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  2. I can read the story description, but the story itself is unpublished. @Renee Stevens can help you better with this, since she has admin superpowers and can let you know if it's posted properly. I do know that trying to edit the story after it's been posted (but not published) will screw it up somehow.
  3. Sounds like a good way to do that – thanks a ton for your advice!
  4. I’d seriously read some biographies of Chechen experiences. The best way to learn the intimate details of a society is to get to know somebody from that culture and take a trip home with them. The second best way is to get a good biography of a member of that society’s experience. Here are some volumes from Good Reads that deal with the Chechen Experience, particular in the Chechen War in the 1990s. https://www.goodreads.com/search?q=chechens&qid=WjO3Lpq2GU I often write from the perspective of other cultures. It takes me out of my comfort zone which can, often, yield some interesting results.
  5. TV shows have “teasers” Movies have “trailers” And books...well they just have... “dust cover notes” CWB 4 is coming soon, so here is a word trailer for “Young and Hungry - For Life” "But, as the ‘other man’ I felt it wasn’t my place to do so.” “A member would say he was going to take his wife or niece, they were usually called, up to the rooftop to show them the harbour view.” “Is there a view from the building?” “Well spotted Watson. Of course there is no harbour view from a three story building, among high rise office towers two blocks from the harbour. There isn’t even rooftop access other than for maintenance purposes.” “And you wouldn’t be jealous if I did?” “Of course not.” “In that case, I have a proposal to put to you.” “I like proposals, so go ahead.” “I’m thinking, that dark Mediterranean complexion, cheeky smile and the Ducati are telling me not all your ancestors came out on the first fleet.” “You’re partly right, my Mum’s family were five pound Poms, but my Dad’s family came out from Italy to work on the Snowy Mountains Scheme in the 50s.” “Are you my early morning wakeup call?” “N n n no. I just brought you some fffresh towels. I forgot to give them to you last night and knew you’d need then before...your...morning... shower.” “Oh I see you’ve now got a title and The End.” “Yes, now I’ve only got to fill in the middle bit.” It was a dark and stormy night. It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen. “Sorry, I’m just a bit uneasy about the way some people at work are treating me” “What do you mean?” “Many of my old colleagues seem to be shunning me. Sure they are professional but not chatty or want to join me for coffee or lunch. I don’t know what I’ve done to them” “I’m sorry for your loss.” “No, he didn’t die. When Mrs Price left the house and didn’t need her personal maid anymore, my husband went off with the slim, red headed, vegetarian.” “Stupid man! Why settle for a carrot when he could have plump, full breasted, chicken on his plate.” “No, I know nothing about it” “About what?” “Nothing, I just meant I know nothing about any murder. OK?” “Wow you drag up well. I didn’t know you were a closet drag queen” “Excuse me, but I’m not a drag queen” “Sure looks like that” “I’m a woman and dressing accordingly, although I admit your clothes are a bit over the top for everyday wear” “Coming” he called as he approached the door, then said “Did you forget....” as he opened the door. Standing there completely naked, he added “Oh, this is a surprise, is there something wrong?” “No, except that I can’t sleep. I was walking around the garden when I noticed your light on and thought maybe you couldn’t sleep either.” “What’s your favourite memory of Jared, James?” “Um...let me think. Yes I know, it was the first time we met, when he came to dinner with cousin Justin. I’ll never forget the sight of him when he took off his jacket and was wearing the uber tight T shirt that showed off his muscles. I thought I’d cream my jeans.” “James!’ his mother shouted. “Just sayin’ Mum.” “Well, find a way to say it more politely.” “That’s how us gay guys talk, Mum.” “Are you telling me, the staff are getting it on under this roof?” Eventually the tape measure arrived and Andy started his measuring. Mid July was freedom day for NSW. James was excited about going to the circus, but also concerned about the animals that were kept in small cages and had to travel continuously. “With us? Are we a normal home?” “Maybe not the opposite sex couple with 2.2 kids, but a warm and caring home, none the less” “I think that’s a reasonable request. Can’t have you taking a girl on public transport for your first date” “Hey your dad called me a towner, is that bad?” They both sat watching the ducks but only one of them was interested in the wildlife. “Now I must warn you guys I’m not very experienced in bed, but that’s why I agreed to come here, so I can learn from you” Bryce found it difficult to recover from the loss of his partner, murdered by a lunatic plumber in a carpark toilet one year earlier. “NO! I am a woman on the inside all the time so I can’t be a part-time woman on the outside” “Oh I’ve so much to learn about you Aussies. You do talk funny at times.” “Perhaps I’ll have a Troughman” “If you like being licked by a deformed animal” “Tights, bare chest, as beautiful as it is, and what look like ballet shoes, might not be the usual streetwear around Parramatta” “Well check out the 131500.com.au and it will give you all the rickshaw timetables” “Did you say you wanted to fuck?” asked a hefty woman carrying a bale of hay on each shoulder. Well, Francesco stepped out. James fell out when he tripped over his own shoes. “I think these two know each other better than we do and maybe understand what’s being talked about, but I haven’t a fucking clue” “Now, we’ll have to set a date to do the deed and I’ll bring my equipment” “I should hope so” she replied with a smirk. To read more,go to
  6. https://gayauthors.org/story/altimexis/hiking-clifty-falls-with-cliff/
  7. Here's mine: https://gayauthors.org/story/astone2292/caught-in-a-desert/
  8. Just need someone to edit a 5,500 word story on the above theme, before the deadline looms. Please reply to this thread or PM me.
