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  2. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 60

    I like your Star Trek analogies, but personally I'm more of a TNG guy. 🙂
  3. Look! Brains! (marinated in Pepsi sauce)
  4. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 34

    I regret not taking a side trip there when I was in Spain.
  5. CLJobe

    Chapter 78

    Soon we were on the open sea heading south; I watched our progress on the map. I called the island and told Aaron and Abe that we had a problem and would be here a few days longer. Of course, we were on our way. Calculating our speed, the Captain estimated we would be in Panama in 3 to 4 days. I went down to the galley and made a pot of coffee. I took a carafe and some cups to the bridge. I poured a coffee for everyone, one of the crew, Steve, took a cup to Tom in the engine room. They were going to work 12-hour shifts. I thought that was a little too long, so I made up my mind I’d learn the j
  6. FSELL

    Up Down and Around

    Enjoy! @Philippe glad your liking the story, have an awesome day
  7. Hope this gets sorted soon, so you can have your surgery and feel better, Chris.
  8. FSELL

    Up Down and Around

    Hey @Bft fantastic so glad you liked it, have a fantastic day, ans thanks so much for following.
  9. drsawzall

    TWB Ch 5

    Nice wrinkle finding out the family are pearl divers!!!
  10. KellyONE


    Great chapter! I read it twice.
  11. not as good as boiled penguin eggs *chomp chomp* *burp*
  12. My nephew had it along with his wife who was pregnant at the time with their first child. They are fine now even though my nephew has problems breathing still. He also has had asthma all his life so wit the covid he contracted and the asthma too then you can imagine what he is going through even though they test negative now. I am so sorry you had to go through with that and I don't want it either. I never even thought covid was like the flu. Like my stepson and his wife thinks. I wear a mask for my protection, but they don't. Hope they don't catch and give it to me though cause I will pu
  13. Sorry to hear that Chris. I really hope that you get moved soon so you can start getting better. xoxo
  14. So let's just go ahead and add this to the success column. The fireball softened the walnuts and I didn't add any extra cinnamon, but the taste is definitely there. It's a lot denser than the regular recipe and doesn't rise very much, but it tastes amazing! Thanks for sharing that one @Mikiesboy
  15. Still in hospital. Still no bed at other hospital. Still in pain and still on painkillers, struggling to keep food down.
  16. Greetings, Marty! Hey, Handsome! Howdy Sexy! Hey. Pagey!
  17. chris191070

    COVID is just the Flu!

    Sorry to hear about your struggles with COVID. I hope you get back to full health soon
  18. drsawzall

    TWB Ch 4

    Very enjoyable tale of a part of the world this New England boy wants to visit ever so much!!!
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