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  2. Thanks for reading, Val. When I think of PRIDE, it's these courageous brothers and sisters I think about. Michael is a dear soul, and he had a long battle getting completely better mentally, but now he's the same old Michael. He loves being a drag queen, and is an incredible singer who was actually opera trained. He was one of the lucky ones during that time period. Others never stood a chance.
  3. drpaladin

    Chapter 10

    You see the world through different eyes when you are in love and this love is returned. It's wonderful to see Toto so happy. Toto and Michele took the first step of building many joyous memories for the life they will lead together. Toto's eyes are also opened to the solitary and lonely life of sacrifice his father has endured to raise and care for him. There are so many broken dreams. Although it escapes me why Salvatore didn't expand and pursue his plans. In the end, it would have allowed for a much easier life. I wonder what Toto will devise to entertain Daniele tomorrow to make
  4. Whew... that was an emotional read. It's so important for history to be remembered. I'm glad Michael survived. Thank you for posting this
  5. Nana Atuwa

    Walk Away

    Are there no good ppl who will at least listen to him and find out what is wrong instead of just making assumptions it’s like he has no voice there is always two sides to a story isn’t it
  6. I agree that it really seems like Jacob and Maggie are getting away with their crime. The sad thing is -- and I'm sure there have been actual studies on this -- I would surmise that in 99% or more of rapes, this is what happens in real life. I mean that the rape doesn't get reported to the police. Unfortunately. But it also makes sense. Think about it, if you had just been raped, would you want to then have to deal with the dickhead police and the inevitable snide "you must have been asking for it" innuendos and looks. Which would be infinitely worse in the case of a same-sex rape. The
  7. Ivor Slipper

    Chapter 10

    What a superb mix of happiness and sadness! Toto really beginng to know Michele and also to understand his papa. It is hard though to see how he is going to keep both of them happy in the long term as well as satisfying his own wishes. It is almost that they both want him to leave while he wants to stay.
  8. Where's Birdy today? I guess since yesterday was Eagle Day, he flew off with the shiny and abandoned us
  9. headtransplant

    Chapter 13

    What a nice ending to an exciting story! I’m so glad they have grandpa’s support, and was hoping we’d get around to them having the talk. I loved the creativity, ingenuity, and all the possibilities you put into the Armenti technology. It sparked the imagination and made me wonder if there isn’t some advanced alien race out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered… I hope that the great menace doesn’t stop them from exploring further. With so many worlds to discover, you could keep adding to this for ages, if you wanted to!
  10. headtransplant

    Chapter 12

    The Schrikken are very observant. Good thing Mike can think up believable lies on the spot. Too bad he feels so guilty about it, that skill could be put to great use back home 😂 The storm clouds seem very ominous. I get a chilling feeling we have just encountered the great menace…
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  12. Just booked my second shot... July 10... but they can't tell me which vaccine this time. Sucks!
  13. Toto returned home that night giddy with the evening he had just experienced. When they finally decided to part company for the night, Toto had offered to walk Michele home so he could collect his Vespa scooter. Michele suggested that they carry on down the path from the viewpoint, as it offered them a major shortcut on the way there. However, they also knew that a large part of the path was unlit and treacherous. There was much giggling as they fumbled around in the dark, bumping into each other on the steep, winding and uneven steps. Toto felt like a child again, pushing the limits
  14. headtransplant

    Chapter 11

    Nice to see Mike step down and let the boys take the lead on this one. Get ‘em!
  15. mikedup

    Chapter 84

    Great bonding between them, they are setting a perfect trap to catch some people who may be up to no good, also everyone is quite happy to accept him as his son, definitely interesting times ahead
  16. good morning this was in my affirmations today
  17. Happy Solstice, everyone!! :hug:


  18. Happy Solstice, everyone!! For most of us here, today marks the start of the days getting shorter, but I'm sure @Bucket1, living as he does in the southern hemisphere, will be celebrating the fact that just the opposite will happen for him.
  19. "G, that's enough." Corey raises a hand to silence G who was in Tyler's face, intimidating him with threats and demands. Tyler was petrified, all his attitude towards G in every other situation had drained from him so rapidly in the vulnerability of chains. This had been going on for an hour and so far Corey hadn't used anything on him, but he'd also stood back and avoided looking at Tyler while G was roughly grabbing his face and even snuck in a few elbows to the ribs. If this was setting up to be some kind of 'good cop, bad cop' routine, then he could only hope Corey would come good on his u
  20. Andre Delport

    Chapter 34

    Just had another thought. If Jason is under the direct employ of the king, and he does well, he is possibly in a position to acquire an enormously influential ally. Margaret will have to watch herself.
  21. drpaladin

    Chapter 34

    Devyn used a remarkable ability to focus to ignore both his injury and his desire to bolt after Jason. I think Margaret is only concerned how this might affect her return rather than actual concern over Jason. Everything Is always about her. King Finley's chosen style of rule seems to be, it's better to be feared than loved. It's an odd way to hire someone. I wonder if Margaret will want to charge Jason rent too.
  22. We have a horny cub, a lot of chopped wood, a concerning video conference, and more alphas... Oy vey... Another great chapter.
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