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How do I Add/Remove Stories and Manage Collections?


Managing Story Collections


  • Select the Collection you wish to manage
  • Click the Manage button on the lower right side of the header


  • You can Add Story to the Collection from here by choosing that option and then typing the title and selecting the correct story.
  • You can Edit the settings for the Collection in "Edit Collection"
  • Staff can change owners of the Collection with "Change Member"
  • You can remove the Collection by "Delete Collection"

Adding/Removing Stories from Collections

  • One way to add a story, as shown above, is to use the "Add Story to Collection" option from the "Manage" Menu
  • Another way to add a story to a collection is to press the green button with a 


  • After selecting the green plus, choose "Add to Collection".  You will then be prompted to select which collection.  If you do not have a collection created yet, you'll be given an error saying you must create a collection first.
  • To remove a story, select the red X.  You will have to confirm you wish to remove the story.

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