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[Tiff] Tiffani Chin

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Review for Self-Preservation by TL The Writing Tiger


Have you ever come close to making a bad decision? Did you need someone to stop you from making the bad decision? Sometimes we all need someone to save us from ourselves. Who will come to the rescue?


The story was fantastic. While it hits close to home, it gave me a new perspective on life in general. Tiff, this story is marvelous. Thank you for writing it!

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Nice! This story grabbed me from the get go.




I really liked that the story had a positive ending, even though there was a definite edge throughout. I could connect with many aspects of poor Brennan's character -- the son-mother feeling, the inadequacy, the biochemistry major (haha... bioengineering here). The idea of hell is also well done, very interesting. This story would technically be a ghost story, or sci-fi, or fantasy, I guess, but I like it so much because it simultaneously defies and subsumes these genres.



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Hey Tiff!


I thought the story was well put together. It read well and the character was realistic within all his quirks and instabilities. He wasn't a character that I particularly liked at first, but the quick wit about him made him likable as the story progressed. The hell scenes and the scenes involving his Mother's death and the destruction of his family piece by piece was strong reminders that families aren't a sure thing. That it can be broken in an instant and failed efforts and ill feelings can break a family apart more so than any death. Anyway, the scenes of everyone having their own personal hell is a strong, realistic view of mortality, that is shadowed, but can be haunting as well.


So, good job. I enjoyed the story and it was smoothly read as well. :)

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Really awesome story! A lot of the story struck a chord (cord?) with me, because I've been in that level of personal Hell before. I know from experience that digging yourself out of a depressive funk can seem like an impossible task. I know I wish I'd had an imaginary friend to guide me through it.


One thing I definitely wanted to mention is that I liked the way the "imaginary friend" aspect of the story was handled. It kept me guessing right up until the big reveal, lol. I thought he'd turn out to be a guardian angel.


Thanks Tiff for a fun story that brought a smile to my face.



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What can I say that hasn't already been said by the others? :D


Well done, Tiff! :2thumbs:


A psychological story, but one that was very believable. Was he crazy? His alter-ego said he wasn't, but then an alter-ego would say that....


I like to think that his subconscious knew him better than he did himself, and gave him a way to start to accept what had happened in his life, and to move on in a non-destructive way.


However, we'll never know.... :)

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