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  2. Grumpy Bear

    Bears of War

    Yep, that's the number I've been keeping an eye on for the last couple days. It has been going up around 20 to 30 points each day, and since I'm at 214 as of this moment, I figure another couple of days should put me over the top!
  3. It's done. I'm sad but so happy to see them off! Please, if you have a moment, like, recommend, comment, and/or leave a review. All things that keep us authors behind the keyboard (well, me at least).
  4. Mrsgnomie

    Chapter 9

    Ok. I'm f*cking dying right now. Yesterday at work, I was joking with my co-workers. I had bought this GIANT apple and, with too much enthusiasm, took the biggest bite I could. My jaw almost got stuck. It was hilarious...and kind of scary. How you had that image is blowing my mind right now.
  5. Today
  6. Dorala

    Ignorant Genius

    So interesting! Look forward to coming developments
  7. Thank you very much🥂 I'll just give everyone, including you especially, a little spoiler. Liam & Sascha, before Liam believed he betrayed him, used to be somewhat, of what I'd like to call secret "playboys". Rub each other's bodies, kiss, hold hands etc. Not boyfriends, really. Just that special & unusual category we can all say we've been in... As for Sascha's Father you'll meet him in the next chapter, actually. No, not a mafia man. But, definitely a man of "Black Paper" persona, if you know what I mean.🍷🎩📜
  8. CLJobe

    Chapter 72

    Yes and I don't think anything can compete with a boys appetite. I wonder how kitchens will change when these boys go home. Food that isn't common in their country just might become another MacDonald rave
  9. drpaladin

    Chapter 24

    The text issue has been fixed.
  10. Ordu378

    Chapter 11

    The whole thing... From the call to the eavesdropping is a definite "Oh Shit!" moment. I'm pretty much with everyone else. Prison? Internment? A rose by any other name....
  11. James Carnarvon

    Chapter 6

    Let’s just say I think you’ll find the next chapter interesting…
  12. Ordu378

    Chapter 8

    Dr. Bitner... Hmm, I wonder what his doctorate was in? Pretentious little twit!
  13. Ordu378

    Chapter 7

    When dealing with stories about Time Travel, I have found that it is always necessary for me to remember NOT to think about too many questions... It saves on the amount of Tylenol I have to take! Davy is correct in the sense that the original time line is the original, as it pertains to him.
  14. RevSimon

    Chapter 11

    I really enjoyed this story. It is the first of yours that I have read and I am now going to read the rest of them. I note there will be a sequel and am looking forward to it. Both boys have so much to learn, particularly Arran, who seems especially naive, perhaps because he is rather self centred. I want to see how they both deal with future revelations.
  15. Aditus

    Chapter 1 Story

    Thank you so much, Gary. There are always people who tell you how you should do certain things, but there is nothing more personal than your sexuality. You can ask for opinions, but the decision what to do , when it's time to be you, is always your own. People should respect this. *rant over* Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Gary.
  16. astone2292

    Chapter 33

    I think Arric has a clue, but our little dope might be clueless. Thanks for commenting, Patch! I may have been influenced by Reid in Kieran's character building a bit. I wanted him to be as smart, but I needed a personality change. Hence, the laid-back and dopiness. Try Death Wish out. I allot myself a new food product once a month in my grocery budget. I drink that brand every so often when I really need a boost or if I need to pull an all-nighter. Maybe Arric does like nerds, or maybe he has other plans... Cyn being comfy in the woods is true, but now the rogue wolve
  17. NimirRaj

    Fever Dreams

    🤔 I don’t for a second think Tyler has been having these dreams because of pneumonia and the end of the chapter makes it clear something more is going on. If there’s a remote chance these are in actuality memories then there’s a lot of questions to be asked. I mean wouldn’t this mean Zeke and Tyler have both had their minds wiped at some point? I don’t know why such a method would be used rather than killing them yet if such an action was taken it leads one to an interesting theory. G is seemingly so incompetent and his actions are so insane at times that a crazy thought train has me wondering
  18. Ordu378

    Chapter 6

    While I still have some reservations, I think I actually agree with CincyKris, this time.
  19. Ordu378

    Chapter 5

    This is exactly the scenario that Davy hoped would not happen in his first Do Over.
  20. kbois

    Chapter 8

    Thank you!
  21. rjo

    Chapter 37

    Who would know freeing some slaves would bring two brothers together and unite a family. There is something about George which shows us that even a warrior can be merciful. As I wish the characters of CAP were real I wish George was to. Mark how you create a story like this is beyond me. Bravo Lord Arbour
  22. Geemeedee


    I can’t help wondering if Talon would’ve been even more on the alert if Kalian had told him what Amaris heard. It bothers me that he has vital information he hasn’t thought to share with the others.
  23. CLJobe

    Chapter 71

    Yes, he would. I have a feeling Adam will be involved
  24. FrankD

    Chapter 17

    Thank you With Hunter's response to the blackmail, for him it was over whelming. Even though he looks like a big tough guy, on the inside he was a scared little boy. Scared that his sexuality would take away his family, and his friends. His story came from stumbling on similar stories where the main character was put in similar situations, with no hope of being helped. I hope you will read what I am planning next for these characters, where revelations to questions will be answered.
  25. CLJobe

    Chapter 70

    You're welcome, as always. Adam will not give up teaching, his Knights are to important
  26. Ordu378

    Chapter 2

    There's your answer CincyKris. What little I remember from Chaos Theory and Quantum Mechanics says this is a valid explanation as to how the bubbles exist and the time lines exist all together, yet in different states of being (energy states? dimensional string states?). Sounds contrived but is a possible solution.
  27. Ordu378

    Chapter 1

    It has been too long since I first read "Do Over". So I don't recall why I never read this story. If it is as good as the first volume, then I know I will enjoy it.
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