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  2. Aceinthehole

    Second Chance

    Thank you! I was worried the length of the chapter would throw it off, but I'm glad it worked out!
  3. aditus

    Downy Woodpeckers and Nuthatches

    I had nice thirty minutes or so with my dictionary and google showing me bird pics . Thank for this. from which he comments with a snark I can totally relate.
  4. MrM

    My Hidden Accounts

    Thank you Will. I have already seen a few places where I need to make edits as I learn things to make this more authentic.
  5. Geemeedee

    Chapter 66

    But what is the synthgar up to?? KIDDING. LOL So this is turning out to be a Brox vs.Elites thing and not Elites vs. Everyone Else?
  6. Today
  7. Nancer

    Chapter 23

    This was both totally expected and yet wow. The lengths of these chapters is really a problem 😣
  8. Geemeedee

    Chapter 5

    I’m interested to see how Ryker can convince Jesse he isn’t spying for Kyle. Maybe if he admits that Kyle was checking up on him, and why. Wow, Jesse really seems on the edge of a breakdown. You’re doing a great job of capturing the anguish of both characters.
  9. VoiceGS

    Chapter 10

    This is a good chapter. Clothes hamper had me in stitches. So good!
  10. mfa607

    Chapter 1

    Great story! Definitely a great way to deal with the blood lust!! Thank you!
  11. Valkyrie

    Chapter 31

    I think you'd have to pick me up off the floor if I ever made you a Josh convert. Thank you for sticking with the story and ranting when Josh pissed you off. It makes me happy when my stories provoke strong reactions.
  12. Carlos Hazday

    Chapter 22

    Last week I was so damn busy I missed this, glass half full: I get two chapters today. You've been leading up to this moment and it's finally here. Friend or foe? I hope we have an ally to help our boy reach his destination. Whatever that might be.
  13. MericCotton

    Seeking Truth

    I think this was one of my hardest sections to write - I'm not big on "who-dunnits" ... at least the writing part
  14. davewri

    AP Chapter 5

    It will only get worse for the family that is sick. We can see now that those two young boys will join Edwin and Archie permanently after the coming deaths in the Applegate family.
  15. Will Hawkins

    The Boy With A Thorn In His Side

    For an upper-class gay boy, Eton might not be too bad a place to be. It certainly promised an education -- perhaps of a different kind than is available elsewhere. Several authors, I have read emphasize the 'fagging' that is a part of the Eton system. That might be just the type of education that a boy of noble lineage needs. Interesting thought. I do not know of any educational institution on this side of the pond that has a similar reputation, perhaps that is my ignorance.
  16. Drew Payne

    Night Terrors

    Thank you. I enjoy writing horror/ghost stories and, like everything else I write, I always want it to be about something.
  17. mfa607

    Salix Babylonica - 11 - The Last Day

    Totally agree with @spikey582. Both Nat and Jake’s dad are suspicious! Clay is going to get in trouble! Thank you for this awesome chapter!!
  18. Will Hawkins

    A Constant Craving

    as he led Perceval and I to the road - as he led Perceval and me to the road between Lucas and I that night - between Lucas and me that night I am in love with the language in this story and am following it with delight. There are a few grammatical faux pas along the way and, if you do not object, I will call them to your attention. These suggestions are made in the spirit of adding a gloss of good English to your efforts, not in any way meant to be snarky.
  19. Carlos Hazday


    Please remember I used these individuals to define my characters' looks at the beginning. As the story progressed, I've modified their looks to serve my purposes. Tattoos, piercings, bulk, and hair have been added or ignored. CJ = Spanish actor Maxi Iglesias Ozzie = Canadian actor Alexander Ludwig (I used Ludwig's sister as inspiration for Owen's sister, Liz) Cesar = British actor Henry Cavill Brett = Australian rugger Nick Youngquest
  20. VoiceGS

    Chapter 6

    "I almost squealed and hung up the phone!" This is the best line ever. So cute!!
  21. Carlos Hazday


    I need a good lawyer to get me out of this trap! Ozzie? Ozzie, where are you?
  22. quokka

    AP Chapter 3

    Thanks Will, much appreciated.
  23. Will Hawkins

    AP Chapter 4

    The lady that was at the farm when the brothers returned with the new wood, Mrs. Applgate, did not mention whether she was a resident to the south or to the west and also did not say anything about others living on her farm. That is a little unusual, I hope it does not bode ill for our friends.
  24. Y0rite


    Worth every tear. A gem. -Ms V
  25. Will Hawkins

    AP Chapter 1

    I was just roaming through the listings on GA when I came across your pen name, Quokka (Preston). I have previously read several of your stories about Australian country life and thought I would give this one a go. I am not sorry I did -- it looks like an interesting tale of early days in the South Australian outback. Of course, I will have to keep my dictionary of Australianisms handy as to a North American it is a somewhat foreign language, but that just adds to the interest for me. So far these young men look like they are doing very well, much hard work, but getting a good start on their farm.
  26. aditus

    Chapter 3

    He is a very insecure king right now, even it might to be contradiction to be 'king'. Seeing what happened in books one and two, I think we should be understanding. Thank you for taking a chance at reading The King's mate series, Wayne.
  27. Timothy M.

    Chapter Twenty-Four

    Going dancing was obviously a god idea.
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