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  2. But Aidan keeps insisting that it is strictly business. He doesn’t believe Heath saying he is beautiful, capable, and worthy. I think the harder proof for Heath to bare to Aidan is that Aidan is his one special and never experienced before interest; this wooing is not his standard sexual exploits as Aidan believes.
  3. Mike Arram

    Chapter 35

    LOL. Don’t think Terre Nouvelle had dogs, more’s the pity. But I know what you mean.
  4. Count on it. I'm working on the next chapter now.
  5. Sweetlion


    Great start, one has to love St Vincent grumpiness. Btw, what happened to Mr. Lennox, he was St Vincent flag lieutenant for a while, is he a Commander now?
  6. Comicality

    Chapter 6

    I actually had a week long celebration for the anniversary of the site, and i took five stories and had all of them take place on the same stormy night. "A Class By Himself 6", "New Kid In School 29", "On The Outside 2", "Final Hour", "Someone For Me", and "Opposite Reaction". And every time the red haired boy shows up, it's sort of a catalyst to set certain major romantic events in motion. The little boy represents cupid.
  7. Will Hawkins

    Hunting Season

    Elsewhere on this and other sites in the GA spectrum, I have commented on the Second Amendment to the Constitution and the restrictions I believe are reasonable to place on gun ownership in the US, which has a record of four or five times the deaths by handguns of any nation in the world, so maybe this is my opportunity to express my opinion on First Amendment rights to freedom of speech. Firstly, I believe that the First Amendment should grant to a citizen the unfettered right to say anything about any subject without fear of contradiction by someone who holds a differing opinion. The example of shouting "fire" in a crowded theater is a hackneyed but true example of a reasonable restriction. Secondly, every citizen is aware of the practice of the almost universal extent of puffery used in political campaigning. Anything said by any candidate for office is almost expected to be exaggerated to the extent of falsehood and should not be a part of his communication after he is sworn into office. However, once a candidate is elected his constituents should expect honesty from him. If for the sake of security, an official cannot speak the truth to his constituents he should say nothing about that sensitive a subject or else tell them he cannot speak to it because a statement might endanger the security of the country. He should say nothing rather than lie. I use as an example of a politician who is unaware of this restriction an important elected official of this country who has been tested and failed repeatedly in this sense. At last count, over7,500 times since he was sworn in.
  8. Geemeedee

    Chapter 34

    I don’t know the official rules, but if you make it extremely clear that it’s a hetero story that offers crucial background for your gay main characters, people shouldn’t get too pissed. Also might help if you combined chapters to make the posting cycle shorter. You could ask one of the site’s moderators; they respond rather quickly to emails. LOVE this series!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
  9. Butcher56

    GFD: Dark Web 3

    Excellent chapter as usual. I agree that Winston has definitely gotten in way over his head, let’s hope he can see his way out.
  10. Philippe

    Chapter 5

    9 mil gloves? lol Them boys would be running it like a paint booth!
  11. Bft

    Chapter 11

    I hope that Justin is ok
  12. Cynus

    Chapter 28

    Thank you for your comments, and I appreciate your questions. I hope I will answer them adequately as the rest of the story unfolds. I promise there will be plenty more to come, and I believe it will be filled with excitement and intrigue. I hope to see you there!
  13. ott


    Maybe we'd have liked to see them together, but life is not always like that!!! Really Great Story!
  14. Bft

    Chapter 9

    Hopefully Justin will make an effort to speak a bit more eloquently.
  15. Will Hawkins

