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  2. Geron Kees

    Chapter 7

    Yep. But it isn't certain, so I didn't quote him.
  3. JeffreyL

    Chapter 48

    I will say it again. I love these guys and their story! Thanks.
  4. Geron Kees

    Chapter 6

    Thank you. The learning to fly episode was kind of obvious, but seemed suited for learning to feel something totally new. I considered a learning to swim episode, instead, but fish are just not as appealing as birds. 🙂
  5. chris191070

    Chapter 48

    Great chapter. Vacation is over. Father's weekend went well.
  6. mfa607


    Loved this!
  7. weinerdog

    Chapter 48

    This father's weekend was a lot better because Travis dad wasn't there(It was Travis dad that was a jerk right?Sorry if my memory is fuzzy)I was going to ask about girls coming along then the all-girls trip got mentioned.Do they think a co-ed trip would be a bad idea?
  8. CLJobe

    Chapter 48

    Back on the boat, “Nicky, let's head out.” I watched from the bridge, as the anchor was raised, lines were brought in, and Nicky started the engines. I loved this boat, and my crew as well. Glen came up, “What are you thinking?” “Next summer, let’s plan on a trip to Scotland with the boat.” He looked at me, “Are you sure we can do it? I would love to see Scotland again.” “I don’t know why not. We can fish like we did, and then keep going through the Panama Canal into the Atlantic, north and then cross over to Scotland. It’ll be fun.” Nicky looked at us, “You know you can’t do that without me.” Glen laughed and gave Nicky a hug. “Kev, do you remember the guy who was with the mermaids, he’d like to come on one of our fishing trips.” “Nicky that’s no problem, he could have came this week-end. Ask him about next week-end.” “Since you're here I guess we're on site?” “Not yet, the co-pilot is handling the wheel.” Then we heard Charles, “Johnny, the anchor.” The engines are turned off, and Charles came into the galley, I grabbed him and gave him hug, “Good job” Glen went to the bow, Frankie and Robby followed him, Johnathan and Joseph headed for the stern. Peter took some bait from the refrigerated chests and headed in that directions as well. “I think since we started out earlier than normal, will pull the nets just before dinner and then maybe at ten or eleven tonight. What do you think?” “Sure, you know before the end of your extended vacation, we need to make another dad’s day.” “That’s a good idea, get a calendar and let’s pick a weekend.” I marked my last week of vacation, and decided we’d go the weekend before school started. When the boys came up for dinner, Glen told them about another Father’s Cruise. One of the boys explained to Gus, Rusty, George and Vinni what this was all about. “Paul, make sure your dad knows and this time tell him he can’t back out.” Then everybody got funny, “Peter, have you asked your Dad?” "Not yet but I will” Then he giggled. Each of our kids where asked the same question, they all said not yet except Tommy, he said yes I asked last night. That made the boys laugh more. I looked at Tommy, he smiled, I pulled him on my lap and cuddled with him. He was a cute kid, I needed to find out exactly what the problem is with his hearing. I’m going to talk to Don and see what he knows or point me in the direction of someone who does know. He turned and gave me a kiss on my cheek, I just tickled him a little making him laugh. But I didn’t stop cuddling him. Before the boys headed to their cabins, we gave each of the boys a hug, even old George. We pulled the nets at five, dinner was at six. The nets weren’t full but they were okay. I was sure we’d go back full. Glen and I pulled the nets at ten, they’re the same as the earlier pull. All nets back in the water, we went to bed. The four am horn sounded, the boys came up on deck. George decided he was going to help, so he and Jamie pulled the bow nets, Charles with Johnny and Joseph pulled the stern nets. Nets back in the water, the boys headed back to bed. Glen and I stayed up and had a cup of coffee. We were cuddling on the seat at the table when Scott and Steve came up to start breakfast. Scott looked at us, “Are you two behaving?” I broke out in a laugh, Glen followed suit. Scott looked pleased with himself. I got up and started to tickle him, “No Dad, please, no, no.” I stopped and gave him a hug. He smiled, he and Steve started breakfast. I poured Glen and I another coffee, Steve had the pot on the stove for hot chocolate, Scott started to scramble eggs, Steve put the sausages in the oven, I looked at Glen, “Like an orchestra” Glen smiled. I told Callum while we were waiting for breakfast he should invite his parents over and his dad can come with us on Fathers Trip. “You can return with them.” He looked at Shawn and they both smiled. The rest of the week-end went well, holds were full, chests were full, Charles’s holds were full as well as the chests that we had bought for shrimp and lobster. The extra time paid off. Glen suggested we do that more often, Peter suggested we sleep on the boat Thursday night and get an even earlier start. The boys all agreed, one even suggested we do a run up to Alaska and back. I took the opportunity to talk to Scott about George. “He’s changed Dad, whenever we use to see him, he was like a bully, pushing people around , saying things like ‘get out of my way’ but lately he isn’t like that. He told me he’s going to college, I think he said his dad’s old school.” I wonder if he’s reacting to a change at home. I remembered the first time we took him home, his dad walked with him with his arm around his shoulders. George had a big smile on his face. Bottom line, I’m glad he’s getting along with my crew, on the boat and off the boat. Sunday we headed home, I recognized my life has become in certain aspects routine.The boys always amaze me and surprise me. We delivered our fish, shrimp and lobster after making sure Mary had hers. I had George show his dad how he cleans fish, the smiles were evident, his dad said the boy has changed and he didn’t know why. He said that with his arm on George’s shoulders. One look at George, you knew why. We had shrimp and lobster for everyone, I don’t think Gus’s mom knew how to prepare lobster, Scott told her. Robby’s mom said she had talked to Mary and she was going to start working at the Wharf in two weeks. I asked if she was renting her home or owned it, she said she was renting. We went back to the Wharf for dinner, I talked to Uncle and Jim, they were ready to move, so Glen went back home for the truck, Nicky went with him, they put the chests on the floor, plugging them into the a/c outlet. Returning with the truck, they loaded Uncle’s and Jim’s belongings into the truck and they were off. I told Glen which house was Uncle’s and which one was Jim’s. Gus asked Uncle what was happening, Uncle told him that I have these small houses and he’s going to live in one. Jim said he was going to move to one as well. Gus told them that he took his boat to dry dock and they told him he would have to rebuild it as the wood was rotten. “I think, I will officially retire,” they all laughed. I think that is the first time I had see Gus