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What are Reading Stats?


Reading stats is a new feature that shows story views over time.  They can be found under "Reading Stats" in the widget on the side menu on the Stories page.



  • Default Stats display: All stories by all site authors shown in descending order by most views first.

To Filter Reading Stats: 

  • Timeframe allows you to select to select time. 
    • NOTE 1 - While you are allowed to set precise dates, in the background, stats are compiled in such a way that what displays is approximately monthly chunks.  Meaning, if you set Jan 15 to Feb 15, you will get data for Jan and Feb, approximately.  Stats are not intended to be precise down to hours, as that serves no purpose.
    • Note 2 - Timestamped data started collection in Jan 2018.  Settings earlier than that date will have no effect.
  • Genre allows you set the Genre(s) of the stories.
  • Tag allows you to set stories with specific tags.
  • Readers allows you to select group to see if there are differences between groups of readers. Default is All members.
  • Sorting allows you to select order of viewing stories.  Default is Most Views. Other options include title, date published, etc...
  • The minus sign clears all filters.
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