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  1. Today
  2. Did you know?




    Did you know:

    -A 2012 episode of Peppa Pig was banned from Australia as the central message that spiders were not to be feared was deemed "inappropriate for an Australian audience"

    -Apple got the idea of a desktop interface from Xerox. Later, Steve Jobs accused Gates of stealing from Apple. Gates said, "Well Steve, I think it's more like we both had this rich neighbor named Xerox and I broke into his house to steal the TV set and found out that you had already
    stolen it."

    -The largest centipede which ever existed (280 million years ago) was tall enough to rear up and look a human in the eyes.

    -Philadelphia cream cheese was first created in New York. It was named after Philadelphia because, at the time, the city was renowned for its production of similar cheeses. Also, in Mexico, any brand of cream cheese is often referred to as "queso filadelfia."

    -Due to the gender imbalance, by the year 2020, 24 million Chinese men will be unable to find a spouse.



    For your info. I accidentally deleted my list of all the of the interesting facts that I have used from the 1,000 on that list. So there may be more repeats than usual, sorry.

  3. Happy Australia Day to all the Aussies on GA… have an awesome day Guys and Gals….

  4. Yesterday
  5. All glory comes from daring to begin.

    - Eugene Ware

  6. Well, I've got a book review I am debating if I should publish or not.

    It's not a negative review, just a touchy subject matter. It's a great book, but one that will likely inspire a lot of complicated feelings.



    What Color Is The Sun? What is the Real Color of the Sun in Space?



    Did you know:

    Some lizards, in which the tail is a major storage organ for accumulating reserves, will return to a dropped tail after the threat has passed, and will eat it to recover part of the sacrificed supplies.

    -Cherokee Native Americans owned slaves and some of whom were even forced to walk the Trail of Tears with their owners. Their descendants were legally recognized as tribe members until 2007 when a Cherokee constitutional amendment requiring Cherokee blood for membership
    ousted thousands of them.

    -Al "Scarface" Capone got his infamous scars when he told a woman "You got a nice ass" in front of her brother while working at a bar.

    -There is a metal band called Hatebeak whose lead singer is an African gray parrot.

    -In the ancient Persian Empire, men used to debate ideas twice, once when sober and once when drunk, because an idea had to sound good in both states in order to be considered a good idea.



  8. Last week
  9. Today starts the last year in my 40's.     #50NextYear

  10. Did you know?




    Did you know:

    -In 1957, a terminal cancer patient was given a worthless drug that caused his tumors to "melt like snowballs on a hot stove." When he found out it was proven worthless, his cancer returned. He was given a placebo version and it went away again. He learned the truth, then died soon after from cancer.

    -The word "utopia" literally means "not a place".

    -The FBI will reward $10,000 to anyone who reports people who shoot lasers at planes.

    -The Soviets had made a prototype laser pistol for use by their astronauts. The pistol was designed to burn a hole through the spacesuits of enemy astronauts, killing them via suffocation and/or explosive decompression.

    -According to a Japanese poll in the year 2000, the Japanese believe that their best invention of the twentieth century was instant noodles.



    1. sandrewn



      First, I want to apologise to you for deleting your comment. It was unintentional, please repost it, if you can.

      It is true that I do not double check each and every one of the 'Did You Know'. Even I was dubious about the truth of 15,000 carcasses rotting in the streets of New York and yes I should have done at least a quick check. Fortunately I have members, like Zombie that tend to keep me on the straight and narrow and now I can add you as a person who will help to keep me in my place. I must admit, I never thought, not even a modicum of effort, would ever be applied to me. Thanks for your concerns on what I try to do here at GA.

    2. Ron


      @sandrewn No worries. Also, no to keeping you in some defined place—I’m unwilling to take on the job. I think that there is so much misinformation (both unnecessary and intentional) that one really can’t read anything and take for granted that it’s the truth, not that I think you were trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. As you say, you were also dubious and that particular piece of untruthfulness stank to high heaven (pun intended).

  11. US / UK differences #4

    US - QAnon v  Joe Biden

    UK - the Pork Pie Plot :gikkle: 

  12. Okay, chapters 40 and 41 are written. Chapter 41 was supposed to be something else, but I knew it was getting long. So, I guess it is a bit of a bonus chapter between 40 and 42. :P If you can call it that, I mean. It is also 2am and I just finished, so I feel sorry for my family if they wake up rowdy and loud in the morning.

    angry marge simpson GIF


  13. f4b51c7f40db15c2ea918a4f80e7880c.jpg

    What Is a 'Conch Removal' Procedure, and Why Did This Man Do It to His Ears? | Allure


    Did you know:

    -In 2009, Stephen Colbert won a NASA competition to have a module of the ISS named after him, but NASA opted to name it 'Tranquility' instead. They did, however, name a treadmill on the ISS after him. It is called the Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill

    -8th January 1836 is the last day in history that the USA had no national debt.

