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    Gay Authors offers two ways to view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  You can view a list of help related questions or you can view the topics directly using the links below.

What are the purpose of “Likes”?

  • Each “Like”/"Reactions" helps to raise a member’s reputation, which is especially important to help Authors get out of the Moderation Queue and Peer Review. 
  • IMPORTANT: Reputation earned from Stories, Chapter, Story Comments, Reviews, Chapter comments count towards Author Reputation. This number is visible on an authors story listing page. (My Stories).



How do I get more likes and raise my reputation?

  • Anytime someone follows you as an author or follows one of your stories, it counts as a like and raises your reputation one point.  Also, anytime someone “likes” one of your forum posts, blog posts or replies, stories, or chapters it raises your reputation by one point.  Moderation Queue promotion counts only Story/Chapter/story review/story comment/chapter comments "likes". 

How do I give an unlike?

  • Once you have given a “like”, the button will change to “unlike”.  In order to give an “unlike” you have to have already given one.  Simply find where you gave the “like” and take it away.
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  • Story of the Moment

    Ashes Of Another Life

    By J_Ross, 04/06/2011 (Updated: 05/10/2011)

    After an accident that leaves his boyfriend incapacitated, Conner is left to try and pick up the pieces and move forward with his life. But moving on is easier said than done as long as Justin's still breathing, and Conner's made a promise not to leave him. With so much of himself wrapped up in a boy that isn't really there anymore, Conner isn't sure he can handle dealing with life in general and starting new relationships, or even hang onto old ones without losing his mind.

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