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  1. Yesterday
  2. @Reader1810 I uploaded the "Summer" image from the 1922 Famous-Barr mailers. I'm still looking for spring and winter


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    2. Reader1810



      I know this is not what you’re looking for, but I found this 1800s trading card in my search, and I like it. :D 

    3. Lyssa


      Beautiful! :D :-D :D

    4. Parker Owens

      Parker Owens

      That’s magnificent. 

  3. Wow! I've been a member of GA for 11 years today!  Its hard to believe so much time has passed!

    1. Valkyrie


      Happy GA-versary!  :D 

    2. Headstall
    3. Daddydavek
  4. Guys! It's been a couple of months, and I couldn't be more proud...

    My husband FINALLY picked up LitS a few days ago. I'm so proud of him. After nagging and pleading him to read the dang thing, he finally started!

    Just thought I'd share ❤️

  5. Sometimes you kind of just forget about a place, regardless of how much impact it may have had on you. 

    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Hey, Alex!  :hug: We missed you!

  6. Last week
  7. Tonight I am making Atholl Brose, a honey liqueur with whiskey...

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    2. Parker Owens

      Parker Owens

      It smells divine in the kitchen. All bottled now...

    3. ancientrichard


      May we have the recipe ?

    4. dughlas


      Is it similiar to Drambuie?

  8. Here is an article from the Boston Globe. Billy Baker's writing is as full of light humor as it is informative, which is good nowadays, and this one is perfect for the Fall season. Anyone like their apples on the wild side?

    Gnarly Pippins

  9. Three

    1. chris191070
    2. quokka


      Three days, it’s a count down...

    3. quokka
  10. II was eligible Oct. 1st but 12 step groups are just as disordered by COVIDidiocy as everything else. Finally got it today.

  11. So, I just realized that one of my (unposted) story ideas is basically the crux of a new New York times best-seller. 

    I don't know how I feel about it...

    1. Zombie


      great minds think alike?

  12. I'm taking a break tonight and watching The Hound of the Baskervilles on TCM. It's Hammer Films time!

    1. Zombie


      Love it! 💕 

  13. Not long now, just a few days till I start posting book two of Papa Stours - titled ‘Sir to Lord’

    1. chris191070


      Sounds interesting from the title, looking forward to reading more 😀 

  14. Tired this morning... little man is usually awesome at sleeping through the night. Not sure why he's been up since 5am! 😫

  15. Be careful about reading too much of Billy at once.  It's like a cartoon strip -- a little goes a long way.  And after too many, you lose the humor.

    But thanks.

  16. Happy Autumn from Famous-Barr!

    (This is part of their 1922 quarterly mailer; I now have two of the four :)



    1. Reader1810


      The wow emoji is for where my thoughts led me: 

      Sandro Botticelli’s Birth of Venus

      Perhaps, it’s her swirling hair that has me seeing the other image? 🤔

      Regardless, it’s quite compelling to look at. 

      I like it. :thumbup:


    2. Parker Owens

      Parker Owens

      Awesome! It definitely brings its era to life. 

    3. dughlas


      Now if just there was a story to accompany the image ... I know, I know, not asking for much.

  17. Happy Alaska Day!

    Secretary of State William Seward bought Alaska from Russia for two cents an acre, a true bargain.

  18.  Why did this Ad come up on my YouTube :unsure:




    1. clochette


      Looks like you need to put something in your mouth 

  19. You can use the pumpkin Zombie avatar now, I found a better one :funny:

  20. The house smells soooo yummy right now!  We're doing pulled pork for dinner tonight. 2 hours in the smoker, then 6 hours in the Dutch Oven in the oven!  Its making me hungry!!!

    1. wildone


      And yet my invitation is sadly missing...again :P




    2. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      And it turned out awesome!

  21. I love my set top box PVR :) 

    It watches for me all the TV shows I’ve set to record

    then it deletes them 

    ...to make room for more shows I’ve set to record

    Saves me so much time :lol: 

  22. My homegrown cayenne peppers are now totally dry and ready to become a spicy oil for pizza. Yesterday I took off a micro piece. It didn't taste anything. So today I broke one into two and stuck my tongue inside... well I can tell you they are well and truly HOT!!! 🥵

    1. Sweetlion


      Silly sister! Careful where you stick your tongue! 

