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  2. tesao

    Chapter 10

    A beautiful, enchanting, well-crafted story that feels more like a beginning than a conclusion. You’ve laid a great foundation on which to expand and elaborate. I guess that’s my not-so-subtle way of begging for more! 💜
  3. Hell, I'm still trying to figure out if Noah and his crew were even human at all! 😮 Everyone is, though . . . just to err on the side of discretion, Russians are not known to give up on things easily. But, perhaps that is fodder for another story. We shall see what the Hallas think of Brian in the next act: The Northern Lights.
  4. glennish

    Chapter 11

    Love can make us do stupid things but betrayal seems like alittle much. I hope he’s here means mason has arrived. Looking forward to next chapter thanks
  5. tesao

    Chapter 9

    Amazing, and scintillating on a sexual/spiritual level that is unusual - not to mention, hot! Well done.
  6. glennish

    The Tin Man Who Didn’t Want A Heart

    The sad thing for Carter right now is that prior to the body swap Aron’s pendulum was swung way over to the side where he was about to give up on Alex!! Then Carter stepped in to Alex’s body and brought back the love that Aron originally felt for Alex. Now if he wants to break them up he has to undo all the healing that he did while in Alex’s body!! wow just looking at that statement above made me very confused. Thanks for the chapter Laura!!
  7. droughtquake

    Chapter 108 A Spiritual Guide

    Robbie never has much luck with Sue either! ;–) But I was thinking about the legendary strategy of a father taking his son to a prostitute for his sexual initiation, although in this case, Robbie has already lost his virginity and this would be more of a reset to a previous state that Don believes is the true default. ;–)
  8. Today
  9. Butcher56

    Chapter 13

    I think it’s going to be sooner rather than later that the two boys actually meet in person.. I have a feeling that they will become great friends because of the assignment to become pen pals and write to each other, I don’t know how often they are required to write their pen pals or anything although I think they have been going above and beyond what is required for the assignment. To me I think it’s great to have so much to say to each other and then write each other three times a week and not reveal anything about yourself so you can’t know who you’re actually writing to. Great story, I’m still enjoying it as these two boys are doing great by writing as much as they do and still not reveal anything personal about themselves in any of their letters.
  10. glennish

    The Bang in the Building

    I know Dustin isn’t in a good place right now but I hope that he noticed that Brett considers him a “brother”.
  11. mikedup

    Chapter 2

    An excellent chapter. This is going to be an interesting story ahead.. thank you
  12. glennish

    The Guide

    Rulf still cares enough about Esthor that he went to find him. And even though he left him behind I hope they still have a future together. Rulf does have his own shit to work through no though too. Looking forward to next chapter thanks.
  13. glennish

    What the hell is that?

    At first I thought sell the contents of the box but then I was reading the rest of the comments and started questioning my response. I think I would at least get them appraised and go from there. I would definitely look up the history of Amos and his brother and want to find out more about that too. Looking forward to more of the boys please and thanks.
  14. glennish

    Chapter 57

    Kohen sees how he could have ended up if he wasn’t rescued by Everett and I understand why it would scare him abit. I hope Freska can interface with Danie and get to the bottom of his history. Need a name for the synthgar now. Thanks cia.
  15. glennish

    Chapter 29 First Steps

    Me thinks they might protest to much. Let’s see how long a friends with benefits situation lasts before they decide it could be love. Thanks for the chapter.
  16. MichaelS36

    Remembrance Day, November 11, 2018

    I am very late. A beautiful tribute, tim.
  17. glennish

    A Day in the Life

    Nice chapter and I am glad that Artie is finding his place in California. Now just have to wait for the other shoe to drop when the asshole grandparents step back into his life. Thanks.
  18. Asher25

    Boy Valentine

    Billy here wishes you love
  19. Thanks @droughtquake appreciate your comments and following along too
  20. travlbug

    Clash of Wolves

    I hope that Rulf comes round, though it will take his heart some time to catch up with his head. 😪
  21. glennish

    Chapter 2

    I can see that Joe is trying to make up for the stuff that has happened but josh still seems a little raw about the wounds. I wonder if Josh does “marry” into this wealthy family if the douche of a mother will show back up for the money??? Thanks for the chapter.
  22. travlbug

    Chapter 13

    Great to hear that Nathan has fully recovered! As for Mac putting him in a hospital gown, it was all in the line of duty. 😉 (She could have asked one of the boys for help.... 😁) So, Kelly is a saboteur! Is she the only one? What are her motives? Is she getting active orders even now from outside the fortress (despite Alex' view to the contrary), or has she been acting on orders received before the mountain retreat was sealed? While I understand Noah's view that she should be left free but under observation, I side with Nathan: Lock her up after a thorough strip search (including a fine-tooth-comb search of her possessions) and look for some sodium pentothal amongst the medical supplies. Remember that she is a traitor in a war against humanity, and her ultimate punishment could even be the death penalty. Hopefully, now that Tobi has been exonerated, Alex can rebuild his friendships with both Tobi and Mac.
  23. NakKing25

    Chapter 36

    Sometimes you gotta live dangerously. Don't ya?
  24. Starrynight22

    Epilogue - Christmas Lights

    Probably my 3rd go round with this story. I love it. Your shifter stories are some of the best available to read.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Brokenbind

    Chapter 4: St Lucia

    It's going to hurt when the cruise ends. I'm still hopeful for 'happily ever after' though!
  27. Bft

    Chapter Twelve

    It is great to see that Jordan has admitted to Noah about his feelings, I hope that it works out for them. Noah needs to explain to Jordan what happened with sebastard and Jordan needs to keep a level head about it all, if Noah does not say anything it could affect their sex life as Noah may have issues when it comes to having sex as what seb did may bring back bad memories.
  28. Fitzhugh

    What’s with Reilly Chesley?

    I’m beginning to feel Aiden is using Owen and being selfish about a lot of different things. He disappears, moody, and his basic communication with Owen is always on his terms. Granted we only have Owens POV, but with Reilly, why the cloak and dagger about getting his number and address? and when Owen gets to Reillys room Aiden says let’s go. Why not let Owen and Reilly get to know each other? while he may not be interested in Reilly over Owen, but some good old fashion communication is needed.
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