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  2. I'd imagine so, although the bear god seems to be protective of Tuath De's beliefs instead of the sacrifices' lives. But that's my take as a reader. I'm sure Grumpy has a better answer
  3. An orange-fin clownfish peers out from its sea anemone home
  4. weinerdog


    Well Jake certainly moved on fast I would normally say too fast unless Ethen just has a certain something. I did notice something that could be a red flag Ethen saying the reason why he dropped out of school is because his Dad doesn't want him to alone before and after school.That doesn't make sense to me he's 17 and has mentioned friends that live close by I don't see a problem.IMO there is another reason and one that comes to mind is he's gay and he's out and it was a issue at school.It could be something else of course but it's not the reason Ethen told the Stevens
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  6. An off-the-wall question: Does the protective instinct in werebears extend to the bear god?
  7. En route to the airport. 10.44am The Stevens family arrived at Gatwick airport around twenty minutes after leaving their house for the last time. As Alan pulled the car into a slot, he pulled out his mobile phone. Turning the engine off. Dialing a number, he waited, and after two rings, a young man answered. "Jerry's Auto Exchange, Lee speaking, how can I help?" "Eh, yeah, hi, this is Alan Stevens; I called you yesterday about the car. "Oh yeah, I remember; so, it's at
  8. Yesterday
  9. I wouldn't say 2022. Death in the Shadows might make an appearance before then.
  10. The biggest cliffhanger here is in the afterword note; that’s a significant impact multiplier. I suppose any further comments can be planned using the farmers almanac, as the next harvest season for ‘Into the Shadows’ is now 2022; that’s literally into the shadows of…Inactive Story. I guess it’s a subtle way of disclosing that Vinsy has a new affinity…invisibility.
  11. Tonight I am making for dinner Pork and Asparagus Sheet-Pan Dinner
  12. drsawzall

    Dear Jake...

    Both boys need to talk to each other, not at each other and need professional help, I fear for Cody if his parents find out and react badly.
  13. Cody will regret his decision at some point. He has a good friend in Kit - would that he would not be so stubborn! However, he is going to have his own struggle with his parents. And now on to the next chapter...
  14. Bft

    Chapter 14

    I needed to cover myself with my duvet. 😂🌈
  15. Bft

    Chapter 13

    Religion is the root of all evil, you only have to look at what’s happening in Afghanistan at the moment to see it, such awful bigoted behaviour
  16. Got any pesky rings of power you need to get rid of?


  17. The latest from The Marsh Family. This was written specially for New Zealand, they appeared on a talk show.


  18. Wouldnt you like to be covered in Bucket huh
  19. Somehow, I get the feeling for Cody it will be a case of "from the frying pan...into the fire"!
  20. All those nuts getting stuck in JJ's teeth
  21. Chunky would add an extra dimension to it all ...
  22. How could I do this? Easy. Content! OMG... ZitS. Now I'm interested... Vincent would be the powerhouse in the survival team, being capable of detecting incoming shadows. The question is simple; who would be in the starting survival team? Which of our beloved characters would be turned/killed? Uh oh... I think I'll have to add a short side story to this series... Thanks so much for commenting, Mark! I'm glad to see you're enjoying this series!
  23. Again I don't know if the way Cody handled it was right or wrong but I will say that the letter expressed things perfectly no way would Cody have been able to do so verbally plus Jake would have kept interrupting so its good that the letter was written. Now obviously we don't know from here does the story stay with Jake in Nevada or will we still see Cody from time to time.I wonder this because the only way Cody stays in the story is if the absolute worse reaction comes from Cody's parents if they find out about him and the Steven's then find out about it. But this author has surprised me before so we'll see
  24. By far, one of my favorite chapters in this entire series. The seriousness of the Tuathe De dinner was riveting. I can no longer tell if Rodney is acting or if he truly is the embodiment of the bear god, although I'm leaning towards acting as I clutch onto any shred of hope. I am rolling! Susie is just the best character in your arsenal, Grumpy. Axel got the much needed ass-kicking for his smart mouth, but redeemed himself by defending Susie from the ignorant pilot. This scene was pure class.
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