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  3. Making Jambalaya tonight from a recipe on Youtube by Chef Issac Toups. 

    He said to be careful while stirring the roux because it's like cooking napalm and will burn the hell out of you. The blisters on my thumb are showing me he wasn't lying. Yowzers.

    But it's in the oven now and looking pretty awesome.

    1. Renee Stevens
    2. Mann Ramblings

      Mann Ramblings

      the finished product was amazing. It was worth it.

  4. Last week
  5. Freaking out a bit. Have the echocardiogram in the morning and terrified of what they might find. I keep trying to tell myself that with all the doctor visits and surgeries over the last couple years, that surely they'd have noticed if there was a problem.... its not working. 

    1. Mann Ramblings
    2. Reader1810
    3. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      Went okay. Its done, now have to wait a couple days for results...

  6. My thoughts go out to everyone in Beirut, Lebanon.

  7. Sorry about the delays, my ISN provider has been having issues.

  8. Help me name two new large, muscular characters. If I use your suggestion, I'll try to arrange a session for you to ride them.

    Get your minds out of the gutter. They're horses! :)


    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. chris191070


      Apostle and Boltfort 

    3. mollyhousemouse


      to whom do they belong? what kind of horses?
      Romeo, Brutus, Spirit
      if he is a black horse how about Noir, Midnight, Onyx
      for a bay, what about Cinnamon, or Autumn


    4. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      @mollyhousemouse lmao

      You'll have to wait a few months for those answers. I think I know the names I'm going to use, but that could change as I write tomorrow. This was a nice exercise. A couple of names I ruled out because I've already used them. Hunter will forever be CJ's first motorcycle. Then I tried using the name in sentences while imagining the animal. Two struck me and in the process I created a mini history for them. I think it'll work

  9. Sitting in my car, writing, when it started to rain.  It's nice and cozy right now, but its gonna suck when I have to go back inside in 20 minutes.

    1. Valkyrie


      Hopefully the rain will let up.  But yay for writing!  

  10. To all the friends I've met, had meaningful conversations with, and lost in touch.

  11. The splashdown in the gulf reminded me of all the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo splashdowns in the 60's and very early 70's.  Of course then it was very grainy video in black and white.  I was astonished they didn't have better camera's and better uplinks to transmit better quality video today.  And yes I was watching on May 5, 1961 when Alan Shepard went up for a short suborbital mission and splashed down in a Mercury Capsule.  

    1. drpaladin


      Now days almost everyone is carrying around a better quality video camera in their phone than available in those days.

    2. dughlas


      I was too young, age 3, to remember Alan Shepard's flight but I remember gathering in the school gym to watch other launches and splashdowns on tv.

    3. Daddydavek


      @dughlas...yeah, I was a teenager.

  12. ...back to the young pilot killed in WW1, the following poem should be known by heart by every LGBT poet... 


    To a Friend


    Thy voice, as tender as the light

    That shivers low at eve –

    Thy hair, where myriad flashes bright

    Do in and outward weave –

    Thy charms in their diversity

    Half frighten and astonish me.


    Thy hands, that move above the keys

    With eager touch and swift –

    Whereby thy mind, with magic ease

    Doth into music drift –

    They fill me with a strange delight

    That doth defy expression quite.


    Thine eyes, that hold a mirth subdued –

    Like deep pools scattering fire –

    Mine dare not meet them in their mood,

    For fear of my desire,

    Lest thou that secret do descry

    Which evermore I must deny.


    Thy very quiet dignity

    Thy silence, too, I love –

    Nay – thy light word is destiny

    Decreed in spheres above –

    My mind, my heart is bowed to thee,

    And hard it is that I must flee.


    Hard is a world that dare not give

    For every love a place:

    Hard is a power that bids us live

    A life bereft of grace –

    Hard, hard to lose thy figure dear,

    My star and my religion here.

    James Fenimore Cooper, II









    1. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      "Hard is a world that dare not give for every love a place"




    2. Lyssa


      Thank you for sharing this. It is so touching and the quote so true.

