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  2. A Long Time Ago In A Movie Theater Far Far Away . . . I was introduced to Star Wars for the first time. I was seven years old, the perfect age for George Lucas’ masterpiece. It was like he’d written it just for me. Even at that tender age I was already a Sci-Fi nut. My favorite shows at the time were Lost In Space reruns, Space 1999 (a story that could really do with its own motion picture), Dr. Who, and, of course, Star Trek: TOS. I was too young to understand a lot of stuff going on, but I loved the action and I loved the adventure and ESPECIALLY the special effects! Space 1999, for instance, was WAY ahead of its time! If you’ve never seen this TV Series I really encourage you to check it out. The stories, sets, and effects were what George Lucas’ crew founded some of their ideas on along with 2001: A Space Odyssey. The scene below, seen by me in 70 MM film on a huge concave Cinemascope screen the width of half a football field with the new Dolby Stereo sound system in the single auditorium theater (these are rare and probably don’t exist anymore), was life changing! None of us had every seen anything like this before in 1977! I was literally ducking in my seat as the ISS Devastator flew over chasing Princess Leia’s Tantive IV Corellian Blockade Runner. It was with Star Wars that I was introduced to the concept of the Force for the first time and who the Jedi were and how one had fallen to the ‘Dark Side of the Force.’ An awesome and fearful being, Darth Vader, came out of the smoke and, although I was already stunned by the Star Destroyer scene, I was suddenly in LOVE with its terrible commander! I would have been happy to have been his beaten up Apprentice if he had found me worthy. Galen Merrick wouldn’t have even had a chance! When it came to the lightsaber duel, though, I got a little bored. Even Obi-Wan getting ‘Force Ghosted’ was just a little shocking. I enjoyed the lightsabers, but the scene did not match the excitement of Luke, Han, Chewy, and Leia trying to make their escape. The aggrieved final meeting of Master and Padawan couldn’t have the impact it should have had later when we learned the full tragic story of Anakin Skywalker and his strained relationship with his Jedi Master teacher, Obi-Wan Kenobi. But, the history aside, the scene itself fell a bit flat because the effects weren’t there. Trying to pull off a rotoscoped laser sword battle with two GLASS reflective tubes was not easy and both actors and stunt doubles doing the fight had to actually be careful not to break the lightsabers! So, the fight was gently done, but effective enough for the story. Washed out colors were so the rotoscoping could work. So, why am I giving you all this build up and history? Well one reason, of course, is that I am so much a GIGANTIC Star Wars nerd that I actually am a knighted Sith Lord with my own ‘Darth’ name and have been one for many years. I can be referred to as Darth Umbrus if you are found trustworthy enough to address me by my secret name. I have a robe and i’m working on an upgraded lightsaber I intend to build at Star Wars Galaxy Edge at the end of this month when it opens. My knowledge of Star Wars lore is encyclopaedic and I have written a couple of unreleased Star Wars Fan Fics that I may put here one day when I’m done with my many other original projects I’m doing. I was thinking, at one time, of submitting one of them to Lucasbooks for publishing, but thought better of it. So, when I say something Star Was is good, I mean it! The other reason is simple: the fight scene above has been redone by a team of hardcore fans. It is a ‘Fan Fic’ video because it has reimaged this iconic battle between Obi-Wan and Vader adding new content that links it to canon, but is not canon. It is, by far, THE best fan-made video from Star Wars I have ever seen! It outclasses all the fight scenes in the latest Star Wars movies. It comes close to matching the fight scenes in Phantom Menace, and AOTC. With a bigger budget leant to it this battle could easily be a great follow-up to the epic Battle Of The Heroes in ROTS. It takes samples from a lot of the movies with Vader in it and meshes them fairly seamlessly with BRAND NEW original content by the makers of this video. The work done on Obi-Wan’s face, if refined a bit, would far surpass the CGI work done on Tarken and Young Leia in Rogue One. I will say it matches perfectly Darth Vader’s rage and intensity from the ending of Rogue One. I’m sorry if I’m spoiling Rogue One, but . . . Its been out for a while now! Go watch! It’s a great movie! Forgive me if you have seen this already as it has gone viral, but if you have not seen this PLEASE watch if you are into Star Wars at all. It is the ultimate in Star Wars Fan Fiction! So, without further adieu, let me present SC38 Reimagined: For comparison, here is the original of this scene. It’s probably the remastered cut as it is very hard to see the old original version of this I saw in 1977.
