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  1. Yesterday
  2. Thanks for all the reactions so far with my story 'Lost' things will start to crazier in the following chapters. So hang on and a shout out to the WOW I received from Onim. I've always wanted a wow. 😍


  3. Yes it's perfectly acceptable, after a long day, to have cookies. At 9pm. After you had dinner. And you're not hungry anymore. Just cause they make you feel good. And smell good.

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    2. Valkyrie
    3. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      @dughlas Likewise.  :gikkle:

      I like some vanilla milk with my chocolate chip cookies. Warmed milk is the best, but chilling it also makes a good contrast with the warm cookies.  :D

    4. Lyssa


      The good thing of being an adult is, that eating only ice cream for dinner is totally acceptable. Enjoy your cookies! :hug:



    1. Headstall


      Happy Birthday, mogwai! 

  5. Lunchtime writing.


    I am squeezing in as much in as I can get, whenever possible.  I need to get my protagonist out of San Diego.  In this case, writing what I know (San Diego) is also writing something I despise.  Thinking about the place takes me right back there, and I'm reliving it in all of its crowded, hot, annoying mess.


    He's on the plane now, though.


    Almost there!  🙂

    1. Mikiesboy


      hope the plane doesn't crash  and they are all rushed back to San Diego  ... 

    2. Wayne Gray

      Wayne Gray

      @Mikiesboyyou are really gunning for my poor protagonist!


      He's not a redhead!  Give Wren a break!  😋

    3. Mikiesboy


      protagonists need a challenge...LOL

  6. How do I know I'm an obvious word need? Because an employee starts the day by asking me my opinion on the Oxford comma... 


    (I had no real answer. Commas in English are the seeds of the Devil.)

    1. Lyssa


      Look at that, commas save lifes: "We eat, Grandpa." 😉

    2. ancientrichard


      I went to Cambridge where no one had even heard of the Oxford comma !

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Cold pizza = breakfast of champions.

    1. Puppilull



    2. Slytherin


      Yay  ! :2thumbs:

  9. I am still looking for an Editor and Beta Reader for my Dining-themed story.

    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Dining-themed story? Sounds interesting.  :)

  10. Psst...


    Tampa Bay Lightning, as of tonight are: Back to Back Atlantic Division Champions! Winner of the 2018-19 President's Trophy.


    Also, Home-Ice advantage for all playoff games.


    Can I get an Amen!

  11. Finished the hard work for the week.  Tomorrow back to baby-sitting!

    1. wildone


      Are you sure the yard work is the hard work :P Babysitting can be a task unto its own.

    2. Daddydavek


      @wildone It can be, but my grandson has such a sunny and happy disposition that it is mostly just pure joy.  But he does wear me out!

  12. Today while out with a couple of co-workers on a walk, I saw a shiny blue pebble of some kind.  I reached down to scoop it up.


    My coworkers, two grown ass men, tried to take it from me.  That's right.  There we were in the middle of the walking path in our little town, fighting over a pretty pebble, like three addled crows.


    I won.  I had to.  I have a husband who really likes shiny rocks.


    Like ... an adorable crow.

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    2. Wayne Gray

      Wayne Gray

      One of them said something to the effect of - It means a lot more, now that you had to fight for it! afterward.


      Apparently, they were doing me a favor?

    3. Mikiesboy


      Did hubby give you a peck when you gave it to him? 

    4. Wayne Gray

      Wayne Gray

      Yes, @Mikiesboy.  Especially after I told him how the mean ones tried to take it!

  13. Last week
  14. It's fun when new readers start to binge read my prompt story. Glad you seem to like it so far. Only 60 more chapters to go. :gikkle:

    1. wenmale64


      Thanks Tim. I have my moments.... Good read!

  15. #MusicMonday


    I remember them playing at Hard Rock Cafe-Miami before they made it big.



  16. And, it's 'Fin' for The Morgan Lore.  

    1. GanymedeRex


      Thank you for an absolutely wonderful story.   Each chapter release made my day.

  17. Happy Birthday Basil!

  18. The picture you use as the background of your banner showing houses hanging like swallow's nests on the side of a cliff is very interesting -- where is it from and what is the city?

    1. Mikiesboy


      No idea Will...was from a free picture site...and as close as I could find to what I was looking for.


  20. nice new avatar Sir!

    those hands have such strength in them!

    1. MacGreg


      Better to tie knots with. 

    2. mollyhousemouse

    "...The moon, pillowed on his bower of cloud,

    Seems drowsy amid this macabre scene,

    While the gaunt winds beat wings softly aloud

    With dire warning for my ears most keen.

    Though the dark births monsters beyond control,

    Still a thousand times my courage blends

    With the fire of my consuming soul

    To go with it where’er my heart wends.


    Then I spy you with your subdued elation

    Buoyed atop sweet looks meant for me.

    My heart draws us without separation

    So each breath I take, you clearly see.

    There, rose-colored weather like spring appears

    To settle across your mellow face,

    Making me entreat the heavenly spheres

    How a man stands this worthy of grace...."



    1. Mikiesboy


      Wonderful!! muah xox

    2. AC Benus
    3. Lyssa


      That is so beautiful! Muha

  22. A beautiful Spring Sunday at last.....


    I spent a couple of hours doing yard work and filled two 45 gallon trash cans with yard waste and still have the back yard to do tomorrow!

    1. wildone


      I'd come offer to help, but back to work tomorrow :(

  23. Woohoooooo!


    Had to turn on the A/C in the car driving around today. Snow is melting everywhere! Shorts weather...patio weather...Beer weather....


    10 C today!! :D Up to 14 mid week ;) and not below zero any night!

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    2. wildone


      Hey, in Canada, anything over zero (32F) is shorts weather :gikkle: We must enjoy it when we have it!

    3. Valkyrie


      I went grocery shopping Sat am and there was one lady bundled up in a big fluffy coat, hat, scarf, etc and across the aisle was a guy in shorts and a t-shirt.  Can you guess which one's the WNY native?  :P 

    4. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      On Friday, I was actually able to wear my NMC hoodie when I went out, instead of my peacoat.

  24. I can see you're having a binge read of my prompt story. Glad you like it so far. Only 60 more chapters to go. :lmao: 


  25. I always forget about how good writing feels until I start doing it again.  

    1. Thorn Wilde
    2. mollyhousemouse


      i was just thinking about you!

      hope you've been well! :hug:

  26. The epilogue will be posted later. :)


  27. I have come to the conclusion that I am indeed currently hypomanic. I beg your forgiveness if I get insufferable... Feel free to let me know, if so.

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      No problems so far. I promise to poke you if it happens. Until then, relax and don't worry.

    2. Puppilull


      Let it rip! I'm sure we can cope. 

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