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  2. Marty

    Chapter 1

    Thanks, @drpaladin. Hopefully you won't be disappointed.
  3. Marty

    Chapter 1

    Oh! It really makes my day when I see readers actually spotting little clues when they read. Of course he could be leaving home for some other reason than having got a place at university... Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'll try not to let you down as far as your 'expecting a good read' comment is concerned.
  4. Today
  5. This particular "grail" (the Baron's son, the destruction of the evil one) is but one in a long series of adventures in this lifetime. It is a continuation of adventures in past lives and a precursor of adventures in future lives. Just as Lancelot never found the grail he sought, it is unlikely these boys (or the Principality of Arcadia and its ally, the Kingdom of the Elves) will ever completely overcome evil.
  6. This particular part of the book is apparently based on W. W. Comfort's translation of "The Quest for the Holy Grail," but without the religious aspect. In the introduction, Comfort writes, These familiar adventures with lorn ladies, with eyrie castles, with awful tombs and sylvan shrines, with cruel or craven knights—are all invested with a new “significance.” They are interpreted by the lonely hermits and learned abbots as mere trials of that faith which must survive all trials along the way of life. These adventures which astound and baffle the knights are inexplicable to them until they are explained by godly men in their true perspective as tests of moral and spiritual strength. www.yorku.ca/inpar/quest_comfort.pdf I think that addresses a number of your thoughts. Thank you for those, and as always, thank you for reading.
  7. All will be revealed – eventually. Rudy of Barrone (original author) does not write cliff-hangers, but he does sprinkle obscure clues throughout "The Book of Heroes."
  8. "Good attracts evil; exceptional good attracts exceptional evil."
  9. David McLeod

    Ancient Magic

    It would appear this particular band of brigands has some official protection, not unlike criminals in a corrupt city in our Earth Analogue. I believe you will see another side of this soon.
  10. David McLeod

    The Relic

    Yes, the author mishandled the amulet; however, the knowledge they gained may have been more important than the magic.
  11. You both saw that Thom is to become an important player in Patrick and Alan's missions. Keep an eye on him!
  12. David McLeod


    CAdfael, AKA "The Pelican," and his operation is indeed secret, although I suspect Alan's father is aware of at least some of it. "The fewer people who know a secret the longer it may be kept." And he's not as big a fool as he appears, but someone of something stepped in to ensure Patrick and Alan would bond with him.
  13. Thank you all for reading and for your thoughts. Patrick, of course, is the essence of Lawful-Good and Alan is utterly steadfast and devoted to him. (Anyone see any wish-fulfillment, there?)😊
  14. aditus

    Lexus Sketch

    The eyes are cool too.
  15. I knew if I mentioned the two directly, they drop in. Get out that Lucky Penny today in case you might need it. A word of warning to the denture wearers, today is National Taffy Day.
  16. Will Hawkins

    The gated well

    Ignorance is not always blissful. Sometimes it is dangerous. I believe Daniel needs to solve the mysteries that surround the work of his friend and the strange person who has usurped his place in Charles life. I can only hope that he is able to rescue Charles before it is too late.
  17. Thorn Wilde

    Lexus Sketch

    You're right about that, the eyebrows are great, and the hair. They're such simple lines, but they look so real, in a way.
  18. Another amazing chapter! I feel bad for Salem, whatever happened to him to make him act like that. He clearly needs some kind of help - therapy, medication, but also friends. Maybe Johnny will be good for him. I also wonder what happened to his mom? Btw Johhny is a great poet! I especially liked Karma!
  19. drpaladin

    Chapter 18

    It could have been worse. Tim and the meeting being a trap weren't surprises. Weaving the spectre into the story was a nice touch.
  20. Thorn Wilde


    Agreed. And I think everyone, monogamous or not, could learn something from the kind of openness and communication found in good, healthy poly relationships. Thanks for all your input on this story, it's greatly appreciated. ❤️
  21. Thorn Wilde


    It's true, I've been wanting to write a threesome for a while, and with this story I finally had an excuse to, lol! I get how not everyone will be able to relate to Devon. I never understood it and certainly never thought poly relationships would be for me, until I suddenly found myself with both a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the same time. Now I kind of miss having additional partners. It puts you in a different frame of mind. You end up seeing love and relationships and sex a little differently once you reject the idea of monogamy as the only way. For me, it made me appreciate them all the more. Thank you for reading and commenting regardless!
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