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darkness and light

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ok a huge thanks to my sunshine Matt for being such a muse, I'll never find the likes of you again...


darkness and light combined

I came from the shadows

a stranger came

an angel in disguise


the more he spoke

I felt a beat

the way he walked

I had butterflies

when he sang

I was alive


My heart he gave me back

Night changing into day

My feelings came back

Darkness became light

My soul was mine again

I'll give him half


We made a deal

I'll take your half

If you take mine

Darkness and light combined

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Hmm, this seems to speak of the sort of "one half of a whole" concept of love to which I don't personally subscribe. Nevertheless, it has a very sweet feeling about it and I'm sure it could provide much comfort and insight to those who do take that view of love.



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