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I wrote this poem with the intention of writing something lighter and slightly humorous. On re-reading it, I'm not so sure I succeeded, but either way, it was an enjoyable poem to write.


Femme Fatale

You were a femme fatale

With a black leather jacket

And long shiny nails

You drew the boys to you like flies to honey

You were a man-eater

Your boy-toys lived to please you

You used them and cast them to the side

And you broke their hearts

One-night stands with the prettiest boy in town

Was all you ever wanted

You slept alone and liked it that way

Love is for suckers

You walked into that bar, and looked around

Your eyes met mine, and you picked your target

I was all dolled up for a night on the town

Little did I know I was to be your next victim

Your pretty eyes and soft lips ensnared me

I was enraptured and helpless

I followed

Willing to do anything

You dug your nails into my back

I screamed in ecstasy

Rough, wild and primal

The sex was fabulous

You only wanted sex

Just one night with a nameless boy

But I wanted more

I wasn't ready to let you go

For the first time

You were the prey

And I was the predator

You tried to get away


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I'm glad you liked it. It's not about my own life, but it was inspired by a friend and by Samantha from Sex and the City, but the character here is meant to be a 'femme' gay guy. I purposefully left it ambiguous though, because it is a scenario that applies to both straight and gay people. I also chose the femme stereotype because it isn't usually associated with being the dominant force in a relationship.


Thanks again for the nice comments, and I must say that I very much enjoy your poetry as well.



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This one was really good and simply amazing. The words you chose were really strong and conveyed the message so well. For some unknown reasons I liked this phrase very much:


"You chewed me up and spat me out".


It told me about the entire indifference, selfishness and pleasure-seeking attitude of the 'femme fatale' as well as the vulnerabilty and hurt of the prey.


I agree that the gender of the 'femme fatale' isn't really obvious and you did a good job at letting the imagination of the reader create his own impression and image.


Great job!



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Great poem!


I really enjoyed the progression from the innocent boy thinking perhaps he could change the femme fatale - that perhaps he was the predator - to realizing that he was just another victim all along. Excellent job! It definitely does seem to represent a common cycle, in all relationships[/i].


Just one question/comment:


The back of a cab!?! :wacko: :blink:



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