What types of story content are banned from GA?  Stories with characters that are not like age groups. A 15 and 18 year-old couple in high school are a like age group even if one is technically ‘overage’. A 13 and a 19 year-old couple are not like age groups. Minors and adults are NEVER like age groups. Stories sexualizing children and preteens, or portraying them in a light to appear sexually arousing to adults. Stories solely adult in nature. All stories on GA must have a plot that exists beyond the sexual theme of the story. We recommend no more than 50% of the story be focused on sexual activities or themes. Stories with necrophilia.   What types of story content will trigger a story review on GA? Stories with rape or sexual abuse for titillation, glorifying suicide or drug use, bestiality or cannibalism are moderated content. Any stories with these themes are subject to further moderator review and may be rejected*   *Any approved story containing content listed above MUST be properly rated Mature, tagged, and include written warnings in the story note and each chapter note that contains questionable content  so readers sensitive to these subjects will not be unaware of the story's themes.