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... and/or perhaps the local governments building very good, very extensive fences around their roadways.
A fence is a good idea, but one argument against would be (and I have no clue if it would apply) are they can do more harm than good; if they block wildlife from migrating or relocating, they can cause more deaths than traffic.

The Australian Army base at Puckapunyal in Victoria has a large fence around it. The kangaroos that live inside that area bred to the point where they had to be culled. It was either that or watch them starve themselves to death. Their numbers had grown so far there wasn't enough food to support them anymore.


Also, as Shadowfire pointed out (hi, by the way :D ), the roads in Australia are very, very long. Australia has a similar size to mainland USA, but with less than 10% of the population, and hence less than 10% of the income for doing things like building 1000+ mile fences.....

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