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  2. and now i have Tim Curry's Dr Frankenfurter in my head thanks k lol!
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  4. Awww thanks Albert always so thoughtful
  5. Tonight is date night. Now that hubby works overnight shifts, we decided to do something one night during the week. He's been chomping at the bit to see Black Widow so it's dinner and movie night. I'm waiting for the weather to cool off so we can go do sunset walks on the beach.... gotta get thru August and September. Hope everyone enjoys their evening!
  6. The feeling is Palpable that all Hollywood is capable of are flaming dumpster fires of franchise killing rubbish.
  7. CLJobe

    Chapter 158

    Arriving at Liechtenstein always seemed like coming home. People were glad to see us and made us feel welcomed. The wedding was on everyone’s lips. That was all you heard, and the Palace was a hive of activity. The ballroom was decorated, tables were set, and an area was set aside for the musicians. The kitchens were humming, preparing samples of the food to be offered. Diane and Maria were busy preparing for the wedding. Diane’s dress was the one her grandmother wore when she married a prince of a southern country. And then the day arrived, we rode in the open carriages to the church. There were large crowds outside of the church greeting us with cameras and rose petals. The people were happy reflecting their opinion of Gerry and his wife-to-be. Entering the church, there with dignitaries from all over the world. Ambassadors and royalty were everywhere. I saw Richard with a beautiful young lady who I assumed was his daughter. Later that proved to be correct. The bridal party lined up at the entrance except for Marie and Diane. They were in a separate room. I walked to the altar with Gerry, followed by Hans. As we stood there, the music began. Little Marie sprinkled perfumed rose petals on the carpet leading to the altar. Adam followed, carrying a pillow with the state crest on it. Gerry told me that pillow has been in use for these occasions for the last 100 years. Then Marie came to the front to stand, followed by Diane and her father. I thought this was a typical wedding. I expected something different since this was a royal wedding. The only difference was after pronouncing them married. A golden circlet was given to me to place on the head of Diane. I had a few words to say, followed by ‘rise princess Diane and join your husband in holy matrimony.' Then the church bells began to ring as everyone stood and clapped as they walked to the carriages, waiting outside of the church. The people welcomed them with more flower petals. Hans and his men handed out souvenirs coins to the people as the carriages moved toward the palace. The carriage moved so slow that I’m sure everyone had time to get a coin. Over the next few days, Gerry and Diane visited every city in the province. Then it was time to leave for their honeymoon. Moma flew back to the States with them. I would have loved to be on that flight. I had arranged for the copter to take Moma home. Gerry and Diane would stay at the consulate in New York for one night, then head to their Island retreat. In Liechtenstein, the papers were telling everyone about the wedding with pictures. I’m sure it would become a collector’s item. Running in the morning resumed, with Stephan being an addition. After several mornings run, we noticed a fan. A young girl would watch us and then leave. “Hans, find out who she is. She might want to run with us.” Three mornings later, Hans had the girl meet us for lunch. Thinking about how that girl must have felt having lunch with the Father Prince and the gold medal winner, I smiled. She said she wanted to run during our lunch, but her parents said it was something girls didn’t do. I asked her if she has running clothes. She said she had, but her parents don’t know. The outcome was she would meet us tomorrow morning, ready to run. Sometimes one can find treasures in the weirdest places. Her name was Emma, and she was 16 years old. She could run. We did our warm-up exercises, she followed. Then we took off running our circuit. At first, it was an easy run, getting in the swing of the run, then we kicked it up, she followed. I dropped back to watch her style. Hans kicked it up another notch . She kept right up with us. Then Billy and Stephan took the lead and ran at the pace needed for the Olympics. She kept right up with them. They were doing their cool-down runs when Hans and I caught up with them. “Emma, welcome to the team. Billy, we now have our entrant for the girl’s 5000-meter race.” For the next several days, Emma ran with us. Hans met with her parents, and they got on board. They not only agreed, but they wholeheartedly endorse Emma. They had a potential celebrity in their home. That first weekly running was becoming better, not as good as Billy and Stephan, but I was getting back in shape. Emma was a member of the team now. Sometimes in the cool of the late afternoon, I would walk along the many paths through the mountains. For me, it was a time of reflection and a meeting with nature. On the last two walks, I saw a young boy sitting on one of the rocks. When I looked closer, he was crying. The next time I saw him, I stopped and sat beside him. When he looked at me and recognized me, he jumped up, bowed his head, “my Prince.” I picked him up and sat him on my lap. “What is your name?” “Franz” “Franz, why do you sit here and cry.” “My mom is very sick, and we don’t have enough money. I sit here to think what I can do and pray.” “Don’t you pray in your church?” “No, I had a dream that told me to come here and pray.” “I’m glad to have met you. Now come with me, and I’ll see if I