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How do I review a story?


How do I leave a comment on a chapter?

  • Scroll to the bottom of a chapter to the 'User Feedback' area.
  • Click in the text editor box that says, "Add Comment". 
  • Leave a thought, review, compliment, criticism (keep it polite, please) about the chapter. In the text editor you can use the mention feature @membername or the quote feature to address other readers' or the author's comments as well as leave your own.
  • Click 'Add Comment'


How do I leave a review on a story?

  • A Story review can only be added to a completed story.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Table of Contents (chapter listing) page of a completed story


  • Select "View Guidelines" for suggestions on writing a review.
  • Select "Write a Review"
  • Select a rating from 5 stars to 1 star. See Guidelines for suggestions on how to use the rating
  • Write a story review without including spoilers
  • Click Add Review

How doe I leave a comment on a Story?

  • Scroll to the bottom of any story's Table of Contents page
  • On stories that are not complete, only Comments will be available in User Feedback.  On completed stories, select the comments tab.
  • Enter your story comments in the box
  • Click Add Comment.
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