Purcase My Only Escape on CD

by Comicality

= A Cry For Help Understood =

It still exists as one of the most self theraputec, most liberating stories that I've had the opportunity to write online. "My Only Escape" can sometimes be hard for a lot of people to read, the last few chapters were really hard to write, but readers make their way through the story anyway, and that is an honor. It has become a site favorite, and that truly gives me a good feeling inside. It helps to hear that people understand, it helps to know that people are becoming aware that these things really DO happen. That kids really do get hurt, and that they are talking to someone who endured it first hand. I can't express how amazing the response to this story has been to date. People from every corner of the world, of all ages, have related to the emotion in this story, and some have even told me stories of their own. And that let me know how important this story was. A connection had been made, and it helps me as much as it might help them. People didn't write just to tell me they liked the 'story', they literally opened up to me. That's what made it so special. Thanks so much for all of the emails you guys have sent me about this. It's one demon I'm glad to be getting rid of.

(To read more about why I wrote this story and what it means to me, feel free to check out "My Only Escape" in the "Website Plus" section on the site. It explains much more about my childhood and the story's origins.)

= Response From The Land Down Under =

I believe I was coming home extremely late one night from having a good time when I first found the email in my inbox. It was from someone in Australia, who had stumbled upon the site and the stories, and was really blown away by what he read. Not only the stories, but me as well. (Hehehe, what are the odds on THAT happening?) Anyway, his name was Chris, and we traded a few emails before he made me the GENEROUS offer of reading "My Only Escape" on the air! I'll admit, at first I was a bit skeptical. My website isn't necessarily 'media friendly' most times. Not as far as content is concerned. But he was dead serious, and as plans were put into action...I really began to believe that this could actually happen! There were a few things that had to be worked out, considering it wasn't 'published' work and my real name wasn't attached to it. But after reading it to a select group of people in his offices, there wasn't a dry eye in the room. (His words) And that's from a small group of listeners from age 50 to 17. So everything was a go, and Chris began recording the entire five part series for 1224 AM 2RPH Radio. Music was added for the intros and all, and he truly put his heart and soul into every word. When I heard it for the first time, I couldn't get through the first cd. He actually captured my father's voice rather well (Although it sounds better with an Australian accent. Hehehe!). It's really hard for me to hear it outloud like that. And there are times when I can't even remember writing half of that stuff. It's a poweful read, believe me. My love and hugs (not to mention, my eternal friendship and respect) go out to you for making this dream come true. ((hugz))

= The Broadcast =

The broadcast ran in late summer of 2004, and there were no complaints whatsoever. Even with the story's homosexual content, the ages of the characters, and the excessive language. (Hehehe, now that I think about it, my apologies for the swearing! Hehehe! I'm such a potty mouth!) Only good comments came into the station, with flattering comments about the story, and it went over extremely well! Since then...it's been offered to network stations in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, Canberra, and New Zealand. Hopefully, in the end, it'll really do some good for anyone listening. Anyone in trouble, anyone who might be abusing THEIR kids, anybody who is in the closet and needs a way out, and anyone who wants to believe in love conquering all. Maybe they'll hear it, and feel renewed. That would be the best.

= The CD Set =

Now, the cd set itself was sent to me by Chris personally! And since there's only a small amount of Shackers in Australia (Well, 'small' in comparison to everyone reading the website), there were many people who never had a chance to hear the broadcast on the air! So....the cd has now been made available to anyone who want's to purchase one! Whether they're here in the US or overseas! Unfortunately, I'm doing this all on my own, with the help of a few VERY good friends who have offered to help! So I can't afford to send them out free. I would if I could, but that's just not possible. Besides...a little money in my pocket wouldn't hurt. Hehehe! Hey, I'm human! Besides, I wrote six years worth of stories for free! Gimmee a break! ::Giggles::

Anyway, I made the prices as low as I could, and that includes blank CDs, labels, sleeves, envelopes, postal costs, and anything else that gets the cd from my hands and into yours. So...you guys will get a total of 8 CDs for the NEW low set price of $15.00 (US)! That's it! Anyone can order from anywhere, and the price is the same. Simply send a letter with your screen name, address (if you need it sent to another address different from your own, please let me know), and email address. I'll notify you online as soon as I receive your letter, and will get the cds to you as quickly as humanly possible! Things are already moving, and there are sets ready to go. So the first few folks to get their letters here, will get their packages in record time! Hehehe! Cool? The address for the "My Only Escape" CD set (Or anything you wnna send me, really) is:

PO Box 480731
Niles, IL 60714-0731

One thing though...I know a lot of you guys are not too keen on sending cash through the mail, which I totally understand. Unfortunately that is the best way to do it, as PayPal and other things of the sort aren't always so 'gay friendly'. If you are REALLY against sending cash, then money orders are acceptable. Leave the top line blank, and when I get it, I'll be sending it to a friend of mine to take care of and send it back to me. Cool? It will take a little bit more time, but it won't delay things for more than a week or two concerning your delivery. I'm working hard to make sure that this all runs smoothly and quickly, so you guys can get your cds and enjoy them as much as I did! Remember....it now only costs the NEW low price of $15.00 (US Currency), either cash or money order, and send me your screen name, mailing address, and email so I can let you know when I've received your letter! That's it! No matter where you are on the globe, I'll get it out to ya!

And I'm sharing this box with somebody, so don't go drawing penises and stuff all over your letters! LOL! I promise not to do the same! :P

All information will be kept 100% private! You have my word. I don't share email addresses, names, letter content, or anything else. K? Every letter will be kept confidential.

= The Inevitable Sequel =

Will there be a sequel to the story? Of COURSE there will be! I'll be finishing the series off when I can, and if 2RPH wants to broadcast what's left of the series, they are MORE than entitled to it! After the wonderful job that Chris and all of his co-workers have done with this story, I would be honored to have anything I've written on this site read on their station! If you're in Sydney, be sure to check out 1224 AM, 2RPH Radio!!! (::cough::ADVERTISEMENT::Cough::) Hehehe! You guys can look for new chapters of "My Only Escape" on the site frequently! There's another five chapters coming before it's over, so I hope you'll enjoy them!

There is a finite number of cd sets left! Which means that once they're gone...they're gone for good! So if you really want to get one, now is the time!

And to each and every child that ever had to live a day in pain because of the abuse of a parent or guardian...remember that this story was written for us! Every word is typed out with you in mind, and hang in there! You CAN make it! You CAN get help! You CAN survive!


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