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  2. Geron Kees

    Two Brothers Meet in a Bar

    Oh. Yeah, THIS was the place to start this tale! Looks like fun to me! Mysteries are always fun, and supernatural mysteries are super fun! Lunch is over, but I'll be back (hmm...who said that?).
  3. Wayne Gray

    Chapter 18

    Zampa is pretty damn big already. She is now larger than the biggest housecat and still growing. Mrrrowr! But, yes ... things look a bit grim, and our couple is unaware of how dangerous things really are. They suspect, of course. Yet, there's not much to be done in the face of the might of an organized crime Family. Right?
  4. Exactly. And Kellar is unsure of himself in a pack dynamic, and in what he's feeling, and Tobyn is carrying the weight of all shifters on his shoulders. You're right... they have a lot to learn. I can see you understand Tobyn. Feeling powerless has been his reality, and he is totally committed to changing that, at any personal cost. I see you understand Kellar just as well. His has been a life of isolation, and the pack is an alien thing. He's gone against his own nature to survive the world, and now he's in a kind of limbo. We must remember he didn't even know packs existed prior to meeting Tobyn. And as far as his feelings for Tobyn, as much as he cares, he will always try to do the noble thing... there is nothing selfish about our young healer. So... here they are, with the attraction acknowledged, but no visible path forward. It appears Kellar has another diehard fan. Thanks, Ms. V.
  5. Timothy M.

    Two Brothers at the Office

    How did you even find chapter 6, when it's not on the Story Update list. But no, you need to read Cupid Central by Aditus and my A.I. trilogy before attempting this story.
  6. Geron Kees

    Two Brothers at the Office

    Obviously, chapter six is not the place to start this story. I'm curious now, so let me set the wayback machine and...
  7. Thorn Wilde

    The Marionette

    Oops! I fixed it.
  8. jryski

    Chapter 1

    That was really pleasant and cute :3
  9. MacGreg

    Flying O Ranch

  10. MacGreg

    Maroon Bells

    It makes the emotional breakthrough all the more potent, I think.
  11. MacGreg

    The Marionette

  12. MacGreg

    Waves Rolling Out to Sea

    You never know, you never know...
  13. TLM280249

    5 Letters #2

    Give Andy multiple erotic sessions ENDNG
  14. MacGreg

    Hands of Shame

    Sadly, a "grown man" in his 20s doesn't always equate to maturity or rational thought. Ben's temper and physical reaction to Katy was absolutely out of line. He felt cornered and took out his fear on a teenage girl. Not cool. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts about it.
  15. Thorn Wilde

    The Marionette

    Having read a bit further by now
  16. TLM280249

    Linked Words #2

    down below
  17. TLM280249

    Geography #2

    Skopje, Macedonia
  18. MacGreg

    The Marionette

    Ohh, soundtrack to the fuck room. Good choices!
  19. MacGreg

    The Marionette

    Just a little.
  20. MacGreg


    Well.. thank you. People are complex and flawed, I don't tell stories through rose-colored glasses. Don't worry, though, these characters won't always be fuck-ups - there will be some redeeming qualities. Thanks for commenting, Thorn.
  21. MacGreg


    Haha, I like your candid remarks, Jay. Travis is a dickwad... but he's not completely hopeless yet.
  22. MacGreg


    Ah, yes, you caught on to my comment about whiskey and self-loathing. Well, it's accurate. Thank you for reading this story, Thorn. Your comments are appreciated!
  23. mfa607

    Hellos and Goodbyes

    You sir have woven an amazing tale! This chapter was amazing. Thank you!
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