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  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Adam!

  6. Teaser for the next chapter of Silverwolf...




    "Faster, you fucking prick."  Daniel's voice growled from his half-changed throat, and he writhed in agony in the dirt and sawdust in front of his shop.  He could still hear the engine of Russell's truck. "We'll catch you. Faster, drive, fas-", his words cut off as his voicebox changed too much to produce speech.  Instead, he finished in a snarl.

    Clothing tore, and Daniel's chest swelled with muscle and fur.  Moments later, a dark, nearly-black wolf stood and shook the ruined clothing off of itself.

    The big animal ran to the edge of the hill and looked down.  The truck was now going forty miles an hour, and it was almost two miles away.

    With a leap, Daniel cleared the edge of the hillside and ran down the side.  Impossibly fast, the huge wolf streaked alongside the nearly-abandoned road and closed on his target.



    I'm going to try and finish it up in a couple of days. 🙂 Being sick put me behind, but I'm getting closer.

    1. chris191070


      Hope your feeling better. That’s just cruel teasing us like that, write faster.

  7. Hello, GA. I took a few days off, to clear my head of a few things. How have you all been?

    1. Thirdly


      I start a new job on Monday! How are you feeling?

  8. fWWPjM0.png

    1. drpaladin


      Multitask. It reminds me of a story about Charles Dickens. He was busily writing and the candle kept flickering, almost going out. His cat was batting it with a paw, jealous for some attention.

    2. dughlas


      You mean you're purrmitted a choice?

  9. Prior to the release of "The Empty Spaces Between Us," I had received a total of two "angry" reactions out of thousands.

    In the span of about six weeks, 45 more have been added.

    I have to admit, it makes me giggle.

    1. Jdonley75


      Make that 46.  tee hee :gikkle:

    2. Andre Delport

      Andre Delport

      And you're enjoying every minute of them!!


  10. Yesterday
  11. Nothing quite says "you are starting a new job" more than a background check. :3  

    1. Jdonley75


      Ah, yes... I remember it well.  The FBI background check along with having to list all my tattoos on a 3x5 card along with my fingerprints.

      But, there's the awesome excitement that comes with know that you're about to get a @#%$ing awesome new job...!!!

    2. Thirdly
  12. I may be making an ass of myself, but I am going  to assume you are still editing stories for Aceinthehole. I do not like to nit-pick authors work in the comments section as some authors, get antagonistic over my comments I assume it is because they have creative ownership of the stories they write.. May I assume you have a little bit tougher skin as an editor than an author might have. I do not make suggestions to embarrass, merely to assist them to improve. I have noticed a great improvement in the grammar and pace of Ace's story (The Hidden Ones) in the last couple of months. I assume (damn, there is that word again) these improvements are because of your editing. If that is so, congratulations, you are really doing a great job. Smoothing an author's work without stepping on his story-line is a real art.
       Okay, one small comment: a pink elephant in the room, is an expression I have noted several times in this story -- a pink elephant is seen usually by someone who is drunk -- a concept that is in the room seen by sober persons is just 'the elephant in the room', or 'the 500 pond gorilla in the room'. 
    Mr. Will (misterwill2@live.com)

    1. JayT


      I am actually not editing for Ace anymore, but we are still friends. He learned a lot from the time I was his editor and always asked questions so he could improve. 

  13. "Life likes to deal me lemons in crates, Sometimes  I just wish it would deal me Vodka too."

    --- comedian, Keven Hart

    1. Kitt


      Or some sugar for lemonaid

  14. Tonight I watched episodes seven through ten of the first season of Star Trek: Discovery. That’s all I have in iTunes. I probably have more hiding on other drives, but I have to do some searching.


    So we probably saw the last of Harry Mudd. When I saw him a few episodes ago, I recognized the actor, but since I never watched The Office, I couldn’t remember his name. He’s much bolder and significantly more dangerous in this iteration. On TOS, Harry was more of a comical character.

    Burnham, Tyler, and Saru make contact with the planetary intelligence on Palvo. Salvo contacts the Klingons in an attempt to end the war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Although Lorca is ordered to retreat, he comes up with a strategy to use a series of spore-powered micro-jumps.

    Unfortunately, this causes damage to Stamets that keeps him confined to the medical bay. Tyler seeks help from Culber, but instead breaks his neck. Stamets has periods of lucidity and we see Stamets cradling Culber.

