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  2. Er...I would ask a qualified medical professional.
  3. Anyone have an opinion about mixing Pfizer and Moderna doses? There is a drive through clinic near me and I could get a second shot this afternoon if I accept the Moderna. I had Pfizer for my first shot.
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  5. Lapis awoke to warmth, Khemet’s nose shooting hot breath over his neck as the cat lay on top of him. The amurrun tapped the tiger gently, then a little more roughly, pushing the large cat off of him before sitting up. “He’s completely healed,” Tristian said, the cleric pacing as the rest of the camp packed up. “We have a day at most to find Baron Cassiel’s bag. I pray we are not too late.” He stepped up to Lapis, offering a hand to the amurrun. “For what it is worth, I understand your decision, even if I am not happy with it. But you chose your friend over mine, and it will take
  6. So sweet; letting go can be hard, but sometimes it is the only thing you can do to move forward...
  7. I'll have to sleep on that comment.
  8. Will Hawkins

    AOC 1

    Asparagus, no, not so common, but it is a vegetable that as a kid, I liked and we had it for dinner sometimes. If memory serves me right, the only common vegetable that I did not care for was peas. Not becuse I do not like peas, but I would prefer to eat them raw, right out of the pod and in school when they were served for lunches, they managed to cook them to death. There were many good vegetables that, by the time they were served up at school, after having been on a steam table for an hour, were pure mush.
  9. centexhairysub


    Well at least D'gar and J'rud got to stay in the same wing. Glad that D'gar did not get stuck with either G'tash or T'mudra. neither would have been a good thing. I do worry about S'brin, I have a feeling he will not do well without D'gar as a steadying influence back home. Also worry about that M'rell will need D'gar to help him get over Rina as well. I don't think D'gar realizes how many other people depend on him...
  10. Hmmmm.... Not sure that either of them know what they are doing at this point...
  11. Thank you for reading and all the likes. I hope you enjoy the side stories (and don't forget to read Aditus' Cupid Central first). At least both the A.I. and the Guardian story is complete.
  12. Mawgrim


    They will need that support. Telgar Weyr will prove to be run very differently from Fort.
  13. spyke

    Chapter 9

    There is a lot more going on with the case just as Jett suspects. Life sentences don't get reduced like that unless there's some big workings behind the scenes. It is going to be really interesting when Kyle and Megan have the talk with the parents. Jett was smart to suggest that if Megan wants to meet Kim that it should take place at the therapist's office. Oh and @kbois, thank you for the breadcrumb/hint/clue that you dropped about where this is really going. That Super Glue infused Chapstick comes in real handy at times like this. LOL
  14. Devon was a master thimblerigist, having used his skill to gain a doctoral advantage over his peers.
  15. Ordu378

    Chapter 12

    For everyone talking about Davy going back, I hope you all realize that he will be going back as a 7 year old (again). Now... where is that other shoe? I know it is around here, somewhere!
  16. Definitely creepy. But well it's Australia so 🤷🏻‍♀️
  17. Mrsgnomie

    Chapter 9

    I feel their sadness. Poor Kyle and Megan. I can't wait to see how their conversation with the parents unveils.
  18. Timothy M.


    I'm glad D'gar and J'rud got into the same Wing and have weyrs next to each other. It's good to have a friend by your side in an unfamiliar place.
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