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Headstall's Paddock

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A fan club for Headstall to chat about his stories as well as home to CoTT House of Cards Chat Topic


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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Today I have been on here for a year! That made my day!
  3. Bucket I hope that one day you will find a company that well love you and cherish you and pay you one hell of a lot!
  4. No one said that you should fall into any thing you crazy Moth lol
  5. Jobs day today. 28C sunny and oh so tempting… must be a good boy… Then winter is coming back for a visit with rain and cold for the first half of the week. Weather is very weird at the moment
  6. Hello young Albert My response was a late night/early morning check in. Bad for sleep cycles but hard to resist
  7. I will not fall in your trap Albert
  8. Or maybe it's the old man losing his words, you know how it can be *wipes nostrils with a finger and inhales*
  9. I had a nice brisk walk in the woods with Cookie. It's sunny and cool, and my old mare was loping and slamming on her brakes, and snorting like a yearling. She wanted to play too. There's close to a foot of leaves on my forest floor, and the sound is amazing as I walk and Cookie runs. I hope y'all are having a good day.
  10. You have to speak very clearly to clo... she's inhaled too much fairy dust.
  11. A can make a cake. I could eventually give bith. But making a birthday...
  12. Thanks Clo did you bake me a birthday

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