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  2. Hallow.

    Heart is late again - since we're approaching a conclusion, it's getting trickier to keep all my ducks in a row and though I'm excited about wrapping it up and keeping a regular update going, I won't publish a chapter I'm not happy with. It shouldn't be too far away, but y'know how it is. I don't want it to disappoint, and I'm pretty sure the crap I churned out would have! ūüė߬†So I'm having a second go at it.¬†

    Thanks for the patience! ‚̧ԳŹ¬†It is definitely coming! :)¬†Have a terrific day.

  3. I will never in my life have another Husky.

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    2. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      @CassieQ Thank you. I called animal control and they came and got her. No way I could trust her around baby J after that. Plus, not an image I'll get out of my head anytime soon.

    3. Valkyrie


      OMG How awful! I'm so sorry :hug: 

    4. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      @Valkyrie Thanks, Val. It's just a rough time at the moment. On top of all that, we have to take my dog next week and have him put down.

  4. I’m on holiday in Texas and we are driving around in our rental car with licence plates from Missouri :) Today we visited the ranch where they taped the exteriors for the TV-show Dallas.. so cool ! :cowboy: Goodnight y’all! :funny:

    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Hey, LBO!   :hug:  Glad things are going well.

    2. wildone


      Did you enjoy the tour of the framhouse at Southfork? I never really watched Dallas, but did the visit anyway :)

      Oh, did they not tell you, when you drop the car off, you have to do that in Missouri

    3. Slytherin


      @wildone We took the tour and I took many pictures :) I didn’t watch Dallas when it first aired, was too young  but saw some re-runs when I was older

      No worries with the car I told them you or DDK would take care of it :funny:

  5. Memorial Day weekend is upon us.  Some older members may recall it was called Decoration Day and the tradition arose after the Civil War to decorate the graves of those who died in military service.  It became an official Federal Holiday in 1971 and was observed on May 30th until 1971 when the law specified the last Monday in May.  It's different than Veteran's Day in that this day especially honors those who gave their all, rather than all who served.  

  6. Yesterday
  7. hi tim hope your good!

    1. Mikiesboy


      Doing great thanks, sean!    hope you are too xo

  8. hiya sean! really good to see you! hope you've been doing well! :hug:

    1. mad_artist


      hiya molly, im good thank youuu :hug:hope you too! 

    2. mollyhousemouse


      i am doing much better now that i am home, but overall doing well!

  9. Very happy to be home after a few years away from GA.

    Super excited to share GA with my fiancee who has recently come out as bi

    As well as meeting new friends, If anyone remembers me from years ago I'd love to chat again!

    1. Valkyrie


      Welcome  back :)

  10. ‚ÄúI get hit on a lot.‚ÄĚ ¬†Young coworker said¬†then wrinkled his nose. ¬†‚ÄúBut they‚Äôre always elderly- 40-50 year olds.‚ÄĚ

    He looked¬†around when we all went quiet, and realized he was¬†surrounded by ‚Äúthe elderly‚ÄĚ.

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    2. Hawgdad


      Apparently some of us must have two feet in...   or at least one in and the other on a banana skin.  Tom

    3. Wayne Gray

      Wayne Gray

      He tried to backpedal.  "Err.  Uh, I mean... 50 to..." eyes shifted and saw the gray on many of the heads in the group.

      We all just quietly stared.  A few of the women crossed their arms.

      He tried one last time.  "60 to 70?"

      It was glorious.

    4. Thorn Wilde

      Thorn Wilde

      Oh, poor kid! Lol!

  11. Happy birthday!

  12. Happy birthday!

    1. jaysalmn


      Thank you very much!

  13. I just read he most appalling thing ever. A perfectly healthy dog was euthanized just because it was in its owners will, the woman wanted the dog to be buried with her. It's just totally disgusting to me! And the vet who did this should have their license removed!!

    1. droughtquake


      Is that any more obscene than the pets that inherit great wealth when their owners die?

  14. I got a garden to till and dig and fence and plant this weekend. My kind of weekend! :) 

    1. northie


      ūüĆĪūüĆĻūüĆĪ Don't over-do things though, will you.¬†

    2. dughlas


      So you're going to play in the dirt. Good for you. I finished the last of those sorts of chores here at mum's last evening. Just in time, we leave for PA next Wed and I'll begin the chores there.

    3. jamessavik


      Sometimes it's just you and your yard. It'll tell you if it likes what you've done.


  15. Happy Birthday!

  16. Happy Birthday!

  17. Happy Birthday!

  18. Last week
  19. TBT -- but with the warning that just because i can't sing, doesn't mean i won't sing! :gikkle: and this one at the top of my very off key voice :wub:

    hope it makes all y'all smile too!

    1. MacGreg


      I loved this song when it came out. Now, it's too overplayed. But, I won't deny that it's a great song.

    2. dughlas


      ... and dance like no one's watchin' ... just you and the music miss molly.

  20. I don't care how tough you think you are if you don't cry when Bubba dies in Forrest Gump you are heartless

    1. droughtquake


      Males who don’t cry in emotional scenes like that lack humanity.

    2. droughtquake


      Oakland, California’s Tom Hanks is a National Treasure!

    3. Wesley8890


      I just love Gary Sinese as Lt. Dan

  21. As promised the date chapter in DDD - the longest so far to make up for missing out last week. We hope you enjoy it.

  22. You are missed :hug:

  23. Happy Birthday!

    1. Puppilull


      Yes! Happy birthday!

  24. 30 to 40 mph winds (50 mph gusts) and snowing. Currently a feels like of 21 degrees. I think it's a jammie day and a day of staying inside!

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    2. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      @mollyhousemouse yeah, this weather sucks. And to top it off, little boy is grumpy

    3. Daddydavek


      Maybe a little warm baby instant oatmeal will settle him down.  It works for our baby J!

    4. wildone


      What a great day to stay in and read the anthologies :)

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