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  2. Do you meditate? I've written a couple of stories on another site and when the characters voices became quiet I would meditate. You don't need to start like I do with smudging (cedar, sweet grass, sage) but I first spend time clearing the mind. May take a couple of tries but then once cleared I created a campfire in my mind. Sitting there, I invited my characters to join me where we talked about many things. I've been very fortunate in that my characters dictated a couple of stories to me, I just typed. There was a suggestion previously to write down columns with various types of statements w
  3. Sometimes I associate a song with a character, like a main theme. It’s strange, but sometimes the right song can capture the spirit of a character and then when I listen again to that song the ‘flavor’ of that character will come back to me. Case in point, I have a character nicknamed ‘Snowflake’ and I found this song that eerily described the person as he took shape in my mind and heart: I listen to this song and he comes back to me...always! ❄️
  4. The librarian slowly crossed the room, carefully holding the small crystal on a pillowed tray. "Here is the life you wished to see. Just remember you will see and experience their entire life in twenty-four hours. Just be aware this will become a part of you. Are you sure you wish to read this life?" You nod, shaking with nerves. Whose life are you going to read?
  5. What helps me get back into a character's mindset after I have lost the mojo; I usually take the last piece of content I have written, and I act it out. It may be funny at first, but it does help me to get into the temperament. I've asked my boyfriend quite a few times to be a stand-in character for me when I'm stuck. I even set an entire scene by setting random placeholders around a room, so it corresponds to an item in the story, if needed. Think of kids using sticks in a forest when they are having an imaginary gunfight. Writing is supposed to be fun; make it entertaining. It makes me feel
  6. There are these dating advice things out there. They go something like: Don't commit to anyone until you've seen them sick, stuck in traffic, dealing with a major loss, until they have to deal with a situation when they are not in control, etc. I like that as a character exercise too, particularly if your character has never really been in those circumstances. Even if that writing never sees the light of day, it will inform your writing later; it also reaffirms who TJ really is to you. The other folks here have offered some good advice. Read him, take note of his mannerisms and values, ch
  7. Unless they happen to be Indian, not the native American kind, but the Pakistan and India kind, who shake there head in agreement. But yes, you are right, most of the world nods yes and are not nauseous, nauseating perhaps! 🤣
  8. I would read all TJ's scenes and note briefly in two seperate columns his reactions, his mode of speech. From this list you should (easily?) see TJ's common traits and how he is with people and situations. You should see how he talks, his common expressions and way of talking. That should get you knowing about and feeling who TJ is. If you start writing from that background and you are thinking to yourself, have I got it right? Don't worry, people do change, they aren't always the same forever. Actually, people changing can put pep into a story. Example: "TJ, you never used to think like
  9. Those are all good points. Re-reading the story gets you back into it. I also find it useful to write short pieces from the main character's point of view, totally unrelated to the story. He could be remembering a day out, writing a journal entry or describing a memorable event. These help to get you back inside your character’s head.
  10. I hope this topic generates some good replies. Usually what I have to do is reread however much of the story I have, and then work on a few scenes with the character to get back into their heads, even if they don't end up being part of the story.
  11. People do not shake their head yes. They nod yes and shake their head for no. Also, I feel nauseated because a nauseous smell made me that way. I'm not nauseous, that would imply that I'm giving off a foul odor and making others nauseated.
  12. So, I was wondering if anyone else has lost the voice of their characters in their head. I haven't been able to write anything worthwhile for over a year on my story TJ and I don't know what to do. I need to find a way to find TJ's voice again.
  13. Chapter 1: (Danny Deere) This was not what I imagined my summer would be like. Like seriously, who would imagine being trapped on a plane that was about to crash. The pilot was probably dead, I think I heard Bobby screaming something about his “heart”, but I can’t be sure. My natural hearing is not exactly “normal”. Usually, I explain it to people like it’s the hearing version of near sightedness just for a simple analogy to the complex issues with my ears. Something happened when I was a baby that caused damage to my hearing, so I am technically deaf. I can hear some
  14. With Comforting Touch now written and undergoing editor review, I am working on a new story. It's an old school kind of novel about two sixteen year old boys stuck in Canadian Wilderness after their bush plane crashes. I am estimating between 20-25 chapters at 3k words per chapter. Usually many of these wilderness survival stories I've read or seen are individually based, like Tom Hanks' Castaway. If they have more than one character, it would usually be a group effort and social commentary like William Golding's Lord of the Flies. I rarely read stories about two people of the same sex an
  15. i hadn't written a word for months.. for various reasons, but this and Comsie's writing tips helped me enough to get this done: https://gayauthors.org/story/mikiesboy/onlyprompts/26
  16. It was the day from hell and you weren't sure you could handle any more stress. Falling into you bed, you curse, saying "It's all Destiny's fault." You wake to find an older man who is sitting at your desk, busily writing in an enormous book, between sips of coffee, and stroking his neat little beard. You ask who he is and he turns, pinning you with his stare. "I'm Destiny. I've never bothered you before, but now you have my attention." What have you gotten yourself into?
  17. Use the following words in a story - London Bridge, swiss chocolate, a torn ticket, a Welsh Corgi, and a blue umbrella.
  18. When you left work on Friday, your best friend told you he planned to start a weight loss program so he would be a new man by the end of the year. Monday morning you stroll into work and find a stranger sitting at your friend's desk. Everyone is treating him like your friend but he is taller, thinner, and a few years younger. Who is the new man and what happened to your friend?
  19. "That was the last thing I ever expected to see."
  20. I may or may not still be having fun with making characters to stick into my world building data... or my GA Profile...
  21. Just a reminder here... we're posting new articles every Saturday morning. If you have a topic you want to see discussed, let us know!
  22. I am more plot oriented than sexual writer, but I must concede that after realizing my sexuality is different than my sexual orientation, it kind of made sense. Sex for me is part of a lot great fictional stories, Harry Turtledove WorldWar series featured a lot of heterosexual sex scenes in graphic details, but he's still considered one of the greatest authors of the Science Fiction genre. For my writing, I've evolved to aspects of sex, where I will explain the ingredients of sex, but do not give you graphic blow by blows. For that, I want reader to use their imagination: Take t
  23. Hi, I am urgently looking for an editor for a story I am writing right now. Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks
  24. Ironically, in my latest story, I mentioned this concept of setup and payoff. I consider this to be part an allusion to Anton Chekhov and his famous gun. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chekhov's_gun Not every aspect has to be directly referred to or used directly within a story, but if you mention it, then you need to think about how it works with the characters in context. Literally firing the gun is not always needed, but it does need to be used in some way to make sure the mention of it can further the plot. Of course, Chekhov's gun principle may be circumvented in certai

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