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  2. Lyssa


    Both are so wonderful sonnets. I want to honor them properly with my comment, tomorrow when I am back on the bright side. I know, you will excuse the delay for a few hours. Thanks for sharing this wonderful art. 🙂
  3. A powerful poem. The shifting from frozen panes of ice to multicolored stained glass is effective and beautiful. This is a wonderful piece, and many can relate to the emotions painted here with your skill and talent. Thanks for sharing with us
  4. Wesley8890


    I love how Alex is progressing! And I missed you too glad to see you back
  5. droughtquake

    Keeping Vigil

    There was only the tiniest bit of fear that Cosmo wouldn't survive. You don't write those kinds of stories. You're not even remotely George RR Martin! ;–) I hate the long wait for word after surgery. There's nothing that you can do while you wait. You have to rely on the medical staff to inform you. Nothing you do will speed up the process.
  6. This is a subject I have dealt with nearly daily for the past two years. I am not trying to normalize anything, i am merely showing ine culture's solution to a problem many have. Personally, I find it sad that Sarah took the path she did. What you do not see here is the hours of agonizing over her decision, the thought I put into her situation, the steps that the medical professionals put in place to help her. It is a shame I was unable to show all that in the story, but a story is a finite thing, and I am not necessarily able to show everything that happens.
  7. Today
  8. MCVT

    Two First Sonnets

    Sailor's Lament, deftly done. Thank you for these. v
  9. Will Hawkins

    The Day After

    The hardest person in the world to come out to is yourself. It is harder than your mother, your father or any member of your family.
  10. Kev

    DSS Chapter 12

    Shame about Lucas being ousted as i quite liked him... but still loving the story. He Quokka, iff I wrote a review it would be a little unfair as I love your work. I ave tried to write a story based around space and intergalactic but have failed dismally so far. I love the whole concept that you have created and how the characters draw you into the story. Looking forward to reading more tonight ( I know there is more out there just waiting for me). 🤗😂
  11. Hellsheild

    Chapter 80

    With all dead nothing to do but rummage through the pockets sell their boots and get a nice MLT
  12. Two tense situations. Now we know where Faith stands and why she has that name. Blind faith. Obviously none of Mark's close relatives can be counted on in this difficult situation, apart from being judgemental and extremely narrow-minded. Your way of telling the story puts her at least parallel to racists and hateful armed people, who seem to still live in the 1860ies, so I would not be surprised to find out that she holds such ideas, too. Thomas to me seems to be the real Christian and follower of Christ. While Faith's empty religious attitude comes across as a complete travesty, she is totally blind to the child's reactions and only sees what she abhors. I am not religious, but Belinda's trust in Thomas reminded me of Marc's Gospel 10: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." He does not say to let the children be taken against their will. How much drama this portends can be guessed: I can imagine Mark's father ranting and raving, when he is told about Faith's being arrested or taken away by the police. And her "Do you know who I am" is telling, too. This family obviously thinks itself above the law or at least above laws they do not accept. Poor Mark. He does need a new family. Urgently. I love how innocently and open Belinda speaks to the group of trans people she meets. What a contrast to her reactions to her aunt! How sad that children have to be protected from those who should love and cherish them as they are. I wonder how Faith would react to a handicapped child... Thank you for another chapter full of wonderful scenes!
  13. Wollter

    Chapter 18

    This story is simply ingenious and fits Without errors in the story kids in shool. It melts together in a story. Ther is a lot of work behind in. Thanks a lot for that comicality.
  14. drpaladin

    Chapter 12

    Etienne is basically a true innocent. He has never experienced sex or even real love before now. What a lucky wolf he is. He has not one mate, but two and very desirable ones at that.
  15. Will Hawkins

    Lapse in Judgment

    I know that you are writing 'teen speak' and so I resolved not to pick it apart for grammar, but there is one thing I feel compelled to mention – there is no such word as 'anyways' and you have used it almost once per page. Okay. I know you are using bad grammar on purpose as that is the way teens talk, but if you just eliminate the 's' at the end of anyways, I would fold up my schoolteacher tent and steal silently away – please.just change it to 'anyway'. The story is superb and I will continue reading anyway (hah, thought you were going to catch me didn't you),
  16. drpaladin

    Chapter 11

    No wonder the dad is so imposing. Etienne is opening up about his life at last. I hope he can finally be comfortable with who he is.
  17. Thank you, Talo. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. I like your description of quirky because it is different.
  18. Arran

    The Heist

    Thank you, Marty. It’s not a long read and I think you’ll like it. Hope so, anyway.
  19. drpaladin

    Chapter 10

    This went much better than I expected. I hope Etienne caught the mate statement. It means he is already part of their family. Their mom is positively frisky. I like her.
  20. Bft

    Daniel Comes Home

    Yay Daniel is out of hospital and has a family that will love him for who he is.
  21. Smoothy

    Dark Days

    What a shocker!! And then the remaining council had the audacity to ignore the most important issue of all: to pay respect to the departed rulers! Dorian really showed his backbone! I’m glad he isn’t a sniffling coward. So now I’m wondering what actually happened to change him into a real dickhead 🤔 This story has me sitting on the edge and can’t wait fo the next installment 🙌🏻 🤓🥰
  22. Ok just a couple of small errors, when Casey and Daniel were in the shower, it was Daniel that shot his load and said sorry. Tom Daley not daily.🏳️‍🌈 Well fit teen boys, shaving and wanking, oh boy was that 🥵 I was right about Daniel and Alex being lovers.
  23. Wayne Gray

    Growing Pains

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Bft. Yes, that's a tough time in life. Lots of questions and internally searching for answers. Let's hope the friends empathize a bit with him, even if they can't "really" get it they can still be kind to him.
  24. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.
  25. ColumbusGuy


    I never got the 'sex talk' from a parent, just the usual rumors and health class in middle school. There was an aborted 'show and tell' moment with a neighbor boy around age twelve, but we chickened out when it came time to pull down our underwear, and it never happened again. Since I got to middle school first, I don't know if the other kids in the area had any 'fun meetings' or not like they had smoking. Thank goodness boys figuring out how their plumbing works is pretty basic....
  26. Arran


    Thank you, Will. Happy to oblige you, unknowingly. While I don’t live there anymore, I enjoy occasionally visiting the desert and its mild year-round climate. Also, I’m glad that you enjoyed the story.
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