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  1. Today
  2. good morning Sir, coffee?



    1. MacGreg


      I missed your offer! But I thank you for thinking of me, molly.

  3. Remember me complaining about allergies? Yeah....Not allergies apparently?

    I have a lovely cough to go with sore throat, pissed of sinus and spiking temp. Yay...

  4. Two more episodes of Star Trek: Discovery tonight, e05-06.


    I guess someone on the costuming staff is a fan of the Land Rover Discovery (aka LR3/LR4), nicknamed ‘Disco’ since Burnham and Tilly wear shirts emblazoned with ‘Disco’ while running for exercise!

    Stamets illegally injects himself with the Tardigrade’s DNA. He is able to navigate the Discovery using the spores, but seems to have barely survived. And we finally see Stamets and Culber together, apparently brushing their teeth (finally fulfilling the long promised first Star Trek Gay couple on screen).

    Somewhat reminiscent of Deep Space Nine and Enterprise, the Discovery universe is a scarier place with major characters being kidnapped frequently. Again like DS9 and to a certain degree in Voyager, there are major characters with deep secrets and motivations not necessarily aligned with the Federation.

    Burnham gets promoted to Science Specialist on the Discovery crew by Lorca.


  5. If you are reading my book Milo, the next two chapters are scheduled for publication, Wednesday next and the following Wednesday. I am travelling and will most probably not be able to get online.

    1. Marty


      Safe travels, Talo 👍

  6. It's so much fun *sarcasm* knowing that my hubby is currently working near a currently burning fire that has burned 500 acres (so far), and that they've started evacuating people (but no way to know for sure whether they've evacuated where he's at).  It doesn't help that I can't get a hold of him!!!  It's gonna be a sleepless night.

    1. MacGreg


      Everyone OK? 

    2. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      @MacGreg Yes, Sir. i finally got a message from Him this afternoon while i was taking a nap with Baby J. The job is done and He is away from the fire.

  7. Yesterday
  8. @Bill W

    Happy Birthday Bill W!! :wizard:


    1. Bill W

      Bill W

      Awww, thank you.  This was very sweet of you.  

    2. Slytherin


      Cute cake! Happy Birthday!!! :)

    3. comicfan


      Happy Birthday, Bill.

  9. Whew... I'm finally caught up on replying to all the comments on my week of prompts.  Cole and Randy are on their way home.  One more day off, then back to work on Monday.  *sigh* 

  10. I'm sensing a bit of restlessness with people waiting for chapter 20.

    I guess I'll have to take care of that once I get home from work. 

  11. Cole and I have posted our last prompt.  Thanks to all who read, commented, and shared in our journey.  I'm sad to see them go, but we had an amazing week together.  Until next time... 

    1. Headstall


      All caught up. They were all great! :) 

  12. Check out my last vacation prompt posting called "Guilty" in Shuffle Off to Buffalo and Valkyrie's post "Temple of Doom" in Promptings from Valhalla.  

    Thanks to you all.  

  13. Happy Birthday!

  14. The last set of Cole/Valkyrie prompts are complete and being given their final edits.  A huge thank you to all who followed us on our journey.  It's been an amazing week of writing, companionship, and sight-seeing. :wub:   Look for our final offerings this afternoon.  :) 

    1. Puppilull


      I think it would be such a great vacation activity. Would love to try it with my BFF. As long as I don't get writer's block. 😂

    2. Valkyrie


      It's really a lot of fun.  We get up in the morning, have our breakfast and coffee, then pick the prompt and write it before heading out for the day :) 

  15. Joe Bob, you did not get an anal probe by aliens. You were drinking again at the Blue Oyster Bar and it just seemed that way.


  16. It has been a long goddamn time. I posted a thing, and I already have a significant amount of said thing built up so there will be more than just that bit of the thing. Hopefully I'll even be able to finish it. I'm super proud of this story, I workshopped it with the writer's club at my college all of last year and I genuienly think it's the best thing I have ever written.

    1. MythOfHappiness


      Oh! I should probably add, Heat will be updating on saturdays at 6 AM. I have a month's worth of chapters set up as a buffer so that I can keep to a regular schedule. I am not looking forward to school this year but I will make time gaddagnet.

  17. Can the allergies stop please? My throat hurts, my sinus hates me, and I feel it wanting to become a cold. Nooooooo. Don't wanna. *whines*

  18. Tonight was Star Trek: Discovery night. I binge-watched s01e02-04.


    So both Shenzhou Captain Georgia and Admiral Anderson offer peace, but the Klingons refuse. Burnham is court marshaled and given a life sentence for mutiny. Discovery Captain Lorca engineers a transfer and diverts Burnham to his ship where he orders her to assist in an experiment.

    While attempting to recover the results of the destroyed USS Glenn, the away team is attacked by a Tardigrade creature that Lorca has secretly transferred to the Discovery. Burnham discovers its symbiosis with the fungus and the spores.

    The first attempt to use the spore drive abruptly ends in near-disaster. Burnham figures out that the Glenn researchers were using the Tardigrade to control navigation with the spore drive system. Using the Tardigrade as navigator, the Discovery is able to save a Federation outpost that was under attack.

    Two Klingon survivors who helped instigate the war plot to regain control of the Klingon Empire.

    The Discovery opening sequence reminds me of the 007 James Bond title sequence. Obviously, there are no guns, no scantily-clad women in supposedly sexy poses, or gallons of dripping blood. But there are stylistic similarities in how the images are presented. Maybe I’m the only one who sees parallels though…

  19. Please check out our most recent prompts from the Writer's Toolbox.  Mine is "Needles Highway" in Shuffle off to Buffalo and Valkryie's is "Family Ties" in Promptings from Valhalla.  We appreciate all your support!  Enjoy!

  20. The penultimate Cole/Valkyrie prompt has been posted.  Cole and Randy head home tomorrow, so there's one prompt left.  You can find my prompts in "Promptings from Valhalla" and Cole's in "Shuffle off to Buffalo".  Also check out Parker Owens response to yesterday's prompt in "Paleo Prompt". 

  21. I know it has been a wet coolish summer here this year, but a frost warning tonight on Aug 16 th :o

    cold minions GIF

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Reader1810


      It’s been very cold at night in Ontario as well. It’s as someone flipped a switch. 

    3. Krista


      Ah ha ha ha. Ha. :D I'm still sipping lemonade by the pool. 😎

    4. Slytherin


      Cold here on my storm cloud aswell :( 


      snow gif artist GIF by Posh Bear

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