    Discovery has been stranded in a Mirror Universe where a violent, fascist Terran Empire seeks to dominate and conquer the other sentient species. Unlike previous versions of the Terran Empire, the men do not all have facial hair to distinguish them from the Federation. But the Mirror Universe is a recurring feature of Star Trek series similar to the regular reappearance of the Daleks and Cybermen with each regeneration of Doctor Who.

    Burnham, Tyler, and Lorca transfer over to the ISS Shenzhou. Burnham has now killed a Klingon and cateran Empire human. And Tyler has apparently had sex with both a Klingon (L'Rell) and with Burnham.

    Unlike some if the previous Star Trek series, Discovery started out with a bang. No languid, aimless stumbling around trying to figure out what the new series was attempting to do and how the characters should interact. And unlike the original series especially, death and danger is not confined to nameless security officers.

    Women have an even greater presence on Discovery than even on Voyager. Two women were seen casually dancing together clearly in focus and in the foreground. Stamets and Culber have kissed a couple times without the camera pulling away or otherwise minimizing the PDA. It’s not perfect, but Star Trek has achieved a level of diversity unmatched by the vast majority of US TV shows or mainstream movies – including the major Science Fiction/Fantasy and Action franchises. The Harry Potter universe does have some Gay characters, but not a whole lot of diversity otherwise. Marvel and DC struggle with gender/orientational as well as racial/ethnic diversity. Mission Impossible, the Bourne series, and Fast and Furious are all primarily focused on white males.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. droughtquake


      But their flagship Avenger series wasn’t very diverse…

    3. Wesley8890


      Are we talking comics or movies. Because either way you did have a Russian assassin as well as a Norse God.

    4. droughtquake



      But here in California, we don’t consider white to be very diverse from other-white.

  15. Last week

    1. Mikiesboy


      James .... that was absolutely perfect ... thank you!  i will think about this one all day.

  17. good morning Sir, coffee?



    1. MacGreg


      I missed your offer! But I thank you for thinking of me, molly.

  18. Remember me complaining about allergies? Yeah....Not allergies apparently?

    I have a lovely cough to go with sore throat, pissed of sinus and spiking temp. Yay...

  19. Two more episodes of Star Trek: Discovery tonight, e05-06.


    I guess someone on the costuming staff is a fan of the Land Rover Discovery (aka LR3/LR4), nicknamed ‘Disco’ since Burnham and Tilly wear shirts emblazoned with ‘Disco’ while running for exercise!

    Stamets illegally injects himself with the Tardigrade’s DNA. He is able to navigate the Discovery using the spores, but seems to have barely survived. And we finally see Stamets and Culber together, apparently brushing their teeth (finally fulfilling the long promised first Star Trek Gay couple on screen).

    Somewhat reminiscent of Deep Space Nine and Enterprise, the Discovery universe is a scarier place with major characters being kidnapped frequently. Again like DS9 and to a certain degree in Voyager, there are major characters with deep secrets and motivations not necessarily aligned with the Federation.

    Burnham gets promoted to Science Specialist on the Discovery crew by Lorca.


  20. If you are reading my book Milo, the next two chapters are scheduled for publication, Wednesday next and the following Wednesday. I am travelling and will most probably not be able to get online.

    1. Marty


      Safe travels, Talo 👍

  21. It's so much fun *sarcasm* knowing that my hubby is currently working near a currently burning fire that has burned 500 acres (so far), and that they've started evacuating people (but no way to know for sure whether they've evacuated where he's at).  It doesn't help that I can't get a hold of him!!!  It's gonna be a sleepless night.

    1. MacGreg


      Everyone OK? 

    2. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      @MacGreg Yes, Sir. i finally got a message from Him this afternoon while i was taking a nap with Baby J. The job is done and He is away from the fire.

  22. @Bill W

    Happy Birthday Bill W!! :wizard:


    1. Bill W

      Bill W

      Awww, thank you.  This was very sweet of you.  

    2. Slytherin


      Cute cake! Happy Birthday!!! :)

    3. comicfan


      Happy Birthday, Bill.

  23. Whew... I'm finally caught up on replying to all the comments on my week of prompts.  Cole and Randy are on their way home.  One more day off, then back to work on Monday.  *sigh* 

  24. I'm sensing a bit of restlessness with people waiting for chapter 20.

    I guess I'll have to take care of that once I get home from work. 

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