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Writer's Circle is a place to work with your fellow writers to improve your skills, get advice, get help and to provide more opportunities for writing at Gay Authors.


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  2. You dared your brother to enter an abandoned house the two of you had found in the woods. You watched him go inside the house. Twenty years later, the authorities still haven't solved the mystery of how he vanished. One day, you crash into someone at the supermarket, and meet a teenage boy who looks exactly like your brother.
  3. Once again, I feel this is posted in the wrong place. It isn't a prompt, nor a response to one. You'd be better off opening a discussion forum for your own stories.
  4. I also heard that it takes long hours depending on the campaign. More than 12hrs? Not sure. But dang, that's literally a pain in the butt.
  5. There are a bunch of online options now, especially since many places can't meet in person. I haven't used them myself, but there are links on World Anvil to online RPG gaming options.
  6. This actually makes sense. It's not quite practical to dump the rules all at once all at the beginning. I think it's a more logical route to make the lore expand along with the progress of the plot without breaking inconsistency. And yeah, that's kind of my pet peeve as well. The 'deus ex machina' trope can be quite annoying. There are a lot of shows wherein the protagonist simply get to break the hard set of rules due an emotional power up lol. I couldn't help but cringe every time! I think it's only allowable if there is decent foreshadowing that emotions do strengthen the character. But to break natural laws is kind of iffy. Right right! I really think that the user's weaknesses and unintended consequences of using powers make the plot more interesting than the strengths. It should always be a double-edged sword or something. Hmm. I should really take a look at that World Anvil closer. It's still quite confusing for me. I guess I'm just not quite used to it yet. For the meantime, I'm using Scrivener to compile all of my notes on the world I'm building. It took years of research and absorbing information from different genres to create dynamics. It's really hard to proceed with the plot without establishing a set of rules for the world. It might bite me in the arse later on! lol. I really really wanna learn D&D. It's the mother of all RPG that we enjoy right now. But sadly, it's not really thing here in our culture. Looking for players can be quite challenging.
  7. Woah! Looks great! Thanks so mych @Myr! This should also help with my grammar skills. Since English isn't my native language and never was my strength, I could only be proficient to a conversational level. Technical writing and grammar consistency for my writing style can be quite a challenge for me. :<
  8. Something like this - https://www.thegreatcourses.com/courses/language-and-the-mind.html There is also: https://www.thegreatcoursesplus.com/ The second one is a streaming option with some great deals to start. You can sample some of the lectures on their Youtube Channel. This is on writing:
  9. Ohh! Thanks thanks! Where is this 'The Greater Courses' that you speak of though? I've never encountered this one, sorry. 😧
  10. There are a lot of books and resources out there for World Building. Magic systems get a great deal of focus. My biggest takeaway from reading all of that stuff is that whatever you do, your magic system must have a consistent set of operational rules. Even if those rules are explained to your reader. You can even build in a great big cheat if you want... say the rule is "Any time you use magic, a random event (good or bad), happens near by." You can use that sort of rule to create a great deal of comedy. And random event scales with power used. Bringing someone back from the dead, might bring them back and then start a zombie apocalypse because it also raised a handful more dead then intended. A website like World Anvil gives you a lot of prompts and it has a lot of resources on World Building. Their YouTube Channel runs different topics and gives you pros and cons of different methods. All very handy. On your list of different magic systems, you left out one of the hard rules systems... Dungeon and Dragons/Pathfinder/Cypher System. Generally speaking, Dungeons and Dragons magic rules tend to underlie magic in my worlds.
  11. There are some nice courses out there that dice up where words come from and their meanings. There are several on The Greater Courses that deep dive into vocabulary, grammar, etc. Understanding how English works and following those rules with your own language helps make your new language make more sense. Lots of resources out there.
  12. I guess the briefest answer to you is yes to all of the above. I am currently about 1/3 of the way through the project with three chapters done, and about 2,000-3,000 words per chapter. This was actually a project my psychologist wanted me to accomplish to help with recovering from PTSD from growing up in a sexually, verbally, emotionally, and financially abusive home. So I figured that since writting about my experience is s'posed to help me, that I would post it on GA as I go. I have to go through the trauma of writting it, so if I can make it serve a purpose besides just healing me that it would be wonderful. If I can help one person survive abuse or recover from abuse by ready my story. Or help someone donate to an abuse shelter, or attorneys, that it would be worth a lot more then just helping me alone. My spelling usually isn't bad, but since I've been writting and publishing poetry for over 25 years I've developed a lack of respect for grammer and precise wording. I have no time table set, so if it takes someone a month or longer to edit a chapter and lecture me on horrid grammer use, I'm not going to complain. As of right now, I'm expecting the final project to be about ten chapters. I am sorry for the chaotic response, but I believe I hit on all your inquiries.
