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  1. Today
  2. Happy Birthday TalonRider! :wizard:



  3. Happy Birthday, TalonRider! Sagittarians rock!!

  4. Happy Birthday, dearest friend!! I hope your day is joyous, and yes, we miss you terribly. :hug: 


    Image result for happy birthday vampire

  5. Truth.  Discussion of magical warfare and snacks will definitely keep me around.  :wizard:  


    Image may contain: text that says 'HOW TO CARE FOR INTROVERTS AT CHRISTMAS gift them books skip small talk and discuss magical warfare they will probably run away at some point lure them back with snacks keep the snacks coming when food is gone, introverts vanish it is known'

    1. Puppilull


      So it is written, so it shall be done!

  6.  Happy Birthday Jan :)  I hope you have a great day :hug:



  7. Happy Birthday!


    See the source image


       Many, many more!!!

    1. TalonRider


      Thanks DDK.

  8. Happy Birthday and we really do miss you!

  9. Happy Birthday, fellow December baby!  :D


  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIT 🎉 Miss you.



  13. Happy Birthday, my friend! :D :hug: I miss you and hope you come back soon  :hug: :wizard: 

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Tillykke med fødselsdagen fra Danmark

  14. Happy Birthday, Harry Birdy!  :D :wizard: I hope you have an awesome day :hug: Here's a majestic birdy cake for you :D 


    Image result for eagle cake

    1. TalonRider


      Thanks for the beautiful cake.

  15. No update this morning, I will try again later today or tonight, sorry.




  16. Hello JoJoBuTTeRFLY. Your rep and content say 0/0. Your activity says 0. However, you are following 74 stories and have given out reputation points. So please keep coming back, reading the stories here and giving out reputation points. That is a win for you and a win for GA. Thanks for being a member here.


    I want to wish you a belated  Happy 25th Birthday and hope that you had a wonderful day of celebration.












    Take care


  17. Hi Declanlangron. Yes, you have been silent (so far). Your 17 followed stories say that you are an avid reader of the stories found here. That is your choice to make, and I hope that you find many more stories here to enjoy.


    I want to wish you a Happy 24th Birthday and an awesome day of celebration.









    Yes, I know I'm late, but just by a bit.










    Take care


  18. Hello wolfwriter. I am fortunate in that I like stories about were-creatures, as you call them and of course anything to do with Harry Potter. Now, if only I could figure out how to get you to post more often. Oh, I know real life gets in the way, but I can dream, can't I.

    I want to wish you a very Happy 40th Birthday(it is only a number) and that you had fantastic day.
















    Take care


  19. I am so sorry I haven't been able to post I have been insanely busy this week. Graduation went well, very stressful and crazy but it was fantastic.  I have spent Thursday recovering. I just got back into town today I think tomorrow will be the first day I will not be on the go. New chapter soon!  I am writing right now! I hope everyone had a fantastic week! 

    1. chris191070


      Glad that your graduation went well.

    2. KD_stories


      @chris191070 Thank you, It was super stressful but it went well! 

  20. Yesterday
  21. Hi Arazon - any new on when A taste of Desire will be back ? I feel sorry for the people who never got to read your great story.

  22. Neighbor is practicing his guitar, time to go shopping.

    1. wildone


      Don't forget to get my Christmas Present 0:)



  23. My father in law insists that we have code names. He's Tennessee Trash (despite being from Italy), I'm Rubber Duck, and Jamie is Tree. Right now we're riding with him and he's singing Bad Romance by Lady Gaga even though he doesn't know the lyrics. I can't even with this man. 

    1. wildone


      Did you at least do the dance routine in your seat to Bad Romance? :P




  24. Happy Birthday, Rachel! I'm wishing for you a great day!


    Image result for happy birthday wolf

  25. Spent the afternoon serving drinks and coffees. Now my sciatic is waking up :pinch: Feeling like an old people - only feeling like -_-

    1. dughlas


      And what do old people feel like?

    2. clochette


      @dughlas You tell me! :gikkle: 

      Me I feel achy 

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