    -Christopher Columbus, on the way to the New World, was stranded in Jamaica in 1503 A.D. Knowing that he was wearing out his welcome with the natives and that a lunar eclipse was near, Columbus warned the natives that the moon would vanish if they did not continue to feed him and his sailors.

    -In 4 out of 10 of the UK's largest airports, it's cheaper to park a light aircraft for 24 hours than to park your car.

    -Elmer Fudd initially just wanted to shoot Bugs Bunny with a camera. He came to the country to photograph wildlife, but Bugs drove him crazy, causing him to jump into a lake and nearly drown. After that Elmer replaced the camera with a rifle.



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    2. Zombie


      but they’ll be Martians! :o :funny:

    3. sandrewn




      but they’ll be Martians!


      I think dual citizenship would apply there.

      One of my best friends was born here. His dad was born in Hungary. My friends' son (one of my Godsons), applied for dual citizenship to the Hungarian Consulate in Ottawa. Long story short, he now has dual citizenship and can go to Europe as an EU citizen. My hope is that one day, he and I might go to Hungary, to see the land of his grandfather and me to visit the home I left, over sixty five years ago.

      The Complete List of EU Citizenship by Ancestry/Descent Policies - Investment Migration Insider



    4. Zombie


      that’s a lovely future plan you have :) 

      sadly, for Martian humans such plans seem unlikely as they would have developed in gravity around 1/3rd of Earth’s. It would be like us travelling to where gravity is 2.5x what we’re used to. Just getting out of a chair would be impossible for most :( 

  14. I've quit asking how people are doing. I'm scared of the answer.

  15. how did I get from Fritz Lang to tachyons? :unsure: :funny:

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Zombie


      in fact wiki took me down the rabbit hole :o

      Fritz Lang -> ”M” -> procedural drama -> Timescape -> tachyons! :lol:


    3. clochette


      Now You've got me curious, what's "M"? 

    4. Zombie


      the FL page lists his films including “M” 


  16. Did you know?


    Black flag or Red flag Tradition / Ritual in Red Sunrise | World Anvil



    Did you know:

    -A guide dog calmly led 30 people down 1,463 steps out of the World Trade Center on 9/11despite the confusion, smoke, and noise around them. Once safe, the dog then helped a woman who was blinded by the debris.

    -When it became apparent that Israel was going to win the 1978 Eurovision Song Contest, most of the Arabic countries ended their transmission of the contest. This includes Jordan, who replaced the live broadcast with a picture of daffodils and later announced that Belgium had won.

    -Louis Armstrong played the trumpet so much that it caused callus tissue on his lips. He would remove it himself with a razor blade.

    -In 2009, archaeologists unearthed the oldest musical instruments ever found. There were flutes that inhabitants of southwestern Germany laboriously carved from bone and ivory at least 35,000 years ago.

    -The USA recruited 1600 Nazi scientists and created false employment histories and expunged Nazi Party memberships and regime affiliations from the public record.



    1. Zombie


      The USA recruited 1600 Nazi scientists and created false employment histories and expunged Nazi Party memberships and regime affiliations from the public record

      it was called Operation Paperclip - a name chosen to be so mind-numblingly dull that any unauthorised person stumbling across the file by mistake would instantly fall asleep when they read the title :gikkle: :funny:


  17. Note to Self: You aren't twenty anymore. From now on, when bench pressing, you DO NOT bounce the weight up and off your chest. This no longer works like it used to. OUCH!

    1. clochette


      Wanted to impress the youngsters at the new gym huh? ^_^ take care buddy

    2. JamesSavik


      No... just forgot I wasn't one of them anymore.

  18. RIP Meat Loaf :(  His music was a huge part of my life in college.  I think of my college friends every time I hear his songs.  Rock on!  



    1. Zombie


      a superstar with a self-deprecating sense of humour, who enjoyed a joke against himself


  19. R.I.P Meatloaf.


  20. I had to change gyms-my old gym gave up because of the China virus. My new gym, I don't like much. They have a different brand of workout machines. It's taking a while to get used to it. Aspirin is my friend.

  21. Did you know?


    Just so you know, the actual incident happened on Sept. 21, 1956. In an F11F Tiger.

