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[Duncan Ryder] The Gift of Bob Dylan

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I just read "The Gift of Bob Dylan" and WOW! So much said, so many feelings packed into such a few words! :worship:


What really made the story for me was the dedication at the beginning: "I did. I do. He is." It started me pondering before I had even started the story proper, and when it came together at the end, I found myself going back and forth in wonder at the way you closed the circle that you started to draw in that dedication. Not to mention that it closed it in a way that left me wanting more ("Who? When? How"). Together I felt that you made the story complete in a way that the best short stories I've read have done.


So, thank you, Duncan, for an inspiring start to the day!



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I've never been a fan of short stories. They always seem to leave me with a feeling that there should be more. But I had to give this one a shot because I'm really a fan of Duncan's work. I have to say this was brilliant and as John said above it felt complete.


Great work Duncan.

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You need a direct link from your site to your forum - I had to get here in a roundabout way, and this story is certainly worthy of discussion.


This is a very nice short story, so full of promise . . . so full of hope. Michael could have easily taken advantage of David, but he didn't. He gave David the gift of Bob Dylan, but he gave him so much more, and I admire that, particularly when he could have stolen so much. Considering that your stories have been so full of pain, this is a nice reprieve.

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Steve, thanks for doing those fixes for me.


And thanks everyone. I'm glad you like the story.


Yes, I would kinda like to see it discussed because I think it does have something important to say. Altemexis, I love the way you said that -- what he gaven and what he didn't steal. That's exactly it, exactly what I was trying to say. Michael really is the hero.



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This was very well done. The greatest challenge IMO is conveying David's fascination of Michael without making David an "empty window" and without making Michael too opaque. This story certainly succeeded in playing out the worship, admiration, longing, and hesitation in David's character, at the same time showing just why David was so fascinated with Michael.


I especially liked how generous this story was. I guess that's one of the big themes -- Michael's generosity to David, and David's repayment in the writing on this story.


Very nice, thanks for sharing with us! :)

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Thanks, Steve, for adding the link. I'll try to remember next time -- assuming there is a next time that I actually am the first to post. B)




No worries Altmexis, I'll get a direct Link up there. Thanks for pointing it out :)


Also John I hope you do not mind, but I edited your post to include a link to The Gift of Bob Dylan



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