laughed. Uncle told us later he was going to go and live with his brother. Dinner was delicious, I mentioned to Barney about Fathers Week-end and told him he’s coming. He just laughed but I knew he’ll be there. Mary said that with the two extra rooms, they can accept more guests. “I don’t know why we were afraid to try this, but it isn’t a problem. I guess we were afraid of failure or no one would want to stay here, but that hasn’t been the case either. I already have a waiting list.” “I have a proposition for you, I take my sheets and pillow cases into the city to have them washed. There are two many to do at home. If I pay for a commercial washer, dryer and ironer, to be installed here, could I use them to wash my sheets and pillow cases from the boat.” “Yes, of course Kevin. You know we look at you as a son. But where would you put it.” “David said you had a room that you called a junk room. Could we use that if it was cleared out?” “Yes, I guess you could.” “Good I’ll send the boys down tomorrow and they can start cleaning it out. You and I can pick out the equipment, I’ll order it and have it installed. We’ll be in business.” “Kevin, you have no idea the impact you have had on our life.” She gave me a hug. Barney yelled, “Cut that out, you have your own.” I felt comfortable among my friends, we joked around, had a few good laughs but I knew down deep they were sincere in their feelings. Monday I went with Glen as he delivered the fish, the orphanage was surprised at the amount of shrimp we had for them. While Glen was unloading the chests into their pans, I spoke to Sister Ann, “I have a check for you, this is to cover some of your on going costs. I’m also planning on an all girls trip on my boat but that will be after school starts. I’ll let you know, the only thing it’ll have to be during the week.” “Thank you for everything you and Glen have done. I trust the boys are doing well. As for the girls, we’ll need to talk little more about that.” “Sister, I assumed you’d have concerns.” Going home, “How old do you think Sister Ann is?” “Mentally, about hundred and fifty but physically I would guess in her sixty’s, why.” “I told her I’d like to take the girls on a boat ride but not on the week-end, she seemed hesitant about it. I think she thought all of our boys would be going as well.” “If you want to do that you have to talk to Father Damian. He can get her to change her mind about anything. What did she say when you gave her the check?” “She said thank you but didn’t look at the check.” “I’ll bet she has looked at it now.” “You’ll know when you deliver the fish next week. You know the cooks are always glad to see us, but I’m never sure about her. When she comes out to say anything, she is very somber. Maybe she doesn’t really appreciate what we do for her, I’m sure the kids do.” Arriving home the smells said we would have a good dinner. “Hi boys, what’s for dinner, it smells good.” “Steve is making a soup and I’m, making roast chicken. Dad, is it okay if we take some of this food to Granddad and Captain Jim.” “Sure, you could invite them to come down and eat with us.” After saying that I saw Peter taking off. Glen and I went to change our clothes. As the boys gathered around the table, “Hi George, glad to see you.” A very quiet hi. “Hey Gus, you’re here as well. What have you boys done today?” “Crab Master had us crabbing today, he said we’d have crabs for dinner.” Steve had made a crab bisque and when he served it, Peter smiled. Dinner was getting to be fun, besides good food, the conversation was varied and interesting. Jim told a few tales about fishing, to which Uncle expanded. I watched George and Gus, they were listening and enjoying the stories. Time doesn’t stand still, and soon it was Father’s weekend. I was surprised, all of the father’s accepted. I knew it would be a great time. Callum’s parents arrived and stayed at the Wharf, Barney joined us. Scott, Steve and Travis were in charge of the food. Vinni brought over enough spaghetti to feed an army, his dad was smiling. It took the boys two days of shopping when they realized how many people would be on board. Glen decided we would eat in shifts. That suited everyone. We fished as we normally would, the fathers were impressed with the boys. The boys had to show off a little, cleaning fish surprised George’s and Gus’s father. Arriving home on Sunday, the dad’s stood by as the fish was unloaded. “I would like all of the families to get together tonight for a dinner party at the Wharf.” I told Glen to get Gram and the Ashtons, we’ll give them their fish later this evening. Barney slipped behind the bar, Mary, Scott, Travis, and Steve headed to the kitchen. I went and got the boys, “Scott, Travis, Steve, we need to get cleaned up. You smell like dead fish.” They laughed as we headed home to shower and dress. It was party time so all of the boys put on their kilts, Shawn and Callum had their pipes and they piped us all the way back to the Wharf. Scott, Steve and Travis, had on sweats, they weren’t going to work in the kitchen in kilts. Callum’s parents got up and did a jig as the boys piped. I looked at Glen, I felt so blessed. Mary came out of the kitchen, “The boys told me to get lost.” Robby’s mom sat down next to him, she had her arm around his shoulder and when he stood to dance, she was at first surprised and then she smiled, the smile of a proud mother. Gus’s parents were a little shy at first, Dad and Mom took care of that rather quickly. George’s parents were beaming with pride, at least his dad was. His mother seemed a little more reserve. The food was exceptional, the boys really out did themselves . As the evening drew to a close, Glen had a bundle for each parent. I knew the bundles contained fish, a few shrimp and a lobster. As the Ashton’s left, Charles got his kiss. Only this time it was a peck on the mouth. When everyone left, the boys pitched in and cleaned. Mary and Robbie’s mother sat back and smiled, Barney had a beer for the boys when they finished. We gave Robby and his mother a ride home, along with Gram. Gram had a fish for her neighbor, so did Mom and Dad. Shawn and Callum sat and spoke to his parents as Glen got ready to drive our guest home. He would come back for us. Callum’s dad came over to chat. I told him that next summer we were thinking of sailing the boat to Scotland. He got quite excited about that. Shawn and Callum laughed at how excited he got. Callum’s mother just shook her head, she whispered to Mom, “He’s so excited, he’s acting like a school boy.” All things must come to an end, Glen came back with the van, the boys piled in. I told Callum’s dad we would take them to the airport on Wednesday, actually Nicky would drive them in the van, Glen and I had to work. Yes, my summer vacation ended and I had to go back to work. Nicky and Jamie registered at the University and they would go for a “welcoming “ ceremony on Friday, the semester will start on Monday.
  9. We all know what i meant. No assumptions necessary
  10. if the weeding will make you happy, ease your mind, go do it a little rain won't hurt
  11. True, and the green stuff in the garden isn't really wet anymore, so here I go...
  12. JeffreyL

