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  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. I don't think Toby has the flu, I believe the Leukemia is back as much as I hate to think or even say it. I just wanna be wrong in Toby's case.
  4. I read this story a long time ago, before I got the hang of the ‘like’ feature, or maybe I was so absorbed in the story I missed that step. I have remedied my remiss and ‘liked’ the story, because I did like it very much. I remember thinking at the time ‘I could read more of their story, because the MCs were very engaging and endearing. It was as if I was a fly on the proverbial wall of a brick and mortar house not, and not just reading words on a page as it were.
  5. dutch woman

    Bad Puppy

    Yess!! Finally the story is back and it is getting more interesting and more interesting
  6. drpaladin

    Part V, chapter 8

    The way Russell talked about the floppy it wasn't clear how long ago it was. I still have a portable computer here somewhere that operates solely off of floppy disks. Computers were a novelty back then.
  7. bundu_st

    Chapter 53

    It's a bit surprising that they don't seem too worried by Roku getting a check up.... That could potentially reveal some information they might not want anyone else having about the demi shou no? 🤔
  8. Make him go for the gods now. I want an epic battle with Raiyo winning. 😂
  9. dughlas

    #774 Me and I

    I had to pause at "she whispers" thinking I misunderstood the protaganist's gender. I like that they are the same and yet not. That is a nice twist. Now as to why he is planning to celebrate alone ...
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  11. A friend gave it to me... they had them at world pride celebrating the first openly gay officer and 59th anniversary of Stone Wall.
  12. Mann Ramblings

    Chapter 53

    “We got fired on by pirates. They didn’t really explain. Shot the main engine and then the captain and crew abandoned ship. Pirates blew them out of space.” The moment Arad began explaining, he became the center of everyone’s orbit. Hodge stood quietly with a hand on Yosei, possibility the only thing keeping the vibrating pixie from exploding with a barrage of questions. Even Pakko had stopped pouting and returned to the group with Vosh as his faithful shadow. Security being the bear DemiShou’s job description, he wasted no time testing Arad’s tale. “The crew left you two behind?” Arad scoffed. “I didn’t say they were upstanding citizens.” “How’d you get away?” Less pessimistic than his Demi partner, Pakko sounded a tad awestruck. “Emergency space jump. It trashed the sensor array, and knocked out communications and navigation. We’d been drifting since until I figured out how to fix it.” Doubt and a touch of accusation tinged Vosh’s voice. “So you’re captain now? That’s quite the promotion.” “When the crew died, the ship automatically upgraded my rank. I didn’t know it would happen, but now the ship’s legally mine. I’d be stupid not to use it to my full advantage.” “Why you and not him?” Pakko pointed a thumb at Roku, then ducked his head, looking chagrined. “No offense.” “I don’t think they thought I was important enough to give a rank in the system.” Displeasure made Roku’s growl more prominent, whether aimed at Pakko or Torrins and his dead crew. “So they thought of you as a slave?” “Not even that much.” Roku played his role better than Arad expected. He’d agreed to let Arad take the lead and speak only when necessary so Arad wouldn’t have to speak for him, which would raise eyebrows. They needed the Nightingale’s aid, and Roku’s honorable streak might not hold the story if pressed hard. Lying, even indirectly, chafed him. A cop or military officer in his previous life maybe, but not a spy. Nope. Vosh brought the questioning back to Arad. “What was your job?” “I was barely a mechanic. They gave me the crap jobs.” “If the crew were so awful, why would you join in the first place?” Arad sighed. He didn’t need to fake this part. “No money, no food, no options, no choice.” Stories fed to strangers went down smoother when peppered liberally with bits of truth. Learning to sweet talk colony authorities was one of the first things Sketch taught Arad. No had the right to know everything. Knowledge was ammunition filling the guns of corporate-run law enforcement. When he was younger, Arad considered himself a good person. He valued honesty and integrity in spite of his wealthy family’s failings. But living on the street quickly taught him the virtues of lying, cheating, and sometimes stealing to keep from starving. They weren’t skills he prided himself on, yet understood their necessity. Survive first. Over the years, the guilt lessened to where he barely felt it these days. Either way, the answer satisfied Vosh enough, he backed off and left the floor for anyone else. “I can help you optimize the ship systems.” Yosei’s comment, while off-topic, was oddly polite and reserved. Based on their original on-screen conversation, her restraint impressed Arad. He’d been prepared for a verbal ambush by the eccentric tech, but clearly she’d somehow managed to leash her enthusiasm into a more manageable level. Well, marginally manageable. Tapping her clunky boots in a rapid patter, she ground her teeth and fidgeted with her hands held behind her back. If she didn’t release the pressure valve on her curiosity soon, her skull would burst and spray them all in techie blood. “Thank you. I’d appreciate that.” With a sigh, Arad took pity on her. “Go on. Ask already before you stroke out.” Without warning, Yosei exploded, words practically running together in quick-fire succession, not bothering the breathe between sentences. “You said communications and navigation were down. I checked the specs on your ship. You’re flying in a repurposed XS-B278A corporate cargo carrier, theta class, designed to house up to six crew including the captain. The AR-657 sensor array has a history of cascade failure caused by short circuit due to traumatic events. I assume you attempted to reboot the system and failed. Finding the error would be easy enough, but how did you correct the anomaly and re-establish connectivity?” Her intensity nearly dazed Arad. “Um…I did a spacewalk.” “So you manually realigned faulty hardware, and reset the parameters.” “Uh, yeah.” “Slick. Space folds aren’t usually so violent to a vessel of that size, so I’m guessing you were jumping in a star or planet’s gravity well, doing a panic jump to keep from getting blasted to atoms?” “Uh, yeah.” Listening to Yosei’s evaluations through Arad off-kilter. He’d spent weeks learning the Ansariland’s specs and Yosei’s knowledge appeared to eclipse his in spite of the few short hours they’d been aware of each other’s existence. His tech skills were good. Better than he let Torrins know, but Yosei… she was in a class all her own. The urge to bow down and pledge his unworthiness to the master grew strong. Hodge burst in before Arad could embarrass himself in front of everyone. “Okay, okay. Enough of the inquisition. How about we give you boys the tour and tomorrow we start figuring out what essential repairs you need?” Bryce’s forceful, yet sultry voice reappeared through the speakers causing everyone present to search the ceiling. “I didn’t close the channel, gentlemen. If you’re planning on walking through the ship, you need to make a stop in the infirmary first.” “And here I though I was the captain.” “My contract has medical authority privileges that supersede you.” A bark of laughter exploded out of Arad. “I think I’ll stay out of this battle.” Chuckling, he gave Roku a playful swat. “You heard the lady. Let’s get a check up.”
  13. Will Hawkins

