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  2. wildone


    Sad thing is as my hairline recedes, I'm looking more and more like that every day
  3. dughlas

    Sweet pea

    Sweet pea is among my favorites.
  4. From the album: My garden again

    New this year. The bees adore it, almost fighting over the flower heads.
  5. aditus

    going out.jpg

    From the album: Pick 'n mix

  6. Lyssa


    From the album: Summer

    This rainbow suprised me in the morning.
  7. From the album: Summer

  8. Lyssa


    From the album: Summer

    Castel Hanstein
  9. dughlas


    My heart seeks a still place beside a shaded brook to rest awhile and breathe ...
  10. From the album: Things

    Sky I am exhausted today, how long has it been since I read anything? How long has it been since I write anything? I don`t know, I don`t know. For wadding through the sea of time in my mind is like swimming against a riptide.
  11. From the album: Pick 'n mix

  12. aditus


    My thoughts exactly....
  13. SilverArdour


    I am...drooling. I swear I will have to get one as soon as I come out under these piles of work
  14. aditus


    European Industrial Heritage. Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landschaftspark_Duisburg-Nord Sightseeing at home.
  15. Headstall

    Dragen storm

    Earth meets sky... wonderful, Lyssa!
  16. AC Benus


    Makes me want to get out my watercolors
  17. AC Benus


  18. AC Benus


    amazing sky
  19. Lyssa


    From the album: Summer

  20. Lyssa


    From the album: Summer

    Ruins of cloister Eldena a favorite motive of Casper David Friedrich and the Romantics
  21. rustle


    I got on the wrong bus, and got off in the fourth ward in Houston, pale as milk in a black neighborhood. I stepped off the bus, and a little old black lady, she must have been 80, looks up at me and says, "Jesus, you've come for me!" I chuckled, and probably blushed, "Ma'am, I believe you've mistaken me for someone else." Looking at this lady, I was guessing she went to church often, gave them every cent she could spare, and was a True Believer. We both chuckled and sat down on the doorstep, and talked for about 15 minutes, before I took my leave to walk the rest of the way in to school. I can't remember what we talked about, but I remember her laughing.
  22. Ron


    Keep the feet cool and the head warm, that's a valuable piece of advice that I learned about the caring of clematis.
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