  3. Didn't know there were Omega werewolves sex slave boys, but I wonder if the author could actually make it work, similar to the concept of Orion girls from Star Trek. Basically from Alpha Canon and Beta Canon, outwardly their world seems like it's dominated by powerful strong masculine brutes with henchmen in traditional setting and poor defenseless sex slaves. However, in reality, the entire society is actually dominated by these sex slaves, who use their seductive abilities to manipulate the strongest males in their society and are the true oligarchs. @Thorn Wilde If I ever had to write Werewolf fanfic, I'd probably clean that up this way, much more fun than just natural sex slaves and makes these character far more scary. In terms of tropes, I hate: -The hero develops a skill that you never knew he had until the end to save the day, I've seen this in a few HP fanfics. It's a contrivance and the worst kind of Deus ex Machina. -More recently in stories, love polygons with the advent of mainstream LGBT characters. Look you don't need to have characters fighting over one another in order to make it entertaining, if the story devolves into that, then you're just doing a day time talk show. I mean does this sound any good: My best friend is in love with me, his brother is in love with me, I am in love with their cousin, their cousin is in love with my best friend, and my sister is in love with his brother. If you want love triangles fine, but don't make everyone involved in one. -The hostage being your boyfriend/girlfriend situation trope, this one has been around for a long time. I get it, this adds tension to the story to have your lover in jeopardy, but it becomes less interesting if you keep doing it over and over again. A notable example, The Walking Dead made that mistake with several key characters, then when they do die, it is less impactful than it should be, because the writers didn't respect their characters.
  4. Hey Thorn, I don't have an issue with arranged marriages in general (as a Trope). There are some good stories with realistic reactions. The characters might learn to love each other, or at least work together to achieve common goals, and that can be a great narration and not all that far away from the reality (and even in modern times there are arranged marriages in parts of this world, unthinkable though it is to us). But I have a feeling many writers miss that point entirely. Those aren't that horrible though, I was referring more to the whole "the magical world is low on population, so everyone has to marry and procreate, or like, go to Askaban. And it just so happens they pair up all former Griffindors with Slytherins." There is a number of those, and of all the ones I looked at, there was exactly one where all the characters actually got together and took action against the government, which, to me, would be the logical reaction to that generation. In every other, Harry and Co. just bend over and take it. Like... what? And well, as for females: I still maintain that those writers don't actually know their biology.
  5. I keep forgetting to come here, but hi, Sammy! *waves* All good examples. Though teeeechnically, the definition of the female of a species is the one that produces the ovum, not necessarily the one that carries the offspring. See seahorses, lol! I'm a pedant. Basically any story that forces people to marry for get together for no good reason is, to me, a bad story. Unless it can be properly and rationally justified. Arranged marriages can be an interesting backdrop. I very occasionally read AUs like that for pairings I like, at least if it's a rare pair that doesn't have that many fics about them, but I usually shy away. Oh, and the definition of a trope is commonly recurring literary and rhetorical devices, motifs or clichés in creative works. So, essentially, overused plot devices, in this context.
