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  2. aditus

    frozen yoghurt.jpg

    Turns out the ice cream-yoghurt -maker makes a terrific frozen youghurt too.
  3. aditus


    A good friend calls them Korken! It's their official name now.
  4. From the album: Summer

    We went canoeing today and on our way a Mallard duck and her ducklings joint us on our way. :-)
  5. Lyssa


    A second flower already faded.
  6. Lyssa

    Poppies k1.jpg

    From the album: Summer

  7. Earlier
  8. Look between your left shoulder and the window frame. Like the face of the man in the moon, tell me if you see a dog or cat as a shadow image.
  9. AC Benus


    So much yummy grass to eat!
  10. Lyssa


    From the album: Spring 2019

    Those two give joy and lightness to our spring this year.
  11. Invnarcel


  12. Invnarcel


  13. Invnarcel


  14. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing. The petals look so wonderful and tender. We planted lots of plants in our front garden last weekend, among others two clematis. I can`t wait until they bloom. 😄
  15. I really shouldn’t have laughed, so now I’m gonna 🤨 at you to redeem myself...
  16. I take it you go in around the back. Maybe I should re-phrase that. The entrance is at the rear. Hmm. It's the phallic thing at the front that worries me.
  17. aditus


    Nah, the Wolfmobile is a 1977 VW-Bus : P
  18. AC Benus


    Yes, he's a very sweet puppy. He's an observer type of soul, and sometimes I think he's taking mental notes for his upcoming tell-all expose 🤣
  19. This is wonderful! 🤗
  20. This is what happens if you call a Customer “Service” “Helpline” and stay on hold too long
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