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  2. croyde

    Chapter 2

    As a Social Worker albeit in Youth Justice I would be very worried about Dick. The problem would be he is Police and that influences decisions. Sorry to say Child Protection should be called.
  3. Mikiesboy

    Getting to Know You

    Didn't have a backpack. And I did pay sometimes...when I had a dollar..
  4. Laura S. Fox

    Hook, Line, And Sinker

    Sometimes unintended jokes are the best! Thanks a lot!
  5. tesao

    Chapter 5

    That was a beautifully written scene between J and Brandon! I just discovered this story and I’m loving it.
  6. Today
  7. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 1: Miami

    What special attributes do the two we have met so far that both are invited to sit at the Captain's table?
  8. OzLoGo

    Chapter 20

    When the two of them started writing due to the project, they likely had no intention of becoming friends. Friendship is a thing that grows. Sometimes friendship grow into love. It is no wonder that so many relationships fall apart. They start of with love and sex and skip the friend part. Yes there were hints given by Issac and maybe Issac didn’t really see how max was expressing himself. Issac said he is not gay, he likely didn’t see that Max was developing very strong feelings for him. He simply didn’t think that way. Max is looking for companionship, he is missing out on the love his dominate male figure (dad) should be giving him. Issac has that love, he even called it overly protective. I think Max will come around. He is in a bit of a shock right now. He has to make an adjustment. He is a good guy and will do what is right. Issac did do what was right too. Rather than just saying, end of project, good buy, he did reveal his true identity. He could have stayed quiet and left Max always wondering. Now the author (DK) has the responsibility to give us a satisfactory ending as well. 😊
  9. hobo

    Chapter 2

    I'm not a fan of fantasy storys but so far quite well.sory but the preacher I could now already miss something with a baseball bat.I don't know what comes but mostly have the quick their belt ready to beat kids.
  10. Mikiesboy

    Photographs and Chocolate Cake

    That is a lovely story...thanks for sharing it.
  11. Geemeedee


    Why do I get the feeling that now that Josh and Chris have their license to foster, Jason won’t be the only human “stray” they adopt? Lovely ending. Thanks for coming back to finish it.
  12. drpaladin

    The Missing Hikers

    You've successfully captured so many aspects of what our narrator experienced, from his isolation and disconnection to the lack of closure. It is all emblematic to those involved in a great tragedy. Even though the narrator suffered greatly from the event, imagine how much Charles must have been affected. His entire immediate family was obliterated, he was separated from his closest friend, and sent far away to boarding school while distant relatives fought over his father's estate like scavengers. These are things of which even only one is enough to damage an individual fot life. You're also weaving an intricate mystery which begins with the explosion and stretches into the present and future. Bravo.
  13. hobo

    Chapter 1

    as a son a preacher nothing worse than these religious fanatics.
  14. travlbug

    Chapter 8

    In my day, there was no such thing as a GSA. (The closest equivalent would have been the college library's basement bathroom, which is not the same thing at all!) The support now available to the community amazes me, and I am very glad for it. I can imagine that, for a boy trapped in a girl's body, the urge to see and fondle a real penis, not to mention watching it in action, must be overwhelming at times. Kudos to DJ for indulging Matt's curiosity (I couldn't have done it!).
  15. Bft

    GMA IX

    A man actually complained about masturbating, really? I find that hard to believe
  16. Parker Owens

    Chapter 12

    Oh, my. Second time was soooooo much better. Beautifully written. Yes, these two are falling ever deeper into each other. But the window! Talk about scandalized neighbors...
  17. albertnothlit

    Shamrock Lite

    Thank you so much for your comments! StonyCreeker - I'm so glad you found the story entertaining and even a little emotional - you have no idea how much feedback like yours means to me. I've missed being active here, but I'm feeling better all the time, through the ups and downs, and I'm remembering more and more why I love writing more than anything else. Fae, thank you for your kind review! I'm glad you liked the story - and you're right, youth is so relative, even among us and without any magic involved.
  18. droughtquake

    Sweet and Sour

    @Parker Owens can get his own Mafia Don? ;–)
  19. Win2517

    Chapter 32

    Thanks for posting. Excellent as always.
  20. Y0rite

    Chapter 5 Exploring New Territory

    I totally agree with @MacGreg comment. The strength in the hold on this reader is the character development. As Mac said, "I do love the show-don't-tell style you're using with this story," I think it's the key to a strong connection to characters that can last through multiple books. It's the characters that make it possible for me to read some of Stephen King when I'm not a fan of scary books. It's the attention to character development in Keller's craving to know his kind and his drive to help that are powerful across a whole spectrum of readers. The trick to a second book is a new story of growth and change for the characters and where most sequels trip themselves up, IMHO. There is one technical bit that tripped me up. You wrote, “I stayed upwind of you, so you couldn’t have smelled me until I let you.” I have spent a good chunk of time around hunters, and there seems to be a common mistake with upwind versus downwind when I'm reading stories. Upwind is the wind at your back and carrying your scent forward. To be upwind is to be alerting your prey, staying downwind is the key. Now, there are occasions when upwind can work, say if the direction is just off adjacent to be detected or you're disguising your scent, etc. Here is a link to the technical explanation. Most wouldn't catch this, and it certainly didn't stop me long enough last time to make a comment. I was just enjoying the interaction and eager for the next chapter. And yes, I did compare your character development skills to Stephen King's and not lightly. (Especially like "The Green Mile" or "Stand By Me." ~ Ms. V
  21. Parker Owens

    Two Blue Poems

    I’m deeply grateful for the inspiration and help that flows from your pen. The elegy form came naturally to these thoughts, and that’s attributable to what you have given us all. The form is indeed addictive, inviting more and fuller narrative, if one wants. As for the first of these poems, I’m glad the mood did not linger. Yet that kind you quoted was wonderfully serendipitous, occurring to mind during a study hall, of all places. Thank you so much for your kind and very generous response.
  22. Parker Owens

    Parting from Him

    What beautiful images this poet brings to my mind. Li Bai made the lightest thing - dandelion down - into such a powerful emotive idea. Sunsets and young colts become icons of the sorrow of parting. Thank you for bringing us this.
  23. ObicanDecko

    Drama for the Sake of Drama

    The manager seriously needs to be fired. He's only causing trouble for them. At least things between Ryan and Jasper seem to be going in a good direction.
  24. Carlos Hazday


    I'm glad watching all those shows before writing this chapter paid off. I like the way she handles heavy topics in a light-hearted way.
  25. Carlos Hazday

    GMA IV

    I try to inject humor into the story often. I find people who are serious all the time boring. Gina's a good friend and about to graduate from college. Not sure she can have a baby before she returns to Alaska. Not only Americans! I escaped that fate even though I was the first born. My middle brother's named after my dad, and the youngest one after both grandfathers. CJ and Chipper are both juniors.
  26. Carlos Hazday


    It's quasi-legal in DC now, so I'm sure they can find it whenever the mood strikes. I think those two are more the alcohol type these days.
  27. Carlos Hazday


    I guess it's about time we found out what Liz said. Let me see how soon I can make it fit in.
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