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  2. Mikiesboy

    So, Now That You’re Here

    Yes. Yay for Fridays!! Thanks for your comments. xo
  3. Mikiesboy

    So, Now That You’re Here

    As i was writing i wondered if poor Max would ever get there myself... thanks for reading xo
  4. Geron Kees


    Good chapter. There need to be more moments like this, where meeting in the middle provides good company and food for thought, rather than an excuse to look away.
  5. MrM

    Too Cute . . .

    Good lord! They were serving Unicorn food at the San Diego Fair and no one told me? I guess I’ll have to go there this year for Gay Day.
  6. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 1

    I do not feel that this is a "getting back together" story. To me, it is a "taking up where we left off" story. In spite of the marriage interlude, I feel that these two have always loved one another. Then too, they now have two new little reasons to love one another. Superior writing, Dude and excellent characterization.
  7. Thorn Wilde

    Nice day

    It's the view from my kitchen window.
  8. Thorn Wilde

    Chapter 20

    Happiness!! This is good. This is all good. Good kitty, Zampa! Things are coming together, everyone who deserves it is in one piece (relatively speaking) and the danger is over! Thank you!
  9. Ivor Slipper

    5 Letters #2

    BANJO Billy's a nerd - jokes over FUNNY
  10. Ivor Slipper

    Linked Words #2

    page boy
  11. Valkyrie

    Last Post Wins #48

    Aww... I missed you too, deposed despot. Then I didn't miss.
  12. spikey582

    So, Now That You’re Here

    Wow look how fast that happened. Just a few short weeks ago Louis was unsure he wanted to make a change, and now Max was a piece he didn’t even know was missing. Thanks as always for this wonderful story tim.
  13. wildone

    Last Post Wins #48

    I miss @Valkyrie Pysche, it was a near miss, not a full miss I know it isn't Chia pet, but I do have something similar: Ironically, since it is the weekend, I had chips and dip, melba toast and corn dogs for breakfast
  14. FanLit

    Chapter 1 - Broken in the Dark

    I love this phrase.
  15. Today
  16. JCtoGO2

    Chapter 20

    I'm really going to be sorry to see this story end. It was another excellent chapter.
  17. Starrynight22

    5 Letters #2

    TONSI Tonight Otis Nailed Strumming Intensely BANJO
  18. travlbug

    So, Now That You’re Here

    I read the text. “Yes, he needs the facilities, could I please come and he’s so sorry.” Sad to feel like you're imposing in your own home. On the brighter side, Max is not afraid to ask for the help he requires, and he is reassured that his being a bathroom burden will be short-lived. Visiting for Christmas in St. John's, moving the office to create an art studio, purchasing a new horse--Maxy may have needed reassurance that he is not just a ticket to easy money, but Don and Louis' actions speak louder than words.
  19. Y0rite

    Chapter 12 Reprieve

    Yep, of the two he met before Tobyn, Fendral and now the mechanic, which we didn't even know that much about him until now, you sneaky thing. Between how he's described these two, it's no wonder he thought wolves were loners, even though real wolves aren't. I obviously misunderstood both of your teasings. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm somewhere on the autistic spectrum when I miss social cues and emotions is writing. This wonderful story and the great comments are giving me a run for the money. LOL ~ Ms. V
  20. Daddydavek

    Geography #2

    Elmo, MO
  21. Kitt

    Chapter 1 - Broken in the Dark

    Be nice to your keyboard! It is your friend, and new ones are expensive.
  22. Daddydavek

    5 Letters #2

    KINKY Kevin is nearly kissing your TONSI(ls)
  23. Headstall

    Chapter 12 Reprieve

    Oh... I like the idea of the chaos theory being at play here. You make excellent points, Ms. V. The trouble is, Kellar doesn't see himself through the pack's eyes. He's smart enough, as you said, to know Elinor wants him to stay, and that other members want a healer, but he doesn't know how big their hearts are. Meh. One more day couldn't hurt, right? I think you have it exactly right. He is going to get tangled up in pack concerns, and yes, that is going to make him hurt all the more. It has to, unless Tobyn has some sort of epiphany, and it doesn't look like that is going to happen. It's so great when a reader tells you you've got them. It's nice to have company when things get tough. Seriously, your words are very kind... I love this book, but I might be a little biased... lol. Cheers... Gary....
  24. Daddydavek

    Word Chain #2

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