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  1. Today
  2. Page Scrawler

    It is alive

    Nice! It looks cute AND cozy!
  3. Last week
  4. mastershakeme


    Genetics are so cool.
  5. Parker Owens


    Not a chance.
  6. Headstall


    Exquisite... a silent sentinel of sacrifice.
  7. Earlier
  8. aditus


    Very delicate.
  9. Valkyrie

    Pacific Gull

    Great shot
  10. Page Scrawler

    Brush Bronzewing.

    Almost a week ago, there was a news story about a Mandarin duck taking up residence in Central Park, NYC. All the way from China!! How on Earth....? BTW, nice picture. Such a beautiful bird.
  11. Page Scrawler


    The clowns at the Cherry Parade in TC make bubbles bigger than that, but said bubbles don't last for long.
  12. Daddydavek


    So sad for your loss. Pets remind us that life is precious.
  13. Daddydavek


    Great little smile!
  14. mastershakeme


    From the album: Baby!

  15. Backwoods Boy

    Blue Lake.JPG

    That hadn't occurred to me. Now I'm trying to analyze it. 🤔
  16. Backwoods Boy

    Lake Sahalee Tyee.JPG

    From the album: Indian Summer

  17. Parker Owens

    Black Painted Rocker.JPG

    Yes. Very good and old ones.
  18. Parker Owens

    Needlepoint Seat Rocker.JPG

    It’s great for reading in...
  19. Parker Owens

    Child's Rocker.JPG

    I did too. And then I got too big for it, and it disappeared into the attic. I found it again this summer.
  20. Parker Owens

    Great-Grandmother's Rocker.JPG

    @Mikiesboy: I’ve discovered how easy it is to drop off for a nap in it...
  21. Thorn Wilde


    From a Halloween party a couple weeks ago (early, I know, but hey, October is Halloween month, right?)
  22. Thorn Wilde

    Sleepy Hollow!

    My Halloween entertainment.
  23. From the album: MrMe

    . . . I have been expecting you.
  24. BHopper2

    Quote from George Washington

    From the album: BHopper2's Misc.

  25. jamessavik

    My Physics Notes

    That was a weakness of mine. NO ONE could ever read my handwriting. It could be physics notes or a gumbo recipe. There was no way to tell.
  26. Page Scrawler

    Autumn at AC

    Looks like a nice place, Drew!
  27. northie

    Mediaeval town house

    Me? No - just visiting. The house - it was the first building added to the collection. From a local town, it was going to be demolished in the philistine 1960s. It's been stripped back to the original C15 structure.
  28. Headstall

    Toll booth charges

    Travel wasn't cheap. Still isn't.
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