    (click below for the story)

    Did A Grumman F11 Tiger Shoot Itself Down? - Plane & Pilot Magazine



    Did you know:

    -Mr. Rogers' parents adopted an African-American teenager named George. Rogers came to consider George his older brother, and George later became an instructor for the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II and also taught Rogers how to fly.

    -Astronauts discard their clothes after each use. Since it costs about $10,000 to get one pound of cargo to the ISS, it is more cost effective for them to discard their cloths when they get dirty instead of wasting water by washing them.

    -In 2008, Daniel Day-Lewis knelt down on stage for Hellen Mirren to "knight" him with his Oscar for "There Will Be Blood" claiming, "That's the closest I'll ever come to getting a knighthood." Lewis was officially bestowed Knighthood 6 years later for his contribution to the theater and cinema.

    -Amelia Dyer is one of the most prolific serial killers in history. She is estimated to have killed 200 - 400 children.

    -In 2001, the island country of Niue issued several Pokemon coins and is still the only country in the world that uses images of Pokemon on their currency.

    -In 2004, a starquake was detected, which was so powerful that if the star was located within 10 light years of Earth, it would have likely caused a mass extinction.



    1. Zombie


      Astronauts discard their clothes after each use. Since it costs about $10,000 to get one pound of cargo to the ISS, it is more cost effective for them to discard their cloths when they get dirtyinstead of wasting water by washing them

      the ISS has a trash collection? :unsure: :funny:


    2. sandrewn



      the ISS has a trash collection?


      As a matter of fact, yes.

      What Do Astronauts Do With Trash on Space Station?

      Oh, and speaking of ' Urine '.........



      Have a nice day,


  22. I'm glad I have a strong stomach. I took a long nap this evening to the stench of decaying flesh. It smells like someone has concealed a body  somewhere and I haven't been able to track down where it's coming from. I've had to use the old coroner's trick of smearing Vick's Salve under my nose. Ugh...

    1. Zombie


      I used to work in an old barn converted into offices, and farm critters would regularly crawl into gaps between wall partitions, get stuck :o and then die :evil: The sweet fragrance of rotting rodents during hot summer days quite put me off my packed lunches… :puke: :funny:

  23. Ack!!!

    i missed my 15 year GAnniversry yesterday :o 

    Well like most things in my life, a day late and a dollar short 😢

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Daddydavek


      Belated Happy GA anniversary!

    3. Krista


      I would say it's been real fun having you around, but... 

      Bored Blah Blah Blah GIF

    4. Valkyrie


      This should have been in the Weekly Wrap-Up!  Happy GA-versary!  :hug: 

      Excited Season 2 GIF by The Office

      You make GA a better place :hug:  :kiss:  Now let's go visit the Falls :whistle:  :gikkle: 

      Penguin Bap GIF

  24. What to read...any suggestions? :)

    1. Ron


      Well, if no one is going to offer anything then I'm going to plug this... 

      ...just because I can.  0:)


  25. Did you know?


    Virgin boy egg - Wikipedia


    Did you know:

    -20,000 leagues below sea level would put you through the Earth and almost 20% of the way to the moon's orbit. "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" refers to the distance traveled while underwater, not the depth reached.

    -Noah Webster, the founder of Merriam-Webster, learned 26 languages in order to evaluate the etymology of words.

    -Deep inside an abandoned mine, 230 feet below Pennsylvania, 600 federal workers process truckloads of retirement paperwork by hand moving files to and from over 28,000 file cabinets, desk to desk, from cavern to cavern. Even today the process works as slowly now as it did in 1977.

    -High heels used to be an essential accessory for horseback riders and weren't associated with being feminine.

    -While shooting the Blues Brothers movie, they had a budget for cocaine.



  26. If you're a resident of the U.S. you can get four (4) free Covid 19 tests delivered to your home. Go to https://www.covidtests.gov/ and the link will take you to the U.S. Postal Service page to enter your information and request (order) the tests delivered to you at no cost.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Ron


      I am aware that some other countries do better on the health front for their citizens. It is what it is here in the U.S., and we deal (put up) with the system as we must.

    3. clochette


      @Ron there are not best country or right solution in this situation. It's very nice of the US government to offer those 4 freebies

    4. Ron


      @clochetteI personally have excellent healthcare from my providers. And I'm not poo-pooing the free tests offered. I was thinking more about the general cost of healthcare, which strains the pocketbook for far too many.

  27. The View from This Window

    This is a rather personal blog posting, it’s about the view from my window. The view of my corner of East London and the things that fascinate me here.

    Happy reading

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