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  2. pickuptoy

    Chapter 15

    Brian is a fucking lunatic! When he first came on the scene I thought he would be a really good add to the family, just a younger JP.
  3. CLJobe

    Chapter 51

    Thanks. Yes, knowing Adam's background, I fully understand his stress. I think he will always be close to Kevin and Glen
  4. Today
  5. pauljamisonuk

    FS Chapter 11

    I'm really keen to see this ... Structural Firefighting, Breathing apparatus, Road Crash rescue, On Road and Off Toad Driving and Crew leader Bush Fire Peter@theloft
  6. lol i have as fun as i were watching L&O, may be even more, because reading/writing allow more imagination 😂🤣
  7. Chris  L


    Now it's time for Rory to be stupid. UGH!
  8. Chris  L

    House of Liars

    Gawd knows you can't blame Rory for all this bullshit. Hell, I'd be pissed off with everyone lying to me at every turn as well. Talk about f'd up! Mom lying to you, grandma lying to you, being ripped away from everything you know and forced into a house with 3 people that are complete strangers and all 3 of them lying to you. Shame on Jase, a psychiatrist for freggin sakes, that should have clearly set a boundary with Eddie that lying wasn't acceptable. OH, but he gave him a time frame, bulls**t! This is just one of the many many reasons why gay young men and women struggle so much coming to terms with who they are because adults - GAY ADULTS - in a relationship with a child can't even come to terms with being honest and truthful. WTF!!!
  9. Hellsheild

    God's Plan

    This made my night I absolutely love your stories
  10. Chris  L

    I See

    I agree with Rory and the way he's feeling ... can someone in that house and, that piece of work, Alice just tell the damn truth. Don't even get me started with Rory not sharing the letter with Eddie, how childish does it get. But Grandma Alice ... pathetic. Clearly, from the letter, Rory's mom told him she intended the letter to be shared with him the day of her funeral. What was the damn purpose in Alice waiting all this time to give it to him? The young man wouldn't be nearly as confused as he is now, Eddie would've had and easier introduction with Rory, everything would've been out in the open, AND Luke and Rory might've actually hit it off as opposed to being scared with thoughts of potential incest. But no, there had to be this big to do over the box coming and that was only shipped when things got heated. The old bat probably would've kept it had both Rory and Eddie not become heated with her. What on earth did she think there was to gain, other than drama and no explanation, by keeping a dead persons wishes from them both. Pathetic! Pathetic! Pathetic excuse for a person!
  11. A leopard doesn't change it's spots and Aaron sure the hell didn't either. You can already see the conniving wheels turning in his head and with his actions ... I'm mean what the hell was up with that "date" and just showing up unannounced at the front door knowing full well Rory would be the only one home. Really, sharing information about the relationships in the family ... NOT HIS PLACE! Trouble maker du jour - leopard has not changed his spots. Hopefully Rory will wake up soon enough, hold do his instincts, and tell this low-life to stay the hell away.
  12. Chris  L

    Starting Over

    Secrets, secrets, secrets. At what point did anyone thing secrets were going to do anyone any good? Selfishness really seems to be the only explanation. Grandma Alice needs to pull her arrogant head outta her ass and take some ownership in all this mess - taking the adult role in comforting Rory for the mess her and her daughter caused. Like Rory said, she owes him an explanation. I'd let it be known she gets the option of hanging up on me once with an apology ... after that, count on no contact. The arrogance of telling people how they should treat her when she's wronged Rory beyond belief in keeping this truth from him for 16 years. What a pathetic sack of crap!
  13. DJSMITH74

    Chapter 5

    Sorry voted 3 times wow, love and haha! LOVED YOUR STORIES FOR YEARS!! Miss you on Wednesday Briefs! Have read several of your stories, and I love them. Keep up with what you are doing in your life, and keep your family safe. LOVE TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!!
  14. That's great to hear, jay. I thought you might not have liked it, and it happens to be a favorite of mine. There are parts of me, people I know, my personal experiences, the experiences of friends, and things I've witnessed, all mixed with my imagination, in every story I write. I love to keep characters from having regrets, and that's kind of the magic of writing... being able to control the final outcome, even if my characters are difficult to convince. Cheers, and thanks for clarifying... G.
  15. Chris  L


    Well, Jase just fkd that all up royally. I was so glad the Luke and Rory mended things and they have a connection now. Let's face it, they're both attracted to each other like nobody's business but hell fire damn, how many secrets does one house have to keep??? Rory's obviously gay, Luke's obviously gay, Eddie is obviously gay, Jase is obviously gay, and nobody want's to talk about the Pink Elephant in the room ... EVERYBODY GAY! Lawd jeezuz on a ritz, while I definitely don't agree with Jase's approach of smothering Rory and forcing things on him - obviously just letting him breathe and settle in a few days has done more good than forcing - some apparently are too blind to see that. And REALLY, talking about something so personal in the middle of the living room??? A not very sensitive or empathetic psychiatrist.
  16. Parker Owens


