' scent Their other name matters -- those Touch-Me-Nots froze We gard'ners of silence can only mourn blooms lost in time, never changed, never thriving -- froze.
  11. The Past Did you get it? Do you regret it? Just forget it. The past is gone. Move on. Let go of the past. It has passed. A new future will be cast. And, you will not feel that you have to move fast. You do not have to prove anything. You do not have to improve everything. Do not hurry. Fo not worry. Care not for the future. Not all has to be sure. Maybe, it’s a surprise like a sunrise that will enchant your eyes. The only way to master time is by remembering this rhyme: If the Past has passed and the future is unsure, your only present is to enjoy the present. -Julian William Taylor
  12. Oh, thankss.🍷 I brought wine. ... and cookies.🍪 the cookies are mine. jk. I HAVE CAKE🎂👀
  13. Transform You have the ability to turn your weakness into your strength. It does not matter at all the length. You have so much power just like the storm. It has the ability, like you, to transform. It has the ability with rain to make flowers grow, And, with the sun, it makes them all show. You, too, like the storm, can create what is great. From a seed, grows a tree and it becomes free. If you ever doubt, remember it once was small. And that beed and seed, now stand tall. It simply gave it time and the appropriate things, And then grew into a place where each bird sings. Turn the worst into the best. Shine amongst the rest. Stand tall. You are not small. Never forget, Never fear, And, you will live a life, blessed as you read this here. -Julian William Taylor Wrote this in about 4 minutes, today. I hope you enjoy. ☕️🍷🌹👑✨
  14. Elation and scorn mix in equal proportions as I receive this; love for those who stand with us, none for them who run from truth.
  15. I am not going to cry on this or be sad. That 'fake news' guys will always encounter in our daily lives. We can't change them. Buy guys like this Lieutenant will always comes to the light and support us. And we have to appreciate their efforts always. As for your poem, I don't know how much of a help I can be. But here is a suggestion... 'Support trooping the colours' 'prop trooping of the colours'
  16. I just wrote this tanka-stanza poem. It's inspired by a CNN video where an Orlando policeman says in essence "You can't kill our Gays..." The poem is not about that, but what a person can read in the comments. I'm missing a word for line two...any ideas are appreciated One hundred and nine ___ trooping of the colors -- just one video of support and compassion tagged "fake news," One. Hundred. Times...
  17. a beautiful picture, vivid and clear in my mind's eye. thanks AC xo
  18. A wistful tone; I can picture the scene. Such a sad thought is fading spring.
  19. I wrote a little poem today Tanka: Sweep, sweep the petals gathered at the shop's doorway; one wandering soul's job to gather the gay remains of a spring fading away.
  20. I posted the last group of poems for Thirty Daze in April. You can find them here: https://gayauthors.org/story/parker-owens/thirty-daze-in-april/4
  21. Soul Search A person! A son! A merit student! A caretaker! A brother! A friend! A well wisher! A neighbour! What am I!? What is my purpose in this world? A lone journey I had began, where there were boundaries set. The things happened around me, might have occurred to fulfil the destiny I was bound. Those happy and sad moments. Those deaths. And the first breaths in my lap, as I hold them dearly. These are all have some link with me. My life. An eternal link. May be this was my purpose. May be that was my destiny. Or the very reason for my existence in this world. I was once afraid that I would die alone. But the thinking made my mind clear. No one in this world were born without a reason. Every person. Every life. Everything. Was have their part of play in this world. Everybody's part was unknown to them. Or it stay unknown even they recognise it earlier. Or they prefer it that way. But they do perform their part. Either it was a small character, which might bring extreme joy. And or sadness. And sometimes nothing. Nothing at all. Or a character of subjectively important. Very important that their very existence made sense to a whole set of lives. The others make one that way. To weigh the burden or to command their way into the society or to be blamed. And sometimes one's character will be nothing but existence. A character nonetheless. Some may step in front and do their job with perfection. And some might stay in the background and do their part without recognition. I know that at some phase in life, at some part, I have been a front character, even though I wanted to be in the background and stay in the darkness. A darkness of solace mind. Or a wishful thing may be. But my heart always looked for the light and brought me forward where everyone else were bailing out of their stand. And the result is always the same. Broken. Ignored. The pain and misery and the heartache never leave me. But my heart still look for the light. A light never exists. Or still hidden and never found by anyone.
  22. Red Shirt On The Wall Got ignored Stained and left to wither A fashion circus once Now hanging on the wall Putting the paint to shame May be it is the human nature To strive for the things That resemble for Them better appearance Only to be trashed once Their purpose was done
  23. The Way It Is A boundary of life was set From one's birth until death Never to be intense or carefree Every minute was planned And counted second by second May be it was the way it is Or was it supposed to be Be You Be warm Embrace the life Betray the boundaries Find your reason and break open Be you
  24. A Crazy Day As groovy as fab it looks Is a hell of a day, today Not even a fair time, I might add Cool breeze is out of question Blazing sun was absent as well Laziness isn't active either Nor is there the mood of fun And minute by minute I count For it to end erratically
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