    3. Parker Owens

      Parker Owens

      What an amazing poem. Thank you!



    that was awesome!

  14. Watching coverage of the Dragon Capsule return on Science Channel. I recall watching the return of the first space shuttle at the Rathskeller at the University of Miami with a few hundred fellow students. The cheers and beer spills after landing are still fresh in my mind. Thanks to the pandemic, I'm watching alone at home drinking iced tea. Still just as exciting. Go NASA! Go SpaceX!

    1. mollyhousemouse


      it's very exciting! i have vague memories of the moon landings. vivid memories of the shuttle. both successful & unsuccessful. seeing how much thought & care has gone into this effort makes me hopeful for the future.

  15. I'm back. Started a new job and went away for training. Now that's over I can start writing again. I found a song by this band called Ursine Vulpine, the song is Without you (extended). They have a ton of good songs but this one was my favorite. Check it out if you get a chance, it gave me a lot of muse for some of my stories. 

    I will post two chapters a week, might be the same story or could be one for two different stories depends on my mood. 


  16. Last 10 chapters before I finish Gateway: Into the Oblivion!

  17. .......




  18. A local water system just announced an outage due to a lightning strike hitting their lines. First time I've heard of this.

    1. Daddydavek


      The lines...water lines or electric lines that run the pumps?

    2. drpaladin


      Water lines is what I understood. After talking to a friend, he said it must have been old cast iron pipe and he had heard of it happening before.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mikiesboy


      Canada is a good place to live.

    3. Ron


      @Mikiesboy Yes, yes Canada is a great place to live. Especially Toronto where I lived for three years, yea!

    4. Mikiesboy


      @Ron yep, Toronto is a good place. That's where we live. Where i grew up.

  19. just stopping by


    1. Mikiesboy


      Yes, it is, molly.  Thank you for the reminder. xo

    2. chris191070


      It certainly is Molly. Thanks for the wonderful words and the reminder 😀 

  20. Please check it out :)

    For the first week of August, Summer 2020 – Hell in a Handbasket will be available as a free downloadable e-book from Kindle and Amazon. Check out the link, and if you like the book, and/or think the work is important, tell your friends and family to hurry and get their own free copy.

    This offer is available on all international Amazon sites as well; just search “AC Benus” on Amazon.co.UK, .DE, .FR, .JP, etc., etc., etc.







    1. Lyssa


      Awesome! This is an important work and I will check it out. Great work. Muha

    2. BDANR


      @AC Benus

      I downloaded your book. Stirring, your voice is heard loud and clear. Fitting for the times we're in. Congrats on publishing your work :).

    3. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      @BDANRThank you for reading it, and encouraging me :)  I'd be honored and grateful if you give the book 5 stars and repeat your comments above as a review on Amazon. Every little bit helps. Thanks again!

  21. My new book A Case of Jitters is out if anybody is interested you can check it out here :)  View Here


  22. Looking at what would be the beginning of a possible multi-book series and wondering if I've still got it in me.  

  23. Well.... more testing to come... kinda getting tired of numerous medical tests and still nothing to show for them. This time, I kinda want no diagnosis since they're doing an echocardiogram. Would rather not find out something is wrong with my heart....

  24. Yes, I am mildly unhinged and mildly hallucinating where I think I spelled or arranged words correctly when in fact, I didnt. I have been sleeping for 2-3 hrs for 3 weeks straight

  25. Ah...shit sorry. The chapter numbering is wrong but it is the correct chapter. I am sorry, I am not tech savvy or detailed person.

    Yes I am 24 and yes, I can do basic computer and gadget repair. No I don`t have any qualifications in IT. My major is English Literature and no, again, I am not tech savvy or detailed person when not needed. I tend to just turn off my brain and went vacation mood.

    Yes...it took me 30 min every time to figure out how to update the chapters because I could not be bothered. But maybe I should...

    I apologize. Have a good weekend everyone

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