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A fan club for Headstall to chat about his stories as well as home to CoTT House of Cards Chat Topic


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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Yummy Apple Strudel for birthday cake at work and then drinks after work. And best of all no meetings
  3. Lol it’s Happy Birthday not Happy New Year
  4. Tonight were having for dinner Farmhouse Fried Chicken Tenders and Hot Honey with biscuits and buttermilk ranch slaw
  5. The transmission rate for Covid in Horry County where mum lives is ranked as very high. She is wearing a mask when she goes for groceries, etc. Here in my locale things aren't quite as bad but my bank and the local UPS store have signs on their doors requesting folks wear masks when entering. I wore one yesterday when I went to Target though not this morning when I went to market, the market had very few customers at 7am and had only just opened so I felt safe.
  6. Hmmm, not quarantining anymore I see ...
  7. Aloha Page how is thing's in Page Land
  8. Hey, Gary. How's Falkor? Hey, Tink. Hey, Albert.
  9. Hey my Sexy Lumberjack I can see that. I bet you're sweating all the way down to your crack huh (the one between your pecs of course )
  10. Happy Tuesday, all! Beautiful, hot day here.
  11. Greetings, young Albert! Pleasant, mainly sunny day, with temperature around 20°C/68°F here in the north of England today.
  12. My pomegranate has 3 fruit on it! Its a young plant so that is cool And my fig tree has recovered from it trip from hell.
  13. Hi gang, Another gloomy day here... I think we've totally skipped summer to early autumn this year. Except for a like 10 days overall we didn't have a real summer day since May... It3s so depressing. Though with 20°C the garden is doing fine. About a month late but everything is growing. All around I hear people saying their green beans didn't sprout, their tomatoes have mildew... so I'm counting myself lucky. Minion came back home with an abces on his neck so I'll call the vet. It's not too big or wide open this time so she should be able to drain and clean it easily without surgery this time.

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