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[Altimexis] The Parallax effect by Altimexis

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An interesting theory turned into an entertaining story.


The idea of key points where the universe can take divergent paths is a common one in science fiction. Altimexis's approach is slightly different to the norm in that rather than parallel universes, he's postulated a mutable universe with a memory of past events.


If I was in David's position, I'd certainly be questioning my sanity. It must have been unnerving (at least) to find yourself with a stranger who knows you as well as your own wife. Especially a stranger who you feel strongly attracted to.


I wonder what others would do if they had the ability to find and enter these pivot points? How high would the price be to do so? David is about to find out. No matter the outcome, he's going to cause himself a lot of pain and anguish. I personally think that we have to accept the past and look to the future. Trying to change the past to find some 'ideal' state is futile. Is that the message that Altimexis is trying to say by ending the story where he has?

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One of the things I love about this story is that the "rules" are conveyed very clearly and easily. That's not easy to do, but Altimexis does it well. I also liked the discovery process.


The ending was very creative. What will he decide to do? Or will he do nothing? IMHO the story works better than had we been shown his choice. Bravo.

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I loved that story. It's from the point of view of someone similar to myself, being a bi man who is more attracted to men than women. I'm working on a sci-fi story of my own. Everything I like reading anything that may help me develop my style. Ultimately, JK Rowling is my idol. I read the last three books in the Harry Potter series. I might have to get my hands on the first four for more inspiration. She's also supposed to be writing a book for adults. I look forward to reading it becomes available.


Again, I really enjoyed the story. I've always love anything in the genres of fantasy and sci-fi. I'll definitely be looking for other stories by Altimexis.

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I love stories about the paranormal, especially when you can get some real science into them. Would you want to be like David and wake up some morning in bed with a stranger who knows you as well a the person you went to bed with the previous night? No, not me either. Too scary. And, to be able to go back in your dreams and possibly choose who was to die, who was never to exist. Too scary.


Thanks Altimexis for a great story.


Carl :boy:

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Amazing! I just love it. The plot was great so was the emotions and situations David had to face. Very well-narrated. You had me crazing for more!


And the ending is perfect!




Take care,


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very cool story !!!!!

Well, reading that Graeme was one of your beta readers just confirms that ;-)

But putting joking aside... a well written and good story i really liked to read ! Thanks for sharing :-)

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I'm in the process of removing my stories from eFiction to make way for new and promising authors, who shouldn't have to compete with hosted authors for recognition. I'm therefore moving the associated reviews to my forum. The following review is for my anthology story, The Parallax Effect:


I find this story to be very refreshing and intriguing. I loved the sci-fi spin to the subtle romance genre. I must admit the ending left me wanting more, but I think that is what also makes me like the ending. All in all, a well told story the ties up quite neatly.


I want to thank everyone who took the time to review or write a comment about my story! :D

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