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  1. Past hour

    Chapter 21

    I agree with Philippe! This was my favorite story Mark but I think it is time to delete my bookmark and say goodbye to George!
  3. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 20

    Rory entering my live Rory entering my life you are biologically destine for; you are biologically destined for; Washington State University, which Rory attends, is on the Semester System. Just a point of information for the author.
  4. Oh the Hunters talk got shivering. I feel like they'll make an appearance somewhere in the future. And it was nice to read Tobyn POV once again. It looks like Keller isn't the only one struggling in this. The good part is that they both accepted this new feeling even though they're not– more like Tobyn is not ready to make more out of it.
  5. drpaladin

    Chapter 5/6

    Pressing one shut seldom makes more than a a moderate click. Although an unfastened hood can be a dandy hazard all by itself if you are going at a good speed. I've never looked closely at MG's of this vintage (they began making them in 1936), but many cars of this vintage have hoods which are hinged on the middle and butterfly up from the sides. I'm completely clueless about the Peugeot.
  6. Congrats on clearing the mod queue! And this is getting very exciting. Hellfire, huh? Interesting... Also, I loved your descriptions of the museum. Detailed enough to set the scene nicely, but not so much you lose focus on the story. Nicely done!
  7. quokka

    DSA Chapter 9

    Serine is a Royal title
  8. Today
  9. Wayne Gray

    The Kiss of Wine

    Thank you. We did have a nice time. And ... our kisses were a highlight, not a trial for the other patrons. 🙂
  10. Okay there's a lot of info in this chapter. I get how Tobyn must be feeling, the pack needs new members, especially new blood. Like someone had said in the comments, surrogacy might be the best if only the wolves have doctors. But now with Keller in the picture, I have hope that he would be able to help. I am a bit confused though. Has Sybil and Keller himself figured out that Tobyn is his earth mate? Because all the signs Sybil mentioned are in progress with how Keller feels. Thank you for the specially long chapter. I really enjoyed Keller and Sybil's talk.
  11. Goodie

    Chapter 5

    Awww the cubbie buddies are back together, so sweet. Now if only they'd talked it out sooner, still better late than never. I remember being a cubbie monitor. Had to pick up anything left lying on the floor. If I didn't know which or who's cubbyhole it went into, it went into the "find me" bin. Just about everything went in the 'find me" bin, it was easier. Now J can put his stuff in Brandons' hole again. CB4life
  12. Rupert

    PART 3 - Chapter 14

    Some tough love there.
  13. Goodie

    Chapter 4

    Jerry still has feelings for Brandon. He wants to hate him for all the years of hurt but he can't get over the crush. He's angry Brandon went on to have a perfect life while he missed out. However, bottom line is all the angst and frustration is because of the unresolved feelings. Brandon was a bit clueless, it only just dawned on him during that outburst at the table. Guessing Brandon stopped speaking after the incident though he didn't join in teasing J. Did J ever try to talk to Brandon about it or was he not speaking either?
  14. It’s good seeing Jasper handling everything in stride so far. And his ability to use his experience with Ry’s trauma and notice the ticks in Grace is fantastic.
  15. mfa607

    Chapter 4

    I know! The comment of them and their senior year gave me some anxiety....as long as we believe, as they say!
  16. Philippe

    Chapter 13

    What?! No digits for Nathan?! He truly seemed to be a good guy, one that would be a nice friend to have around on occasions, especially when wanting more than the more reclusive scene they must sometimes maintain. He could also take care of Damien for them! 😝
  17. Wow!!! Johnny has got to pull through!!!
  18. Goodie

    Chapter 2

    Good chapter. Bit of deja vu that he seems to be having the same conversation just with a different person. My thought was, if it is Brandon, having gone through drama with his two friends but then have them come back and make up, would this motivate him to want to reconcile with Jerry? Especially if Zack were to mention it was Jerry that convinced him to salvage the friendship. Maybe i'll just read, it's a good story.
  19. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO is right! Yep definitely a major cliffhanger! I hope the policeman at the door nails asshole-grandpa!!
  20. Goodie

    Chapter 1

    Found another good one by the looks of it. Liking it so far
  21. Bard Simpson

    Chapter 1

    Would like to read some tales based in the old home country. Hope you find whatever is needed to make it happen Marty.
  22. KayDeeMac

    A New Family

    Another great chapter!
  23. Goodie

    Chapter 5

    Well not really my kind of story but that's just my different taste. I may not have enjoyed the story, but i respect you for having the courage to put it out there. I hope you are in a much better place now.
  24. Goodie

    Chapter 4

    Normally I'd be shocked by the events in this chapter, but I'm really not surprised. Seems every time Charlie goes off leaving bobby at home alone, the axe falls. Now the poor dog has to pay for Charlies' stupidity. Yup sorry, but yeh just not behaving logically here. Then he agrees to blow the neighbors brother, the ex-con homophobe, seriously. And now he's going to get his gun and do what exactly? This is a train crash in the making and my morbid curiosity is going to make me read the last chapter just to see it happen.
  25. Goodie

    Chapter 3

    I'm not altogether sure if Charlie can or should continue to deal with this situation. As well as his personal safety, Bobbys' constant demands for sex would get quite frustrating. Furthermore, Bobby has enough low self esteem so putting him down and belittling him is not going to help. I hate to think it, but I worry about bringing Stan into this environment. Now to make matters worse, the mother is acting out. Seriously not a good situation at all.
  26. JeffreyL


    Grant has taken a big step forward! Hooray! This was another great chapter! Thanks.
  27. aditus

    Chapter 1

    Both of them appealed, actually. Right now I'm thinking about bloody Valentine while hearing A Bullet for My Valentine...Thank you very much
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