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    The only place on Gay Authors for chatting about politics. Keep it in here so people that just want to enjoy stories can do so in peace. Special Note: "Politics" is any topic that can devolve into arguments. Be especially aware of the logic trap of "All my friends and I talk about this all the time and we all agree. It's therefore not political or controversial." This ignores the likelihood you and your friends are living in an echo chamber.

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    A place for support for living a healthy lifestyle and eating right. Support for those on the journey.

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    • 2021 Story Goals ( 01/01/2021 - 01/01/2022 )
      139 out of 325 new stories
      2096 out of 4100 new chapters
      289 out of 525 new reviews
      127 out of 375 new story comments
      23065 out of 50000 new chapter comments
    • Goals 6/19 ( 06/12/2021 - 06/19/2021 )
      1 out of 7 new stories
      26 out of 90 new chapters
      5 out of 15 new reviews
      1 out of 10 new story comments
      396 out of 1100 new chapter comments
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