  6. I have no idea how m-preg fictions even exist. Maybe a lack of sexual education for teenage (american) writers? In any case, the very definition of "female" is that it is that part of the species that bears children. I'm not sure if the writers of these are aware of the logistics of conception and birth, but the two or three times I got far enough for that I didn't get the feeling they were. Maybe Mary and Jesus are to blame? Who knows. Mary Sue is just boring, not really a hate. It makes me give up a story fast though. Just some examples that really get me to bang my head against the wall: (not sure these are tropes? what exactly are tropes?^^) Harry Potter - Marriage Law - I mean, the concept isn't that far off in terms of fanfic ideas, there is great potential for former enemies to actually work together against a government trying that sort of thing. Only, no writer goes that way! It's more like, "Hey, the government made some stupid law, we really hate it and we really hate each other but, oh, we're suddenly in love." -and that every time I make the mistake to click that sort of fic. It's generally horribly narrated. Harry Potter - Inheritance - Harry inherits a ton of money/ titles, and all he does with it is going shopping like a kid in a candy store. If I had Voldemort after me and I inherited anything between 20 million - 50 billion galleons, a cool wand and a 7 lock compartment trunk would be the least of my worries. Hired Muscle, buying influence in the government, whatever... it's super rare that a writer actually ever uses the money from Inheritance. Same with the titles/government votes. Something that's so dumb it's almost funny is a Harry Potter Non Magic AU It's like... just go call it original fiction and simply use other names for you characters... Harry Potter Magical (creature) inheritance stories are not my thing, but if it also includes having to marry and have sex with your magical creature mate who just so happens to be a very specific person... that's just .... It basically screams "I can't write proper character development and romance so... magic! the characters I want together have no choice!" Meh. Maybe my expectations are too high... /Rant off I don't read much outside of HP, (though I could probably go on endlessly with these HP abomination of plot ideas). Anyway, great to know that this sub forum exists. Hi everyone Sammy
  7. I've thought a lot about categories as well, and if user defined fandoms are difficult to implement in the software, I was thinking it might be an idea to have categories based on medium. Video games, books, TV, movies, comics. I think that makes more sense as generic categories than setting, especially since we can tag a story with a setting such as space anyway. Say I want to find, I dunno, The Last of Us fanfic, I'd go to video games.
  8. It's like with music. I can find something in every genre that I like, even in genres that I can't stand in general.
  9. I think that's true about most tropes, even the ones you're not really into. As long as it's done well, it can be even enjoyed.
  10. You explained it very well. I do like angst - actually, what got me started on fanfiction was a super-angsty story and I began reading fanfiction to escape the angst, lol - but, for the reader's satisfaction, it all must happen as you said, with balance, with reprieves, and, of course, with resolution.
  11. As someone who writes SO MUCH ANGST, I couldn’t agree more, actually. Angst can be super interesting, and can add conflict without the need for overly obvious bad guys, as well as being a good tool for personal an emotional development. But not all the time. Readers and characters need reprieve. There’s got to be some fluff, some humour to balance it out. As well as a plot that actually justifies the angst rather than having been created as merely a vehicle for the angst. If any of that made any sense. And like you said, it needs to be resolved in one way or another.
  12. Hmm, that's a really good topic. For me, the number one 'no-no' is - I'm not sure if it really counts as a trope - neverending angst. While I do find it good for emotional spice, too much angst (that also finds no resolution one way or another) is like having too much salt and pepper sprinkled over your food.
  13. I don't think of the main characters of RPGs like that as OCs per se, though. I mean, even though you customise them, you still have kind of a basis. The various race and class combos in Dragon Age and Dragon Age: Inquisition have their own backstories. The way you play them, which dialogue choices you make, also makes them individuals within the framework of the game. It's not a fully original character, but more of a hybrid, I guess, and that's very different in my opinion. Gotta say, though, when it comes to Dragon Age I kind of prefer ships that don't involve the player character. There's some yummy Alistair/Cullen fanfic out there (I can't see Alistair being gay with anyone but Cullen)... And in Inquisition, you've got Iron Bull/Dorian, which is canon if you don't romance either of them. Also, I recently discovered Iron Bull/Dorian/Cullen three-way fic (it's a fairly popular ship, actually), which I love. I think a warden or inquisitor lead is more fun to write than it is to read, if that makes any sense, cause everyone will inevitably think about how they would play them. That's just my opinion, though. Dragon Age 2 is kind of different, since Hawke is established and can only be played in so many ways. Same with Mass Effect (I love male Shepard/Kaidan so much), you've got your paragon or your renegade Shepard, and how they're physically described or what their first name is doesn't make much difference to how you imagine them and how they relate to your own playing style, even with the different backstory options you've got. I'd love to give your Warden/Alistair fic a go, though. As I've said earlier in the thread, there are exceptions to everything.
