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  2. An educational chapter. About Texas and the making of a tree house
  3. chris191070

    Chapter 34

    Great chapter. Great to see the parents visiting. Hopefully the threat has been neutralised for now.
  4. silentreader3

    Chapter 69

    Thank you for sharing the news. I had written to him to thank him for his stories a few years ago. Now I'm especially thankful I did that before he passed away. (I found his obituary, too, and I agree with your comment above.) "Beloved" and "Working It Out" are two comfort novels for me. Perhaps that sounds so lazy of me, but I think I've read each one maybe three times over the past ten years. If I'm feeling particularly crappy, re-reading one of Don Hanratty's novels is soothing. From his note at the end of chapter 69 we know the wedding he planned for chapter 70. I'm curious to know what he would have said about his other character's lives in chapter 70.
  5. chris191070

    Chapter 2

    Wow. Didn't see that coming. Emily having an affair. I think Braden is possibly involved, in the two Tristan's being related.
  6. Great chapter. Chris oozes charm, he just doesn't realise it. It all showed in that little cafe, when he introduced himself, played with the toddler and paid for everything. The fight with Gramps shows that Chris training is progressing well as he was able to hold his own a bit better this time. He nearly loses control, but the voices, warn him to be careful.
  7. Gary L


    We stayed in my first motel near Hearst Castle. Next morning my lawyer friend asked me if I would be upset if that night we sped to the Fairmount hotel in SF as he didnt feel safe in a motel. The motel had seemed fine to me but uk lawyers need 5***** treatment!!
  8. Today
  9. drsawzall


    I agree with the other comments, please continue!!!
  10. No, Josh didn't adopt Duck (Donald), but Josh probably would have if he wasn't so old, since he's approximately 9 years older than Vinnie, and if Donald wanted to be adopted.
  11. Israfil

    Chapter 7

    My heart goes out to Evan from what I’m picking up here. I know that overwhelming feeling of failure and the crushing nihilism that comes with it. And the irritation that comes when people try to snap you out of it before you’re ready. I suspect his dad’s trying to share with Evan a little of what he learned/the perspective he found out here in his new life and thinks this job could do that. Of course he’s going to take it - that’s likely the premise of the story XD I’m not sure I would in his place - I’m more the type to relish wallowing in my misery - but then again, activity and structure of any kind can be a good antidote for angst. Or at least a mild pain killer. Lastly I’m fairly sure Evan tried to hurt himself after he didn’t get the internship - I was getting strong vibes of that from the first few chapters and how the adults acted around him...
  12. FanLit

    Chapter 6

    Maybe Tristan’s injuries will be enough to shake Sasha out of his pique and the two of them can get this romance on the road. I am enjoying this story very much, by the way. Thank you for sharing.
  13. Daddydavek

    Chapter 33

    Another fast reading chapter with interesting characters.
  14. rjo

    Chapter 21

    Two things impress me in this chapter. The first is George and his able crew. How they can win even against overwhelming odds. The second is George's sense of the social order. Not only in Briton but also in Russia. The removal of the Tsar, even a crazy one bothers him. Even if Tsar Paul could cause him and England a great deal of trouble. It only goes to show us who George is. Yes a person of his time and station, but also a brave and noble captain. I think it makes us love him even more.
  15. Carlos Hazday


    Glad you liked the chapter, Will. Thank you. Writing confrontations like the one here is something I thoroughly enjoy. Between your name and your father's affiliation with the USAF, I think you might enjoy the last chapter in this story.
  16. Clancy59

    Chapter 1

    We need a rolling eye response emoji thingee. 🙄
  17. Clancy59

    Chapter 14

    Thanks. It’s been a while and I couldn’t remember her name. I do remember her trick of going Between to cause a miscarriage. Also, I remember Lessa’s trouble having Felessan and how it was commented that F’Lar was glad she had never ‘quickened’ again. It was the first time I had ever heard that term.
  18. Bft

    PS Ch 2

    Good chapter, there are a few typos, where you refer to Robert as James and the Earl of Crawley not Crawford
  19. Mark I have finally caught up with you on this great story. I hope you keep on writing more and more of this Chronicle and others in this series in the future. Thanks for everything you do. You are appreciated! Now I need to go read the last two chapters you have posted Northern Exposure which is my favorite of all.
  20. Thanks, flesco, and I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter. Yes, there's a lot going on with the tree house being rebuilt and the boys being in Texas, and you know how kids are with museums - they aren't impressed easily. I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of this story and I thank you very much for your kind feedback.
  21. gabz2000

    Masters of Earth 1

    Next chapter will be posted at 7pm London time tonight.
  22. Canuk

    Chapter 34

    He sort of has to be, given the number of positions Mr Arbour manages to get him into! I'd rather like helping dear George in and out of his positions..... 😍😉
  23. kbois

    Chapter 1

    Thanks Jim! Only time will tell. I kinda like throwing in some twists and turns into my stories, I've been know to do it it a time or two😉! Thanks for commenting, I enjoy all the feedback you want to throw my way!
  24. CLJobe

    Chapter 32

    and I think Puppy is willing to let him take charge. Tony seems to let him take charge.
  25. Avangelion

    Chapter 5

    Thanks for loving it ❤️ I'm so happy. I had so much fun writing that scene, Sasha doing his thing and then... "Yeah, I'm pissed at you, you get to clean that up" *LOL* Hope you will keep enjoying
  26. ObicanDecko

    Gloves Off

    Oh absolutely, it's been revealed that Ash's relationship with Marcus is an "open secret" - his record label and friends (and even Marcus' friends, such as the dancer Mikaela, as we've seen) know about it. Ash just isn't allowed to come out publicly due to his contract with the label. And Samson definitely knows more than it seems, this is just the first such hint.
  27. I honestly have no idea why they all were so surprised by the General going public about their escape. It makes anything they say look suspicious. It is what I would have done.
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