    This story began as a collaboration with Skinnydragon and me. I miss him very much. Drawing on our notes and my impressions, I think David’s love for Twoey is real, but his own self love and self confidence continue to take time to heal from events previous to this story. But these are my conclusions seen through my lens. Thanks very much for your comments.
  17. BigBen

    DA Ch 60 - Marcus

    When I saw the chapter title, I was hoping it meant that Jex was going to find love at long last . . . (sigh).
  18. BigBen


    Twin beds were actually designed for married couples who chose not to sleep together. A single will hold only one person, whereas a twin will accommodate two, just barely, especially if they are both awake (wink-wink, nudge-nudge). The idea was that you could congregate at your pleasure, then retire to your own bed to sleep undisturbed. Twin beds were very popular as set decor in American movies and television shows sixty or seventy years ago, so as to shield the delicate sensibilities of audience members who disapproved of the notion of married couples' having sex. I remember that Lucille Ball and her husband, Desi Arnaz, complained about this particular convention, being a married couple in real life as well as on screen. Even Miss Ball's pregnancy (which was written into the script of the show) and the birth of their son Desi, Jr., failed to budge the network censors, if I recall correctly, though that silly notion was eventually abandoned.
  19. Wesley8890


    Ok so good news and bad news. Bad news is chapter isnt ready yet. Good news is im workng on it. Im also working on another story so my time is divided. I have plenty of ideas for jam bouncing around i my head. Heck of you have ideas let me know If you want to check out the other story heres the link it's a shifter story heads up if thats not your thing..
  20. I'm sorry if I caused a bit of a shit storm of mixed comments that was never my intention I'm not that kind of guy. I didn't know which character was based on a real person etc & the pain & suffering you've had to endure & im truly sorry for your pain & loss!!!!! Back story is always helpful! I just as a "consumer " didn't get it's relevance in this instance hence my original comments. I read for escapism pure & simple & I don't always want to have to work hard when reading & that's my choice. Not looking to censure anyone or anything else & I've gotten used to the "rabbit holes" to a degree but thought this one was (again as a consumer /reader etc etc) confusing as it was in my humble opinion 90% rabbit hole! like anyone this is only my outsiders opinions purely based on a single read. I like your work & have read many of your stories/ books & will continue to do so in the future. Roll on next chapter I want to see if this idiot from the provinces gets his comeuppance!?!? Thank you for entertaining me during some of my own tough times!! I'm English & I'll leave you with a northern Adage: I've said my piece & I'll bugger off now! Rgds Ian
  21. Chris  L


    Gawd, Rory is just being a royal jackass at this point. Maybe try pulling his self-absorbed head out of his selfish ass and try and understand what everyone else is going through besides just himself. Sure, I empathy of him being pulled away from everything he was close to in earlier chapters but really, at least give an effort. I mean hell, Luke actually cares about his and it's so evident. What teenager wakes up in the middle of the night, especially regarding someone who hates him at this point, to make sure they're alright. The pool scene was pretty funny though - water does tend to bring people together because it's so fun. Honestly hope Rory has some common sense and heeds Luke's and Chey's advice that Aaron is bad news. Odd he's still on speed-dial 7 though.....
  22. Marty

    Friday (Afternoon)

    I may be wrong, but I think it's only been a few weeks since we first met Simon sitting on that bench waiting for Max. But what a long way Simon has come since then! And his standing up to Nadine and her "You gays" comment shows just how far he has come. Brilliantly written, Drew! Give yourself a pat on the back. Now, if he can just puck up the courage to tell Jeff just what he thinks of him... (Or perhaps it will be up to Jeff to make the first move. ) I know. You don''t need to say it, I'll say it for you: "Spoilers, sweety, spoilers."
  23. Yesterday
  24. drpaladin

    Chapter 12

    Well, it wasn't intended as a compliment. I've often found it fascinating that there are so many really attractive people in Hollywood who can't afford an ordinary cup of coffee. It pays more to look interesting. I can fill the page with names of interesting looking Hollywood types who are very watchable and yet unattractive (Willem Dafoe, Christopher Walken, Danny Devito, Jeff Goldblum, Sean Penn, Humphrey Bogart).
  25. Thank you for the imagery. I've never been compared to Gandalf before, and I appreciate it! I'm grateful for that. It's exactly what I was hoping for. Sorry it took so long to get back to both of you. It's been a rough couple of months.
  26. I gotta keep mum on these questions
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