  23. ♫It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ♪



  24. And in non-reading news, I finish binging on The Expanse, the 23rd century of the show is far more realistic than Star Trek, but quite a bit depressing as well. It's a good Sci-Fi TV show, on par with Babylon 5 in its epic scope and characters, plus it has 2000's Battlestar Galactica's bleak outlook. Still there's a few elements of "wonder" that reminds me of classic Star Trek: Next Generation, which is surprising since there's so few alien species humanity encountered in 200 years and the one encountered is so far advanced than us, they're more akin to Lovecraft's cosmic entities than Trek's Klingons, Romulans, or even the Borg. Essentially, the show inspires and it also humbles humanity in comparison to our petty struggles; the universe is far older an its occupants far more alien than us.

    I'm interested now in buying the book series The Expanse is based on to read,  probably will take me most of the holidays, but that's my next major reading. The show inspires and humbles, great science fiction should do that.

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    2. Ron


      I'm on my second watch of The Expanse series all the way through (only a few episodes to go), but I have watched the earlier shows more than twice when catching up for a newer season. James Holden (Steven Strait) is a delight to look at... er, I mean watch. ;) As is Amos Burton (Wes Chatham) pleasant to watch but the character is complex. Really, it's a fascinating series with strong characters and a great cast -- they make show a compelling, watchable series. Kudos to Amazon for another great series!

    3. W_L


      @Zombie are you nerding out with me :) While I can appreciate TOS, especially episodes like the City on the Edge of Forever, the emphasis when encountering aliens was that they were very human-like to make the social commentary. It made sense and even advanced aliens seemed human-like in their childish games/tests.

      The difference between Star Trek with the Expanse's more human conflicts and an alien civilization that is far more alien than us, with technology that is unique. The human tech is sort of steam-punk chic for the Belters, Soviet styled cold industrial for Mars, and a modernist sterile compartmentalized for Earth. We're still using missiles and railguns in 23rd century, no phasers. Our future tech is aesthetically human, when compared to "living matter" technology of an advanced alien species that can bend space/time, extract consciousness/souls, and create/destroy star systems. Star Trek makes human beings seem like we've grown up among peers, the Expanse makes us look like 4 year olds fighting over swing sets and water fountains, when adults can launch nukes and bio-weapons.

    4. W_L


      @Ron Completely agree on the easy to watch characters :) Amos is easily the most interesting scarred sociopathic killer man-child that you want to both cuddle up to and run away screaming from :o Jim is easy to watch as an every-man character. Of course my favorite character is Chripian, she's ruthless and egotistical, but her reasons are usually benign and her ideals are pure.

  25. Not only was Blind Boy Fuller one of the greatest blues guitarists of all time -- in the recording, in addition to the treble and bass music, all the percussion sounds you hear are made my Fuller striking the body of his guitar -- but in 1940 he laid down the first 100% Rock and Roll song. Enjoy Step It Up and Go.


    1. Zombie


      Why is this guy just a footnote in music history?

      He’s not even mentioned on the utterly commercial give-us-yer-money “Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame” website, yet they happily list the likes of Mick Jagger who (along with every other rock and roll star) has this guy and others to thank for a whole lifetime career - which, to be fair, Jagger has freely acknowledged. Yet the so-called RARHOF just ignores Fuller. Shame on them.


    2. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      @Zombie ...well, you think race has anything to do with it...? For a long time even Chuck Berry was shunned in favor of Rock "pioneers" like Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis. 

      As for Fuller's recordings, they are all very interesting. If there is such a thing as Randy Newman fans out there anymore (hehehe...), then they'd be surprised to learn his style is a total ripoff of Blind Boy Fuller. This song will show that :)


      "What's that smell like fish (mamma)?" 1938


    3. Zombie


      @AC Benus “you think race has anything to do with it...?

      Not in the UK - the “Northern Soul” movement that began in the 60s was always a celebration of black US music and is just one (significant) example. It was a badge of honour to discover the most obscure black musicians no-one else knew about, eschewing the likes of “white” friendly Motown. Another example would, of course, be the BBC - so for the likes of John Peel on his radio show the more obscure the better! :) 
      For “ordinary Jo” folks it’s simply a matter of ignorance, especially in the current world of pop “celebrity” :(  




  26. Happy Birthday GIF

    I hope you have a great day :hug:  

    1. Cynus


      Thank you, my friend!

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