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Dealing with Life

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Hi all! This is my first and only gay themed story. I wrote it several years ago and posted it on Nifty. After reading some of the excellent stories here I decided t share it here as well. I hope you like it!


Although the story is fiction, the emotions put into the story are directly from my past. I had a difficult time dealing with being gay in the Navy and then had to make it even more difficult by falling for one of my straight roommates. Needless to say it was a very dark period in my life.


This story came along over a decade later, but I found it was fairly easy to remember how I felt back then. I strongly believe someone was watching over me back then or I never would have survived.


I still can't read this story without crying, but then again I am just a big softy. :P




Dealing with Life

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That was a great story, Wesley! :worship:


If it's not too late, maybe you could bundle that up into a short story, add some rain, and make it into a Summer Anthology entry. My thought is it'll attract more readers that way. The anthologies are popular around here.


You should take a moment to introduce yourself to dkstories (dkstories). He's a hosted author here and was most definitely in the US Navy.



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