    Chapter 47

    I am certain I am past due for a check-in and a comment. I am still reading about as fast as you post chapters. I still love Kevin and Glen and the boys. Your writing is so readable and enjoyable! Thank you!
  13. I'm definitely glad to hear that Juggling with multiple characters is a lot of fun, but also challenging!
  14. I won't make any assumptions ...
  15. pondman


    Nate could have had a fun time by outing his old F buddy. Polly is setting Nate up for Jim. Enough of people being pushed into do crap they do not want to do.
  16. Go weed ... i was writing but had a job sitting in the fridge waiting for me. It was on my mind so i got up and did it. Twenty six burger patties are now in the freezer and my mind is my own again. You won't melt if you get a few rain drops ...
  17. i thought i wouldn’t cry more after what happened to Peter. i was so wrong ! 🙈 i had to stop many times because i couldn’t read 🙈
  18. Is this sad or pathetic? I’m sitting here reading because the weather’s so iffy, but all I really want to do is weed the garden. Weed the garden? OMG, who am I, and what did I do with me? Imma go battle with myself some more...
  19. My daughter and I sat outside, and even though, it was cloudy, it was sweltering. I am really sick of this. Hey, bro and Mum.
  20. Today
  21. It's 88/31° but with 77% humidity it feels like 104/40°.
  22. ReaderPaul

    Chapter 7

    The best evidence points to Phineas Taylor Barnum saying this, but it is not certain. However, Barnum did NOT say "There's a sucker born every minute." That was said by a banker, David Hannum, who knew Barnum.
  23. any chance that the Grand parents were watching the news as well and rescue Jason ? 😬
  24. Kitt


    Sometimes we ARE granted a next time. I survived both cancer and the cure for it. tim survived his past to find you. Many of us got a second chance, and I refuse to waste it. I have slowly been eliminating the takers who give nothing back but more demands, and am happier for it. In a depreciating spiral? Work to change it. Dont expect instant improvement or you will be disappointed. In a good place? Work to keep it good. Too easily the takers will slip in with something small, but it roots like an invasive weed. I work daily to "weed my garden". Dont get me wrong, I enjoy giving and doing for others, but I need to eliminate the greedy takers. A simple "Thank you" is usually all it takes to keep you out of that column on my list.
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