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Funny T-Shirt

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A few weeks ago i was out of town at the mall. And theres 1 store it says all kinds of funny tshirts about everything politics,sex,drugs, EVERYTHING!!!. My favorite 1 said "For My Next Trick i need a condom and a volunteer" if the writing wasn't pink i was going to buy it.

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I have two t-shirts. they are both plays on the shirts that say something like sexy, or princess, ect.


The first one says:

Sexy? On what planet?


And the other says

I wouldn't want to be princess....(on the front)

To much Gauze to shred. (on the back)


both were made by a good friend of mine.

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  • 2 weeks later...

One of my favorite T shirts says this:



everything you THINK you know about me is true. i am an EVIL, twisted devil worshipper. i sacrifice kittens and babies then dance NAKED, covered in their BLOOD, around a bonfire, calling upon the great old ones to smite the blessed and raise the WICKED to immortal supremacy on earth. plus, your slut of a daughter GANGBANGS me and my friends on your dinner table in exchange for CRACK COCAINE. i hate puppies, flowers, apple pie, mom, and everything american, especially the PRESIDENT. but, most of all i hate YOU with a murderous passion you could barely understand with your limited intellect. everything you FEARED about me is true.


oh, and i know where you live"



I love that shirt.

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A while back the football team at Brown made cheesy motivational t-shirts that read something like "(front) while they were partying (back) we were achieving. Brown Football" In response, the fraternity with a lot of football players made t-shirts during finals reading "(front) While they were studying

  1. (back) We were drinking. Theta Delta Chi" In response, my fraternity, a co-ed, made t-shirts reading "(front) While you were drinking ... (back) We were naked. Zeta Delta Xi"


The Jewish fraternity also had great t-shirts reading "Alpha Epsilon Pi: A cut above."


For two of our main parties, we used the motto "Get Sauced" on our Spagfest t-shirts and "You Can't Beat Our Meat" on our Oktoberfest t-shirts.


My favorite t-shirt is still either a Green Monkeys t-shirt from Legends of the Hidden Temple, or this one from XKCD.


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I had a 7-up shirt that got me followed around the mall a few times. The front said, Make 7 and the back said Up Yours. People would see the back and just have to see what the front said. I never quite understood that. My hubby had a shirt made for me for riding 4-wheelers that said, If you can read this, than this Bitch just passed you.

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I've got a couple of shirts that was given to me for Christmas by my sister-in-law.


The first one features an old style gas pump in the shape of, well, you know, and says,


Dick's Pump & Co.

Fill'er up and hit the road!

Ask about our lube job special!


The second one:



Harassing Me About

Smoking Could Be Hazardous

To Your Health

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