    Thin Blue Line

    I have stated my opinion on the issue of gun control in the US elsewhere. I believe that the bearing of arms as stated in the Constitution of this country should be interpreted as a privilege, not a right. It is a privilege that should be earned, not given as a toy is given to a child. I realize I am probably in a distinct minority with this opinion, nonetheless, I feel I have to express it. Firstly, my opinion applies to handguns only. Hunting rifles are a different category and there must be different rules set up for them. However, automatic or semi-automatic weapons, even single shot rifles with 'bump stocks' or the ability to add that mechanism post-sale, should be forbidden, those are weapons of war not of self-protection. There are certain classes of people in this country who should be able to own weapons. I place in this category Peace Officers and trained military personnel, but even in those categories, I feel that the privilege should be heavily restricted. Gun owners must be thoroughly vetted to weed out those with psychological problems, no matter how restrictive that may be, and adequate and continuing training must be a requirement for continuing membership in this privileged class. The restriction against gun ownership by felons is another class that should be studied quite closely -- not all crimes classified as felonies imply a tendency toward violence on the part of a perpetrator who has served his time. Yes, this implies a continuing training and vetting program and will cost money to support, but, to my mind, it is an absolute necessity. If you want the privilege of owning a handgun, you must pay for it. The practice of gun fairs where weapons are available for any nutcase that has the money to buy can acquire a weapon, must stop and weapons that are no longer desired should be either destroyed or sold back to registered dealers, who must then initiate the vetting process again to sell on the secondary market. No weapon should be liable to acquisition by devise or gift to an ineligible person.
  16. Retrogaymer1983

    Chapter 7

    I was curious and typed "autism" in the search on a whim. This kept my attention because it's the only story I've come across so far that was even remotely accurate in it's portrayal of autistics. In fact it's the only one I've found where the supposedly autistic character wasn't just an abusive douche who was apparently using autism as an excuse for rudeness and abuse. Besides the portrayal of autistics in other stories being more similar to how we're treated, there's also the fact that the perception of autism as a type of mental retardation tends to make people afraid of being perceived as perverts or predators taking advantage of me. The fact that I'm 35 no longer seems to register once a person knows I'm autistic.
  17. comicfan


    Hmm. So I'll follow Val's example - More. Lol. Nice vignette.
  18. Mike Arram

    Chapter 4

    Yes it has, on AD and CRV. This is a somewhat revised version
  19. Carlos Hazday


    I agree! The way my brother and his wife raised their daughters has influenced how I had Cesar and Brett deal with CJ. Instead of sticking their head in the sand, they dealt with issues facing the girls in a realistic way. My brother punted on drugs; he asked me to talk my nieces on his behalf. It was most definitely not a 'You shall not' conversation, but an honest assessment of risks vs rewards.
  20. Carlos Hazday


    I write popular fiction which hopefully entertains and helps readers forget about daily troubles for a little bit. Humor's always been part of my stories. Life's too short not to laugh as often as possible.
  21. Kitt

    Don't Go There

    Thanks Parker. I am not a wordsmith so was not sure about posting. Stuff like this usually dies a slow death in the bottom drawer of my desk.
  22. Carlos Hazday


    My first visit to Washington DC was in 1975, the latest was in 2018. Through countless trips, I've seen physical changes and a marked increase in security personnel. The world adapts and moves forward but each terrorist attack robs us; not all changes are for the best.
  23. Carlos Hazday


    I've done some traveling on my motorcycle over the past decade; many of the descriptions of places CJ visits are based on my experiences. Some are the result of research. The variety of landscapes in the US is amazing and few of us appreciate what our country offers. From South Carolina swamps to the New Mexico desert, to large urban centers, there's a multitude of sights to enjoy.
  24. D.K. Daniels

    Double Take

    A beautiful tale regarding a boy's first-time infatuation. Something every human being can relate to, but for us gays, this is/was an everyday occurrence when we were not out. I remember a time when I so badly wanted to buy a Justin Bieber poster, I know... WHAT WAS I THINKING! The talk I had to work through to evade my parent's questionable motives was just as amusing. Still, this brought back some sweet memories. The segment where the two boys smiled at each other across the clothing rack... awww... young love, it's a precious thing. Thanks for the read Comicality
  25. LOL. Murphy is really piling it on these guys, isn't he? I didn't know where this was going, but loved the unexpected ending. Cheers... Gary....
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