  14. That's the way I feel about them now. To be honest, it was the first M/M stories I read and I guess I thought I could get into the stories better if I knew the characters already. Anyway, I was like a freshman in high school when I read those stories.. haha. Now that I'm more educated on the entire genre, it is cringe worthy for the most part. I also do feel that some universes are better with an OC main. Like Dragonage - I feel it is better to write from the Warder/Inquisitions POVs, putting them into more depth rather than a say... a Zeveran/Alistair romance story where the Warden is just on the fringe... I just wouldn't be invested in that relationship as I would WardenOC/Alistair or something like that. That is what I'm writing (I even posted a chapter on Ao3, but it didn't get a ton of reads so I kinda abandoned it). Since it is a Hetero-central story I don't think it would be appropriate for GA. But meh.
  15. I hate real person fic, lol! For one, I keep thinking that if I were a public individual and someone wrote fic about me I would just feel really uncomfortable. For another, I just don’t give a crap about celebs. One thing is creating an original character for a novel and basing them partly on real people, we do that all the time. And celebrity cameos can be fun. I did both those things in L&G. But writing whole stories where the main characters are actual real people who have no say just bothers me on a fundamental level. I think original characters should be used sparingly and only for supporting roles, in general. I’m reading a great Yuri!!! on Ice fanfic currently where the authors have made an OC boyfriend for Chris, and he’s fantastic. Original main characters are almost always Gary-stu/Mary-sue self inserts. There are notable exceptions to this, obviously. Some people pull it off really well. But most of the time, blah!
  16. It is pretty! Good job, Cia.
  17. I like writing in, Dragon Age: Origins. I would like to do Harry Potter, but I'd need to re-read the whole series again (there are worse things in the world for sure.. lol). Twilight - but I'd have to again, re-read the series and that one would be a bit more difficult because I found so much that I didn't really like about the story progression later in the book series.
  18. Yes! I don't like that in Fanfiction, they create a new character and make them 'perfect,' and unoriginal. If you're going to work within your favorite worlds/universes/etc at least make an original character worth reading about. Don't slack off on real character development just because they are surrounded by, "well knowns," we've already read/watched/played. There's no point in reading if the new character isn't worthwhile. Although, if you meant that you don't like reading fanfictions where an 'original' is added to a Fanfiction, that is one of my favorites to read myself, but as you can tell I'm rather picky about the main characters and most fall short. I personally was a fan, once upon a time, of Real Celebrity fanfictions (there were some good writers on Nifty), but now I can't get into those at all. Also, I agree with the MPreg/OmegaVerse that is just too much for me and I stay well away from stories like those.
  19. There's almost always an exception or two, I'd say. If a story is otherwise well written enough, the author can get away with a lot of annoying tropes. And I thought of another one: gay sex scenes written with neither experience nor research. Though that goes not only for fanfic.
  20. I'm never really a fan of mpreg, but there was one story where it was done well. (Game of Thrones/ Harry Potter Crossover)
  21. Introducing Gary Stu/ Mary Sue original characters to a FanFiction universe.
  22. M-Preg and Shifters of any kind. M-Preg is the quickest way for me to toss out a book and never read that author again.
  23. I despise the whole OmegaVerse thing. Every single time I'm browsing a ship I like, like 50% of what I find has this Alpha/Beta/Omega AU going on, and I just don't get the appeal. It's super annoying. Context: OmegaVerse is a fan fiction trope where people are born as either alphas, betas, or omegas. Alphas are high status, betas are subservient, and omegas are basically sex slaves most of the time. There's this whole wolf thing going on where they basically scent mark each other and use pheromones to attract one another and there are like heat cycles, and it's just a mess of mixed lore, most of which makes no sense. Oh, and in many of these stories, omega boys can be impregnated via anal sex. Which is my second most hated trope: male pregnancy. Especially when it's for absolutely no reason whatsoever. So, which trope can you not stand?
  24. It would be weird if a Star Trek franchise banned fan fiction, given that the first prominent slashfic was literally Kirk/Spock.
  25. Oh, that changes things. Since making a profit enters any work in a different sort of world (dominated by well crafted legalese).
  26. I looked into the C&D letters, and it turns out the people that they were sent too, were self-publishing the stories with cover art taken from the game and selling it for $0.99 a pop.
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