can’t get you something to eat.” He didn’t know it, but why would anyone not have enough money for a doctor when medical care at the clinics is free. There is something else, and Dad is leading him to me. I noticed he had a hard time walking. I looked at his shoes and quickly realized they wear too small. “Get on my shoulders, and I’ll carry you.” He was reticent to do that. I picked him up, turned him, and sat him on my shoulders. He hardly weighed anything. I walked fast to the palace. “Hans, find out about his family. He said his mother is ill. I’ll get some food for him.” While Hans found out his address, I went to the kitchens and asked for a bowl of chicken soup and some bread to be sent to the family dining room. I knew Moma would have taught them how to make her chicken soup. When I entered the dining room, Hans was still talking to him. I sat down next to him, and the kitchen staff brought in a bowl of chicken soup and several slices of bread. “Franz, eat slowly. Be careful the soup is hot.” Hans left. Adam and Marie came into the dining room. “Dad, can we have lunch?” I didn’t realize it, but it was lunchtime. “Sure, ring the bell, and I’ll tell the kitchen you both want lunch. Marie, this is Franz, (then in German) Franz these are my children Marie and Adam.” “Between spoonfuls, he smiled and said hello, of course in German. They understood him and respond. The kitchen brought lunch in for Marie and Adam. It wasn’t soup. They asked for soup as well. When Franz finished eating his second bowl of soup, I asked my attendant to take him to get a bath. “Check Adam’s clothes he has here and see if you can find something for him to wear. Then bring him back to my living room.” I wasn’t sure what I would do, but he was on that rock for a purpose, and I probably won’t find out until tonight. When Hans came back, he asked for a private meeting. I had Adam sit with Franz while I met with Hans in my office. “The boy was right. His mother was very ill. I had her taken to the hospital. It doesn’t look good.” “I’ll keep the boy here, have the hospital let us know when he can visit before the end arrives.” “Do you know who his father was?” “No” “Do you remember the hanging several years ago? The man who didn’t repent was his father.” “Call my financial minister, and we were to pay those families a stipend until their husbands return. In this case, it would be a lifetime pension.” “Minister, are we still paying the families of the men who were assigned to hard labor?” “Yes, my Prince” “How about the family of the man we sentenced to death?” “Yes, my Prince, the agreed-upon sum is put into her bank account each month.” “Hans, get the car, the Minister, and I have a trip to make.” I was hoping we didn’t have another banking scam. Arriving at the bank, we caused a minor stir. The bank director came and invited us to his office. I explained I wanted to see the account of Frau Fischer. The account was brought to his office. My minister looked over the account, verified that the deposits were being made. “Look at the withdrawals.” He showed me the page, “Who is this man?” “He claims to be the husband of Frau Fischer.” I looked at Hans. I didn’t need to say anymore. “Director, no one withdraws from that account unless I verify it. This man cannot draw from the account under any circumstances. Hans dropped us off at the palace and went on his way. “Franz, why doesn’t your parish priest help you?” “He doesn’t like us. He would come and see us, asking for money that we didn’t have. Then he came and started to take my mother to bed. That was when I hit him and told him never to come back.” Now I was furious. Hans came back with this man. “I’m told you are the husband of Frau Fischer. Is that true?” “No, my Prince, I look out for her, do her shopping.” “Hans, was there any food in the house?” “No” “When was the last time you went shopping?” “Two weeks ago.” “Where do you get your money to buy them food?” “Frau Fischer gives me the money.” “I’m going to ask that question one more time. Where do you get the money for her shopping?” “She gives it to me.” “You must think I’m dumb. We checked the bank statements, and the monthly allowance is withdrawn by a man who claims to be her husband. Is that you?” “No” “Hans, put this man in the guest cells under the palace, then go and bring the bank director to the Palace. Before he goes, do you want to change your answer?” “Yes, she gives me permission to withdraw the money.” “Are you her husband?” “No, I’m a neighbor.” I nodded to Hans, and he left.
  8. It was hard to decide which song of Kleopetrol to take because I like so many of theirs ^^
  9. But they go so well with fishnet stockings!
  10. 😳 You'd be a giant in heels Sir but You'd probably do it better than Willem Dafoe in The Boondock Saints
  11. No worries Mike. Something tells me au natural is a good look for you.
  12. Michael Sir, all i can see in my head is Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in that old movie Some Like It Hot.....
  13. oh that's funny! British Parliament banned it as they thought it would trick men into marriage giggle giggle
  14. I look best with a darker red, goes better with my colouring. I do like matte however and of course, make sure there is some protection from the sun. Thanks for this, but I don't think i'll put it on my calendar!!
  15. I don’t know whether to laugh or be horrified that this an actual thing. I first heard about it when my local pharmacy sent me an email regarding said day - which happens to be today - and the sale due to said day. smh is a good reaction, I think… https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-lipstick-day/
  16. SORES Sucking often relieves extra stress BATER
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