    A New Family?

    There are some dark clouds on the horizon. First the tension between the bad members -- it is hard to imagine a group of 'twen-teens', especially complicated by musician egos getting along for months on the road without stress; sooner or later, more likely sooner, Ryder is going to lose the support of his grandmother; he may also burn himself out from stress or turn to chemical support, either of which might mean the loss of his music support: and Teddy probably does not fully realize the pressures he is going yo be under in medical school and beginning a career, without Ryder's support. Hang on to your seats readers, it is going to be a bumpy night!
  14. hmm i thought that Vinnie’s parents were in one of the other planes not those that hit the twin towers 🤔 even if it is the same day
  15. A response to Prompt 775 Specified words: a pair of glasses, a torn tee shirt, a cup of coffee, a crying child, a slice of pizza.
  16. ObicanDecko

    Spies With Eyes

    It took me a while, but I'm finally caught up with the story! Salem keeps surprising me (and Johnny, apparently). It was so sweet of him to give a present to Johnny and ask him to be his boyfriend, and as Johnny said, it's not about the gift - it's about the fact that he worked hard for it. I'm really curious how things will develop between them and how others will react if/when they find out. I feel like things with Salem could change at any moment because of his mental health, and there's also the matter of his mom, which I'm sure we'll hear more about later.
  17. Valkyrie

    #774 Me and I

    I love this twist on the typical doppelganger. Who says our doppelganger is of the same gender? Interesting little snippet
  18. Katya Dee

    Part V, chapter 8

    It was back when people still used floppy disks. Of course they used fuses!
  19. Black Paper

    Raven’s Roof

    I'd give this a Rainbow reaction, but, GA doesn't have one. So- 🌈
  20. Carlos Hazday

    American Land

    @Bushba Thank you! I don't know If or when those two items may come in handy, but I'll keep them in mind. In my defense, the 11/10 birthday I may not have featured Since I highlighted 11/11 a couple of times instead. But now I'll try to work it in just for you. I'm certain I'll have another Marine as a character again.
  21. Will Hawkins

    A New Ryder

    If both boys continue in the pattern they have spoken of, Teddy will be going on to Medical School and entering into a long hard row to hoe until graduation as a MD. Ryder will climb the charts as a singer as Teddy acquires his degree, But teenage singers are like celestial novas, they flare brightly, but then burn out quickly. At some time in the future, not too far away, Ryder will need Teddy again. A rock to build his life after the stage upon. I can only hope that they will not lose one another before that point.
  22. ObicanDecko

    Raven’s Roof

    That was such a sad and powerful chapter. Salem's story is heartbreaking. He definitely needs some kind of therapy for what he went through, but having Johnny as a friend could also be good for him. Maybe they can help each other.
  23. Is there a tourism industry in Greenland? Not sure why, but I'm intrigued enough I want to visit.

  24. Thorn Wilde

    Bad Puppy

    It's so much fun getting back to this. I love this story! Russel seems like he's about to cause trouble... Does Ursula know more than she's letting on? Looking forward to seeing Jed and Wolfgang's relationship with Franklin continue to evolve.
  25. I have an old friend named Liebe. Well, her name's Elizabeth, and the nickname was given to her because it's what Queen Elizabeth II was supposedly called. My goal was to honor my friend and give the girl a distinctive moniker. I knew CJ and Owen would have a daughter early in my plotting and planned accordingly. I named Owen's sister Elizabeth so they could name their daughter the same. Georgetown University requires at least a year of a foreign language, so I had CJ pick German even though he could have tested out of the requirement because of his fluency in Spanish. He would know what Liebe means. I speak four but aside from English, they're all Romance languages. Zero knowledge of German here!
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