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  1. Yesterday
  2. Headstall

    Dragen storm

    Earth meets sky... wonderful, Lyssa!
  3. Last week
  4. AC Benus


    Makes me want to get out my watercolors
  5. Lyssa


    From the album: Summer

  6. Lyssa


    From the album: Summer

    Ruins of cloister Eldena a favorite motive of Casper David Friedrich and the Romantics
  7. Earlier
  8. rustle


    I got on the wrong bus, and got off in the fourth ward in Houston, pale as milk in a black neighborhood. I stepped off the bus, and a little old black lady, she must have been 80, looks up at me and says, "Jesus, you've come for me!" I chuckled, and probably blushed, "Ma'am, I believe you've mistaken me for someone else." Looking at this lady, I was guessing she went to church often, gave them every cent she could spare, and was a True Believer. We both chuckled and sat down on the doorstep, and talked for about 15 minutes, before I took my leave to walk the rest of the way in to school. I can't remember what we talked about, but I remember her laughing.
  9. Ron


    Keep the feet cool and the head warm, that's a valuable piece of advice that I learned about the caring of clematis.
  10. You may have missed the title, Richard. It's a black-headed cardinal beatle.
  11. From the album: Summer

    We went to Golm last weekend and visited Einsteins Summerhouse. He insisted, that it won`t become a museum and so it is a house for scientific exchange today. 🙂
  12. chris191070


    That's brilliant 👏
  13. Pmsingtiger


    From the album: My Work

  14. Yes. A LOT. Lol. Back hurts right after.H This was actually a throwback photo. HAHAHA.
  15. From the album: SojournerSF

    For use with The Sojourner of San Francisco: LTR/02: Pick Up Where We Left Off, or AKA, a New Beginning? Rows of apartments near Ocean Beach, on the site what was once Playland amusement park until it was closed in 1972. You can faintly see Dutch Windmill nested in Golden Gate Park from here, too. Ocean Beach is a popular spot for activities: beach volleyball, fishing, campfire, or simply kicking the sands. Water activities is not advised, as Pacific Ocean brings rip tides. The beach is wide and expansive (about 3.5 miles) with white sands like that of a resort town. The Great Highway runs parallel to it along with O’Shaughnessy Seawall. Ice plants with yellow and purple blooms thrive in dune. It’s a great place to sit and listen to the roar of the Pacific and let the waves take away whatever is on your mind.

    © all rights reserved

  16. From the album: SojournerSF

    For use with The Sojourner of San Francisco: LTR/02: Pick Up Where We Left Off, or AKA, a New Beginning? Sutro Baths was the largest indoor swimming pool when it was completed in 1896. It could accommodate 10,000 visitors at once, and the 1.7 million gallons of water could be filled by Pacific Ocean in one hour. There used to be Sky Tram that ran from nearby Cliff House, took you above Seal Rocks and landed on Point Lobos just above. Just like the Baths itself, was a commercial failure. After the fire consumed it in 1966, it was left as a ruin and never got rebuilt. The stairs connect Sutro Baths to Lands End Lookout, which offers a spectacular view of this romantic ruin. There is even a tunnel near the end of the Baths to explore! The sunset anywhere near is the best.

    © all rights reserved

  17. From the album: Crossing the Moon

    I just liked this page and the interaction between those four.
  18. HinderToyBL


    From the album: Crossing the Moon

    The top is a sketch of Pax and Eli. The bottom is artwork by ArtByPanda, who helped me with the inking of the first segment of the comic. I adore her style.
  19. HinderToyBL


    From the album: Crossing the Moon

    The top are Elias and Mateo being grumpy while Pax scolds them. The bottom is a glum January.
  20. HinderToyBL


    From the album: Crossing the Moon

    The top is Mat, Eli, and Pax. The bottom is Jany, Eli, and Quin.
  21. HinderToyBL


    From the album: Crossing the Moon

    I took down a bunch of the comic pages from the gallery because I had overstuffed it. The comic is still going over at Tapas and Webtoons. I am going to show, instead, some of the extra artwork of the boys.
  22. From the album: SojournerSF

    For use with The Sojourner of San Francisco: LTR/01: You Don’t Have to Be a Stranger, Says the Awkward Turtle Golden Gate Bridge is 1.7 miles long. Each tower is 746 feet above water. Construction started on January 5, 1933, and the Art Deco icon of San Francisco opened on May 27, 1937. It costed $23.8 million (about $1.64 billion in today’s dollar). When it opened it was the longest single-span suspension bridge in the world. It was considered an impossible task due the gusty wind of Golden Gate Strait. The Summer fog usually won’t scatter until afternoon, and it will descend to the Fort ground around dusk, obscuring the view of the beautiful red truss arch just above it. The famous saying, “the coldest Winter is Summer in San Francisco” is definitely true, so bring layered clothing if you’re visiting.

    © all rights reserved

  23. Lisa

    frozen yoghurt.jpg

    Omg, Addy, that looks wonderful!
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