  13. Either is fine as long as they're consistent. A hard ruleset that is suddenly broken is one of the few things that will make me stop reading a story. You can also have a story that starts off looking like a soft system, but then gradually reveals the rules as the story progresses.
  14. Hi, ~Flower~ I realise you may already have found an editor by now. But, if not, it might help if you were to give just a bit more information, so that prospective editors may have some idea as to whether it might suit them. Things like: How long do you envisage the autobiography to be? (Approx number of words, number of chapters, that sort of thing.) Are you looking for the editing to be done on an ongoing basis (chapter by chapter), or are you wanting the whole book to be edited in one go (once you have finished it)? Many editors have busy lives, and sometimes may not be able to do the editing at a moment's notice. This is particularly relevant when the editing is being done "for free" (as is the case on GA). How quickly would you hope that the editing would be done? Would the fact that an editor might, on occasions, not be able to find the time to do it that quickly be a 'deal breaker'? Is it only grammar (and, I assume, spelling) you want editing? Do you not want an editor to look at such things as continuity, and avoidance of confusion in the reader's mind, for example? Or the use of redundant words or phrases? Or to suggest different ways of expressing things - perhaps 'showing rather than telling' the reader. There's lots of other things that an editor might suggest during an edit, as well. I suppose what I'm trying to say is: would you be willing to at least consider changes like these that an editor might suggest? Or are you simply wanting the editor to just correct the spelling and grammar? When you say that the autobiography deals with 'sensitive issues' are you just meaning that a potential editor may personally find some of the issues difficult to handle? As in, (some of) the issues may perhaps act as a trigger for something from the editor's own past. Or are you using the word 'sensitive' to mean issues that you want to be treated in confidence? I'm assuming you mean the former, if only because I assume you want to actually publish this piece of work eventually. Are you intending to post the finished work here on GA? Just to be clear, I am not asking these questions because I am considering offering to do the editing for you (I probably wouldn't have the time). But answers to these sort of questions might help other editors decide if they are willing to edit it for you.
  15. Hey there. I'm a huge fan of magic and there are a lot of examples from different shows, movies, books, manga, anime and comics. But establishing a magic system can be quite challenging. I've read a bit on Sanderson's Law of Magic plus a discussion on "soft" and "hard" magic systems. In a nutshell, soft systems are often ambiguous. There's that mystical vibe and the logic behind it is unexplained and magical. On the other side, hard magic systems have established rules and can have a bit of predictability. They're a bit realistic to the point that you'll know if the author broke his own rule just to further the plot of the story. Here are some examples of soft and hard systems: Soft - Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Song of Ice and Fire, Chronicles of Narnia, Star Wars Hard - Mistborne, Wheel of Time, Avatar the Last Airbender, Full Metal Alchemist Maybe I can have some thoughts on these things from you guys? Or maybe let's categorize systems from pop culture of they're soft or hard. (No pun intended LOL)
  16. Wow I never got to get back here in this thread I made. Yes, I should check that out. But yeah, Better learn from Rowling's struggle. Looks like I really have to consult with an actual linguist to properly do language. Or else, I should be a putting a disclaimer on my book that says: "Many linguists were offended in the making of this language." LOL
  17. This thread is now closed to new suggestions. Thank you to everyone who suggested themes for next year.
  18. But Wait; There's More Mutation is Progress King of Eighteen
  19. I'm not sure if I'm putting this in the right place. I am working on a non-fiction piece. However since most of my writting has been poetry, blogging, and script writting my grammer is not the best. I am looking for an editor that is willing to donate their time to assist me. My only requirement is that they are able to handle very sensitive issues. This is an autobiographical piece that deals with a lot of types of abuse, and has by it's nature a lot of dark in it. Feel free to directly message me or respond on here. Thank you very much for your time. ~Flower~
  20. For the eagle-eyed among you, you will have noticed a couple of changes to Writer's Circle: Club has been changed to Open from Closed. This will allow everyone to read the forums here. They will still need to join in order to post. Prompts and Sneak Peeks forums were combined to be Peeks & Prompts to consolidate the posting of written works in one forum. When we upgrade to IP.Community 4.5 in a few weeks, we'll be moving the Writer Resources page to the club so that all the useful content for writer's will be in one place.
  21. Uhm, you mean Gods, right ? Or was it supposed to be Of God's Sand Monsters ?
  22. Aditus and I collaborated on this one:
  23. Me did a little thing called - No I But Me Me searched around but couldn't figure out how to do one of those fancy story promo blocks. So you get a link instead.
  24. The drop in views between early and later chapters may be due to readers revisiting old ones when we post a new one. I find myself doing it to refresh my memory. While I may read the final chapter once, previous ones will see more views from me. The effect would be even more pronounced with an irregular publishing schedule. Most of the time, I'll drop a story if new material takes a long time to show up. It's one reason I don't start posting until the story's complete or nearly so.

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