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  2. A friend gave it to me... they had them at world pride celebrating the first openly gay officer and 59th anniversary of Stone Wall.
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  5. northie

    My hedgehog

    From the album: My garden again

    A slightly blurred portrait of a nocturnal visitor. In fact one of two, I discovered yesterday. 😍
  6. Earlier
  7. Did anyone get wet feet?
  8. Puppilull


    I think they are just curious birds. We have a few at our cabin and they show up when we are outside, getting really close to us as if they are checking us out.
  9. Very cool 3D effects and shading. I like it!
  10. I love that grumpy looking owl. Also the whale, and the guitar. The more you look at it, the more things you discover!
  11. aditus


    Thank you, Thorn!
  12. He's got a look on his face like he's about to throw down some serious Shade.
  13. HinderToyBL

    Page 08

    From the album: Crossing the Moon

  14. Lyssa

    cornfield sprinkler

    @clochette, @AC Benus and @Thorn Wilde Thank you! 🙂
  15. Drew is nerding it all out.... LOL
  16. northie

    Jacob's ladder

    Common name is 'Jacob's ladder'. Polemonium caeruleum is the scientific name. Usually blue.
  17. Thorn Wilde

    Ruby red

    Wow... So pretty!
  18. HinderToyBL

    page 06

    From the album: Crossing the Moon

  19. HinderToyBL

    page 05

    From the album: Crossing the Moon

    Robin found the "take it back, plz." Thirdly is happy.
  20. I completely agree with the inclusion of alcohol with with to celebrate. But I have to insist on a good, dark spicy rum instead. 🙂
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