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  2. Thorn Wilde

    Nice day

    It's the view from my kitchen window.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Thorn Wilde

    Frozen Lake 3

    The sun had disappeared behind the trees. The whole lake was in shadow. I once heard that yellow light casts blue shadows... Maybe it's true.
  5. Last week
  6. Thorn Wilde

    Frozen Lake 2

    More beautiful still, when all the waterfowl return and the lake's full of swans.
  7. Thorn Wilde

    Frozen Lake 1

    It is. I'm really lucky to have this lake so close. It's a ten minute walk from my house. I run around it when there's no snow or ice.
  8. SteveTrevor

    Captain Taryn Bellin

    From the album: Space Adventures

  9. Earlier
  10. Thorn Wilde


    So pretty! ❤️
  11. Thirdly


    From the album: The New Solare

    I'm forever finding quick sketches where I was trying to explain things to my friends. Every time I find one, I can't help but laugh at my own silly antics (I'm forever laughing at myself). This was my trying to show a possible representation of the crater to Toma.
  12. quokka


    South Australia "Aussie Pioneers"
  13. aditus

    new wardrobe accepted.jpg

    The one on the right.
  14. Thorn Wilde

    New Bathroom

    Looks awesome, Val! Congrats!
  15. Thorn Wilde

    Daffodils and chinadoxa

    So many petals! 😯
  16. BHopper2

    13th Judicial Circuit Court

    I think there are a few more I can find to tease with.
  17. MacGreg

    niece time

    Thanks, Wayne. I miss her.
  18. Thorn Wilde


    Yes, the glasses are really cool!
  19. From the album: Me

  20. From the album: Me

  21. From the album: Me

  22. mayday

    Miniature irises

    beautiful! Thank you!
  23. northie

    Muscari and chinadoxa

    From the album: My garden again

    Blue grape hyacinth and pale pink chinadoxa
  24. northie


    From the album: My garden again

    Flowers most of the winter as well.
  25. Thorn Wilde


    Thank you! ❤️
  26. Caz Pedroso

    'lil q and friends

    She's growing up fast.
  27. Thirdly


    Thank you!
  28. Thirdly

    Sorta Summary

    It’s a sci-fi story I’ve been working on with @Rambling Robin. It’s called Cuddlefish. It’s a pretty fun read, if you ever want to peek at it. I make the most ridiculous sketches and notes to get her to laugh.
  29. Thorn Wilde

    Some trans men problems

    Mine actually isn't that difficult. It's from gc2b. Though I seem to be losing weight so I may need to get one in a smaller size soon...
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