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  2. Don't know whether late May / early June is the normal time for these multi-headed daffs.
  3. From the album: My garden again

    Looks as though this lavender has loved the foul May weather we had. 🤨
  4. K.C.

    Echo 2.jpg

    Our last cat passed away over 2 years ago and it was time to bring a new kitty into our home. Meet Echo 💕
  5. From the album: Individual Stories

    Rhyad, Owin, Emery, and Sepherus from The Dawn's Dusk.
  6. This was around half a mile from where we got stuck in the sandstorm, about five feet from the roadside. When we passed by on the way out last week, there was only sand there. Remember, the briefing the first day here. STAY ON THE DAMN ROAD!!!!
  7. This Egyptian tank was left in the minefield. The turret was blown straight up, flipped over and came back down, upside down. The crew was (is)still in the tank.
  8. They got off the road to change a tire, the jeep was destroyed, they did not survive. As soon as you arrive in theater, part of your first briefing as a driver is: Do Not Get Off The Road. Learn from their mistake.
  9. This was just after the sandstorm, this looking in back of my convoy. Notice there is no road. It was covered with 5 to 10 foot sand dunes.
  10. She's just trying to edit
  11. My cats would have that glass on the floor in no time Beautiful pic!
  12. The bumble bees were very busy.
  13. From the album: My 2021

    It's that time of year again
  14. What happens when two straight guys meet and feel an inexplicable sexual connection? I'll give you a hint...one of them is sure to end up getting bent.
  15. Images to go with Chapter 30 of The Farm at Maple Hollow
  16. drsawzall


    Thanks, this for information concerning the next Chapter for The Farm at Maple Hollow! I would be please to hear your reaction to that chapter!
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