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  1. Yesterday
  2. Thorn Wilde

    Bearded Thorn

    Not really. I mean, I’ve done sound for theatre, nothing else. But I have known a couple of make-up artists, so I knew in theory what to do. Went to a stage make-up store, bought a braid of human hair and some adhesive and got to work. It came off far too quickly, though. I didn’t realise the adhesive would dry that quickly, so I had to do more layers and it all started to crack. Looked awful at the end of the evening. Maybe I’ll do better next time.
  3. Thorn Wilde

    Neil Gaiman on writing stories

    First time I met him was at World Fantasy Con 2011, in San Diego. He was guest of honour. It was the last night and I was in this bar at the resort, and lo and behold, there was he. I found myself next to him at the bar and figured I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t talk to him. So I did, ranting for a full minute about how he’d inspired me to say fuck it and work on my music and my writing, and made a complete arse out of myself, but he still hugged me and said it was wonderful that I’d decided to focus on my art. The second time was at a signing in Oslo where I managed to convince him to sign my chest, lol!
  4. Last week
  5. Backwoods Boy

    Rabbit in the Snow.JPG

    The picture was taken a mere 50 plus years ago, and that is the age of the experience too
  6. MacGreg

    niece time

    Thanks, Def.
  7. Earlier
  8. Szabi


    From the album: Funny stuff

  9. Valkyrie

    Late Christmas.jpg

  10. From the album: Funny stuff

  11. Szabi


    From the album: Funny stuff

  12. Szabi

    images (1).jpeg

    From the album: Funny stuff

  13. Szabi


    Yeah hahaha mines not much different except when he's napping hahaha
  14. Mikiesboy

    Winter Hike.jpg

    beautiful.. oh.. and so is the scenery ..
  15. Szabi


    From the album: Funny stuff

  16. MrM

    Happy New Year

    As of now, I think a part of me is. You see, I met my Snowflake over Christmas again for the second time in two years at the House Of Finland.
  17. Szabi


    From the album: Funny stuff

  18. Szabi


    From the album: Funny stuff

  19. Dodger


    This is a cool picture. Like something from a quiz book. I counted 13. It's difficult and I think there's one at the top in disguise.
  20. Dodger


    This is so true. I hate updates and they always come at an inconvenient time.
  21. Szabi


    From the album: Funny stuff

  22. Thorn Wilde


    Not metal, but listen to Bad Religion's Christmas Songs album. For Christmas music that isn't awful.
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