  9. I'm well aware of the so-called "gay purge" in the past few years (I also watched "Welcome to Chechnya") and did some basic research. But of course, that's not experience. That's why I reached out in that post. Thank you for your historical insight. Some of these information will fit well in the prologue already
  10. Chechnya is in a part of the old Soviet Union which used to call the Green Line. On the Russian side, it is Russian Orthodox and on the other it is Muslim. There is a long, bloody history of ethnic and religious violence. The Soviets managed to sit on the region with overwhelming force. When the Soviet Union collapsed, all of that pent-up rage came out and turned into the Chechen War in the nineties. It was an ugly guerilla war with some nightmarish incidents like the Beslan School Massacre. If I am not mistaken, Grozny the Chechen capital, name is Russian for “a terrible place”. It is a very challenging setting to work with, and you probably have to do as much research as writing. It is a period of history both sides would like to forget.
  11. Hey, y'all! I'm planning on writing a story that takes place in Russia (in Chechnya to be exact). Besides it being a tough historical, political and emotional topic, I'm lacking the cultural background to write even rudimentally authentically about living in Russia. That's why I'm reaching out: Is there anyone on this platform who's interested in sharing their experience and answering (tons of – sorry for the amount) questions that come up during the writing process? Thanks a bunch in advance!
  12. I think Nifty may have had some impact on the shift from emotion/allusion to physical/messy in the description of gay sex. Some fiction on that site is simply text p0rn. In fact, you have to do a lot of shifting to separate the wheat from the chaff. If you read much of it, I'd say it will desensitize you somewhat. However, there is some incredibly good writing there if you can find it. There are a few lists of pointers to good stuff on Nifty. The only one I know of is the one at Awesomedude. It's old and hasn't been maintained for some time. Best of Nifty and the Web
  13. I'm of two minds on this. I enjoy a well-written, imaginative sex scene. But, on the other hand, the fact that there are only so many ways to insert Tab A into Slot B means it is all too easy for explicit descriptions of the sex act to become repetitive and conventional. As someone who has had abundant experience with tabs and slots, how much explicit description do I really need? Writing about sex without getting explicit can be as much of a challenge as expressing anger without resorting to profanity. As a high-school English teacher once explained, the reason we don't use profanity in polite conversation is not so much that it's offensive, but that it's boring and mindless. Using it is too easy. It's when we can't use profanity that we really start to think about what we mean and how best to put it into words. I wonder if the same isn't true when writing about sex. On the other hand, I have to admit that Verlaine's collection of poems, Femmes/Hombres, demonstrates that graphic language doesn't always have to be boring and mindless.
  14. I remember back in 6th grade when I read Anne McCaffrey's books going... wait, green dragon riders get "proddy" and aren't those females...? The holders look down on them for their "licentious behavior"...? 🤨 😲I had already read a bunch of books with sex in them owned by my stepsister's stepmom, and TV wasn't censored in my household, so I was more intrigued than shocked. It was just later that year when I read Outlander with the m/m rape scene. The contrast of how oblique one was to the other always felt of an aspect of genre and author style than era and age of the author. Of course, I'm talking early 90s, lol, which is a far cry from the publishing era of the 70s but I was raised in a tiny town of under 1k with a bookmobile access only in the summer (unless I went to visit my mom on the east coast) with a dad who was strictly redneck anti-EVERYTHING I knew to keep hidden about my sexuality. He didn't even like me watching Fried Green Tomatoes, much less reading it.
  15. If we take a ride on the Way-Back-Machine-of-Life you would, during the late seventies (before I got my driver's license at nineteen), find me at Walden's Books the small bookstore at the closest mall. When the family would go shopping, I made my way there. I didn't buy Merrick's books, I couldn't, but I slowly read that trilogy in the book stacks. Every time someone would come near, I'd hide the cover and slip into the next aisle so they wouldn't see what I was reading. I never had too much time. There were other books that I read in that store, but with the exception of The Joy of Gay Sex I can't remember the authors or the titles.
  16. @HeadstallClassic was just a personal word choice open to interpretation, since Ancient reminds me of open gay sexual explorations by Greek/Romans/Chinese/India/Japanese writers of the per-Modern European era. Points noted and acknowledged You actually picked out my favorite book of Renault's to compare against (Someone asked me about The Charioteer in my review of EM Forster Maurice and I told them, while I found it good, I prefer another of her books more if I were to review something from her, which is The Persian Boy, the 2nd book in her Alexander the Great Historical fiction Trilogy). I like that book for its 1st person narrative and the fascinating relationship. Gordon Merrick's books are not on Audible, so I can't easily read them. Kindle reading takes a bit of time sadly for me nowadays, but I like the premise of Lord Won't Mind. Explicit gay sex is a plus and being published in 1970 might be a good point to draw a line, LGBT community saw a lot of change in the world with the rise of Gay Liberation movement and Stonewall at the end of the decade. I like your concept. As a side note: Merrick was not mentioned among the top names of American "Gay" writers, like you said due to some critiques about his character. Honestly, if you enjoy his writing and I will give him a chance as I like the concept, why do other opinions matter? I write reviews to express my opinions, not to convince others to believe my words are Canon. Sometimes I think mainstream critics forget that critiques are just personal opinions. Sad that those books were taken away from you The internet has made a lot of things easier to get and have in relation to information and ideas, but back in the days of print, it was hard to impressionable young LGBT kids to get a hold of even the barest information. Gay sex is by no means universally equal or good in gay fiction, I've read enough stories where it's just a scene of two guys tearing off clothes and putting things in different orifices under a thousand words. I agree, it's the message that counts most to the audience.

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